Yep, it is Mum again…Kay will be back later tonight. 🙂

I have a giveaway!

My dear, wonderful friend Kelly Purkey said I could give away a spot in her new online class, Sketches 2. I know the first one was a hit, and here is a bit more about the second…

Sketchbook 2 is a four week class filled with fresh sketches, easy instructions, beautiful examples, and lots of fun.  From August 2nd to August 27th a PDF will be delivered to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so you can work at your own pace.  By the end of the class, you'll have a complete sketchbook of 12 original sketches, 36 layouts, and an additional 36 sketches based on those creative pages. All the examples are brand new layouts, exclusive to this class… you won't see them anywhere else! The best part is that you will be receiving an example layout from me for each of the sketches, along with two example layouts from a member of the incredible Studio Calico design team.  The class will also include a private message board for questions and sharing ideas, as well as two scheduled chats – all on the awesome Studio Calico website. 


If you are interested in winning, just leave me a comment letting me know your best source of inspiration by Monday night and I will pick a lucky winner! (If you win and have already paid/registered for the class, Kelly will refund your payment.) Good luck!

Also, I have some fabulous news. FABULOUS. Dear Kate McRae was the first ill child we ever collected cards for. And after LOTS of praying, Kate's PET scan came back with negative for cancerous activity. Please click HERE to read all about it. SO happy!

More from Kay soon!

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292 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY… and GREAT news!”

  1. My first source of inspiration is the pictures themselves. I also keep an accordian file of page layouts I liked from magazine or the internet. They are filed according to how many photos are on the page. My friend has asked that she be put in my will as the reciever of that file!!!

  2. That is so wonderful about Kate! I get inspiration from lots of things, magazines, SCS, lots of blogs. Most times I set down and pick up a color or stamp and just start. I would love to win this class! It looks like it would be very inspiring!

  3. I guess I still fall back on Creating Keepsakes magazines. I have several years that I just keep looking through. I love sketches — all of them! Thanks for the chance to win. This sounds like a really fun class!

  4. I use blogs for inspiration. Love yours, and Kelly’s, also Dear Lizzy and Tim Holtz. So happy for Kate.

  5. I read alot of blogs. They are a great source of inspiration for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I have so enjoyed Kay’s blog takeover this week… She seems like such a great girl! I would love to win a spot in Kelly’s class, and my favorite place for inspiration is magazines/catalogs (of course scrappy ones, but also things like the Anthropologie and Pottery Barn catalogs).

  7. there are so many places–I like furniture ads, food dishes(pictures) and otehr not typical magazines. thx for hte cahnce to win.
    this class looks awesome!

  8. Wonderful news about Kate!!! Go God!!! I get most of my inspiration from blogs. Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. what wonderful news about Kate!!
    My favorite source of inspiration is all the wonderful work that’s out there on the internet: blogs, forums, etc! So much great work at our fingertips!

  10. The best source of inspiration for me is all the wonderful native bush & wildlife that is around my home.

  11. Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite source of inspiration lately is Tumblr. It’s the best of the blog world all into one spot. Helps a lot since I’m short on time lately!

  12. My source of inspiration seems to be from friends! I have a ton of people on google reader, and I get to see their projects, click on the originating challenge links and start creating!

  13. God is so good! Wonderful news about Kate.
    I use blogs,magazines(ideas and color combos) and friends. Would love to learn some new things…yes, you can teach this old dog!!

  14. My best source? Usually it’s a fresh, new kit and I’m good to go. New Sketches would be the icing on the cake.

  15. I love Home Decor mags for inspiration… specifically ones with a Shabby Chic feel. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win, I’m in dire need of this class!… And awesome news about Kate!!! TFS!

  16. What wonderful news about Kate! What joyous news!
    Inspiration comes from blogs like yours and Kelley’s. There are hundreds of talented, creative folks out there and thank goodness for blogs! I spend hours stalking many blogs and have learned many new techniques and styles! WONDERFUL!

  17. My best sources of inspiration are blogs, magazines, books and my imagination. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head, the battle is to write them down while I remember. Thanks for giving us the chance to do such a great course.

  18. Wonderful news about Kate – proof that prayers can be answered! And that type of wonderfullness is my inspiration!!!

  19. I have books and I have magazines of various types, but I get excited and inspired to actually go and make something when I visit sites like yours! Thank you for being a creative person who is so generous to share your talents (and those of family members, too!)

  20. My main source of inspiration is sketches and I’ve enjoyed Kelly’s sketches at 2peas so would love to win a place on her class.

  21. My best source of inspiration, well, my fellow crafters and their blogs. All of them have contributed to my creativity in some special way in the 3 yrs I’ve been bloggin’ hands down! 🙂


  22. Great news about Kate. I get inspiration everywhere. Really. What ends up sparking my creativity most is the need for a something I need. Maybe that is not a source of inspiration, but it is my greatest catalyst for creativity.

  23. simple but true, my kids are my favorite and best inspiration. they’re sayings can’t be beat. thanks for the great news regarding Kate! that just made my evening.

  24. Fantastic news! I love to use Google images for inspiration to look at material/cloth or scrapbook layouts and photos of surfaces wood and the like – just a great place to search anything really.

  25. YOU are my inspiration, Jennifer. Especially the sets of cards which are always adorably colored in bold. You may visit my blog and see my creations based on your sets of cards…. Thanks Jennifer..

  26. Great news about kate!

    i guess my great source of inspiration are the fun blogs that are out there. I also enjoy allison davis sketches.

    i would love to take this class!

  27. Wonderful news about Kate, someone is watching over her. I can only imagine the joy her family must be feeling right now. As for inspiration, it can come from so many places, magzines, blogs, nature, photos, colour schemes. I do find if I am really in a scrapping rut it’s hard to beat a good sketch to kick start the mojo.

  28. What amazing news for sweet Kate and her family! I hope the good news continues forever.

    Thanks for the chance at an online class…we have no LSS in my area so it would be perfect. I am inspired by my family and my creative online friends.

  29. Hoorrayyy for Kate……that is so awesome….just show you the power of prayer….
    I get my inspirational from everyone’s blogs…… I’m such a blog hopper….
    thank you for the chance….

  30. my heart is so happy to hear about kate’s negative scan…god is good!

    my favorite places for inspiration are blogs…i can’t ever get enough! thanks for the chance to win a spot in this fantastic class! xoxo andie librandi…

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