Yep, it is Mum again…Kay will be back later tonight. 🙂

I have a giveaway!

My dear, wonderful friend Kelly Purkey said I could give away a spot in her new online class, Sketches 2. I know the first one was a hit, and here is a bit more about the second…

Sketchbook 2 is a four week class filled with fresh sketches, easy instructions, beautiful examples, and lots of fun.  From August 2nd to August 27th a PDF will be delivered to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so you can work at your own pace.  By the end of the class, you'll have a complete sketchbook of 12 original sketches, 36 layouts, and an additional 36 sketches based on those creative pages. All the examples are brand new layouts, exclusive to this class… you won't see them anywhere else! The best part is that you will be receiving an example layout from me for each of the sketches, along with two example layouts from a member of the incredible Studio Calico design team.  The class will also include a private message board for questions and sharing ideas, as well as two scheduled chats – all on the awesome Studio Calico website. 


If you are interested in winning, just leave me a comment letting me know your best source of inspiration by Monday night and I will pick a lucky winner! (If you win and have already paid/registered for the class, Kelly will refund your payment.) Good luck!

Also, I have some fabulous news. FABULOUS. Dear Kate McRae was the first ill child we ever collected cards for. And after LOTS of praying, Kate's PET scan came back with negative for cancerous activity. Please click HERE to read all about it. SO happy!

More from Kay soon!

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292 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY… and GREAT news!”

  1. My best inspiration for card making would be the blogs that I follow. For scrapbooking it would be the ladies I scrap with and my pictures.
    Great news on your little friend having such wonderful news on the cancer. See prayer does help doesn’t it?!?!?

  2. My best source of inspiration is the internet and blogs. the only problem is that I get sooooo hooked sometimes that time slips away. A structured class like Kelly’s would be helpful for me.

  3. God is good:)

    I use just about everything for inspiration – magazines, blogs, target ads…

  4. First and foremost…I was thrilled to read of Kate’s WONDERFUL news in their latest Caring Bridge update…GOD. IS. SO. GOOD.

    As for inspiration…I love to look through the gallery at Two Peas…it ALWAYS inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing again 🙂

  5. I love Kay’s blog week, but you’re not boring (if you were, I’d quit reading your blog and miss Kay’s week). My greatest inspiration is the pictures themselves. When I get stuck and feel I have no inspiration to continue, I pull out my favorite photos and they give me the inspiration I need.

  6. I use a mix of electronic and natural sources for inspiration. Between blogs and the outdoors, who could ever run out of ideas?

    So happy to hear about Kate; after little Ellie, it’s great to hear some good news!

  7. That is AWESOME news about little Kate! God love her.
    As for my inspiration, I turn to my huge collection of books and magazines or simply use the internet for pictures. Then I tweak whatever I find to be “my style”. Works every time! That class looks really fun – ooh, sure hope to win it!

  8. This is just proof that prayers work. 🙂 Still wishing and hoping for Kate, as I am for all the kids you’ve included in your Cards for Kids drive.

    As for inspiration, I love sketches! That’s why attending Kelly’s class would be such a treat. My favorite sketches include those from Becky Fleck’s site and book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. That’s fantastic news about Kate 🙂

    Didn’t take part in Kelly’s first class so I’d definitely appreciate winning a place this time round. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Umm, the Internet? 😉 Ok, I’ll be a little more specific… For cards, your and Kristina Werner’s blogs.

  11. I usually get my inspiration from blogs and online galleries. I have quite a scrapbook/papercrafting index that I have built up from all of my scraplifted ideas.

  12. I love lookig at blogs (like yours) but I must admit most of my scrapping inspiration comes from CK, and I really love sketches – they lay the ground work. I would love to do this class.

  13. I have several sources of inspiration,certainly the internet, but also advertisements in magazines (good for ideas with colour and layout), Digital scrapbooking sites (where people have uploaded their layouts), the everyday i.e. nature, things that happen and are said around the home, there is so much really….. SO why do I sometimes sit here with a blank mind???

  14. What an awesome class. I love the work of both of you and I’d love to participate. My best source of inspiration are blogs. I love seeing into people’s lives and how they live and then seeing their work.

  15. So happy to hear about Kate. What a blessing!!! My best inspiration comes from a piece of patterned paper. Once I pick the one that best goes with my photos or the theme of the card I’m making, I’m off and having fun.

  16. Not to sound like a kiss up, but…my best source for inspiration is your blog. Between you and the other cool bloggers you link to I get more inspiration than I have time to use!

  17. My best source of inspiration would have to be magazines – scrap/fashion/home decoration ones! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  18. at the moment what inspires me is oscillating between being enthused to get the story down that matches those photos and why i took them, and seeing cool page design elements on the net and wanting to rush to my table to imitate the idea in my own pages. love that.

  19. Hello! My best source of inspiration comes from blogs, like yours! I pop in everyday to see what’s new and get tons of ideas! thanks.

  20. I LOVE PageMaps… great inspiration for layouts. Often the layout is what I struggle with most, so if I take that guess out of the game, and set out with a layout in mine, crafting is easier and more successful.

  21. My best inspiration for ideas is by looking at the blogs and galleries of others, but I also leaf through some of my scrapbooking books from time to time and get new ideas.

  22. My best inspiration is nature. I love working with flowers, birds, butterflies. Basically anything I can see out my window really helps perk up the creativity.

  23. Fantastic news about Kate, thank you for the update. 2 Peas is my main source but I also read heaps of blogs. I would so love to win a spot in the class.

  24. Best Source of inspiration besides this site? Any sketch site or mag – Get It Scrapped, anything from Becky Fleck, Nuts about Sketches, Inspired BLueprints.

    Thanks for the chance! I wanted to take her class the last time but Kelley said it was all single page layouts and I needed double.

  25. My favorite place for inspiration is the blogs on the internet-Yours and one called “Lord Have Mercy”. Really enjoy all the new ideas coming out of sneak peeks from CHA.

  26. Such wonderful news on beautiful little Kate.
    My biggest source of inspiration is my gorgeous kiddos, love doing pages about them. Love your blog too, loved loved the thinking inking series.
    This class looks fantastic too.

  27. i would like to win this too but unfortunately i will be gone most of august. sure would get me going tho.

    now to read about kate. then i will try to make some simple cards for the kids.

  28. Wonderful News about Kate. Thank God. I think my source of inspiration is searching the Internet and blogs for ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Great news for Kate. I love Kelly Purkey..had the opportunity to take several classes from her at CKC in 2009 and would love to take more.

  30. The news on Kate was the BEST news I’ve heard in a very long time. Faith and I cried and prayed to God after we read the blog post…we thanked GOD for hearing all the prayers for Kate and for healing her. WE will continue to pray for continued health too. Thank you so much for bringing her story to our attention.

    My greatest source of inspiration…is YOU, NICHOL M, and the HERO FLICKR POOL. I check them all daily! :)…again….all are thanks to YOU! GIRL YOU ROCK! =)

  31. What great news for Kate! My best source of inspiration is on the web; I love reading blogs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Very good news about Miss Kate! Yay!!

    I find a lot of inspiration these days in sketch challenges, so this class would be right up my alley! Thanks!

  33. I recently have drawn inspiration from magazines. I like to look a catalogs and then use the color schemes that draw my eye. Glad to hear about Kate.

  34. Thank God for the good news about Kate. I get my inspiration from magazines and idea books. I don’t copy layouts exactly. I use maybe one element from them and my ideas form from that point on. Thank you Jennifer for all you do with the Cards for Kids Program. My Scrapbooking Group will be sending you a box of cards before the end of August.

    Sally Gasparri

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