Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 5

Well, it’s the last day of Blog Week by Kay :’(

I have had so much fun doing this blog, getting to share all my cards with you guys and laughing so much while writing these posts. I'm in my room right now listening to show tunes and singing along (loudly and badly, I am sure), while typing this.

This next card is almost a monochromatic brown card. And, yes, brown is my second nemesis (remember orange?)… we have battled for years. Shall we behold the results?…

Kay 4
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps; Memento Markers; Perfect Pearls + water in mini mister

Lovely, isn't it? 🙂

To stamp the house, I colored directly on the rubber with various Memento markers. Before stamping, I misted it with my Mum's famous pearlized water. After assembling the card, I added the house. And voila! Brilliance.

See? Very easy. So easy, a teenage girl could do it 😉

Sadly, I must depart, as I have yet to finish training my scorpion.

And, since it is my last day, I have two Kay’s Daily Words Of Wisdom:

First: Chocolate is a vegetable, because chocolate comes from cocoa beans. And beans are a vegetable.

Second: A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.


PS: Be sure to check out a giveaway from Kelly Purkey, HERE. I met her in NYC and can't wait to stay with her next time I visit!

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72 thoughts on “Kay’s Blog Week Takeover – Day 5”

  1. I love when you blog. You are fun!! I really like this card a lot. The house is so cute. I will have to try pearlized water. Is there a recipe??

  2. Kay! I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. You are a hoot and I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Your words of wisdom are hilarious and I think I will recite these two bits to my friends the next time we’re at a crop and I’m stuffing myself with sugar. I’m also so impressed with your talent! I’ll be watching for ya on Broadway! 😉

  3. I’ve loved your words of wisdom Kay! I’m looking forward to your next takeover already. Perhaps you could have a once a month spot? Like a feature columnist! 🙂

  4. Great card! It was so much fun having you around this week, Kay! You brought a smile to my face every night when I checked in to see what you’d been up to. Congrats on a job well done! And if anyone can train a scorpion, I bet it’d be you. :o)

    Keep smilin’!

  5. Kay, you have been a wonderful blog host this week, very entertaining too! 🙂
    p.s. I’m a chocoholic, so I agree with your words of wisdom, in fact I’ve got a medical magazine that was done on all chocolate!! You’re so wise… Cheers to you, have a fun summer, thanks.

  6. Chocolate is one of the MOST important foods one can have in the diet–causes endorphin release, antioxidants–so bring it on! And when you finish training your scorpion, can you please come and train a few of mine?

  7. i don’t think you have any problem using brown! your card is beautiful and i love the unique opening! i am so inspired by all your work, Kay! thanks for sharing your talent with us!! looking forward to the next time you take over your mum’s blog! (sorry, Jennifer!) =)

  8. Your such a mature funny caring young lady I loved reading your thoughts and checking out your creations as well. Looking forward to the next time.
    take care

  9. Dear Kay,

    You are a kick in the pants! I must confess I practice your idea of a balanced diet.
    No wonder your Mum is crazy about you.
    Best of luck to you, you are one talented young woman.

  10. Kay – You knocked it out of the park (if you don’t mind a baseball term) your cards are wonderful and I think that Orange and Brown are both running for the woods in fear of your mighty skills! Thanks for taking time out of your summer vacation to blog for your Mum. Wishing you all the best!!


  11. KAY: I truly enjoyed the “take-over” you did last week. You are so talented and have a great style….loved the words of wisdom each day.

    Look forward to seeing you back again soon.
    Mary Anne

  12. Kay–your week of takeover has been so fun!! Such fun creations and great words of wisdom! Way to go!! Enjoy your school year ahead 🙂

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