A fantastic giveaway…


The sweet Shimelle said I could give away a spot to her newest class.

This class, called "Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages" is exactly the type of class I need. It is a unique photography class – focusing on taking creative and inspiring photos, without the technical stuff.  Sound so fun!

You can click HERE for info.

And if you have never taken a class from Shimelle, I highly recommend it.  In fact, I just got an email from a sweet blog reader saying…

"Just wanted to thank you for letting me know about Shimelle and her great classes. She is a breath of fresh air, fun, sparkles & delight. I took one class a few months ago & have now signed up for another that begins 7/5 that's about photography. Without you, Jennifer I would have never know about Shimelle so heartfelt thanks to you!"

The class starts on Monday.  And, I get to pick a winner before that.  Just leave a comment here by Sunday at 11:59pmEST letting me know of a movie you have loved lately.  I will pick a winner of a spot in Shimelle's class!

Happy crafting..

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250 thoughts on “A fantastic giveaway…”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    My kids and I saw Toy Story 3 and despite being the 3rd in the series It was wonderful!

  2. This class sounds like fun… what a generous giveaway! I enjoyed watching “When in Rome” recently. It was sweet, clean and funny. I do not recommend “Valentine’s Day.” It was dull, and “tried to hard.”

  3. Wow- this class sounds like something I could use! As far as movies go….a good movie that kept me entertained (and completely frightened) was “Law Abiding Citizen” it has Jamie Fox and Gerard Butler in it and I thought the acting was excellent. This is certainly not a movie that you want to watch over and over, but I find myself thinking about it constantly. As for a feel good movie- The Blind Side gets my vote!

  4. I have tons of favorite.
    But Running Scared (Billy Crystal one is my favorite – I can restate all the lines to the
    late 80’s film.

    What a great chance for someone to take this class.

    Happy 4th all.

  5. Here at my house, Kid Movies rule. We watched Race to Witch Mountain the other night. Cute movie, funny lines. Thanks for the chance.

  6. What a cool class, would love to win and learn new things, well i have been to the movies in a loooooonng time but the dvd we just brought was Alice in Wonderland which I never got to see when it was at the movies – and the girls and me loved it!!!

  7. Love Shimelle, her classes rock ! Now as far as movies go,I like to watch movies that have meaning. The news and daily life are filled with enough violence and sadness. So the last movie I saw that was touching to me was Blind Side. Sandra Bullock is amazing but Shimelle is a Scrap Star lol.

  8. My sweetie and i just saw date night at the discount theater. it’s been a long time since i’ve laughed so hard. Those 2 (Steve & Tina) are hilarious!

  9. The class sounds wonderful. I recently saw the movie 27 (or was it 26) Dresses and it’s a fun movie.

  10. I’m just not a big movie watcher. When I’m home, I’m either moving around, cleaning, cooking, or scrapping. When I’m not home, I’m working, shopping, hanging with freinds. Somehow I rarely think movie.

    But I would love to winb a spot in Shimelle’s class.

  11. Toy Story 3. We just took our (almost) three old to see it for his first movie theatre experience. He loved it so much and wanted to watch it again as soon it was over.

  12. Hi, Would love to win this class! Haven’t been to a movie for years … unemployed right now. Favorite movie of all is Steel Magnolias… love to laugh, cry and feel through the whole thing.

  13. i thought “letters to juliet” was a lovely movie. i just finished reading”girl with the dragon tatoo” and am anxious to see the movie. would love to win the photography class as i need a jump start to get going to take some creative pic.

  14. I love movies and we just saw Toy Story 3 and it was great. Tell me I am not the only that cried at the end!!
    Thanks for the chance to take Shimelle’s lates t class!

  15. That sounds like such a great class! My favorite movie in the last few months has to be The Blind Side, it was great!

  16. Another great giveaway…We just saw the A-Team. It wasn’t life changing but very entertaining. Lots of special effects and suspense.

  17. Another great giveaway. Thanks Jennifer and Shimelle. The last movie I saw was Blind Side and it was very good.

  18. Like others, I saw Toy Story 3…very nice for the entire family. Watched Alice in Wonderland last night outside under the stars on the side of the house with a projector. Had a fire going and smores. Just yummy!

  19. I would LOVE to win this!! I actually haven’t watched any new movies. One of my favorites though, is P.S. I Love You!

  20. I think the last movie we saw was “The Blind Side.” It was really good! Thanks for the giveaway. It would be great to learn some better picture taking techniques.

  21. My favorite movie lately is The Blind Side – loved, loved, loved it!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. that would be such a COOL class to take!

    We watched “Leap Year” just the other night, it was really cute!
    Even my 11 yr. old could watch it, it was a fun, happy movie!

  23. I recently watched (maybe for the fourth time..lol) the movie “Misery” with Kathy Bates and James Caan. It’s a classic thriller and I love when they show her scrap book. Instead of sweet pictures of her family adorned with pretty papers and doo dads, there are news clippings of all the murders Annie has committed in her life. Now that’s a different approach to scrapping!

  24. Ha! I am a 49 year old kid! I went and saw Toy Story 3 and LOVED it! I loved Ken and Barbie – too funny. Thanks for a chance to win such a great class 🙂

  25. I would have to say Avatar, lol. I never had any desire to see it and it was at the library so I grabbed it. My family loved it! Last movie I saw in the theaters was Killers and Toy story 3-both good movies! Thanks for a chance to win!

  26. I would love to take this class! My husband and I aren’t much for watching movies. The last one I watched, Up, I bought! Shows how out of the movie loop I am! But I loved it.

  27. Hi Jennifer. SOunds like you all are having a wonderful time at the lake! Christy and I saw Knight and Day before she left fro Germany, and we loved it. Very funny!

  28. What a fun giveaway! We just saw Toy Story 3 and it was my favorite of the series. It actually made me cry at the end – I’m such a sap! 🙂

  29. I also loved the Blind Side- although it came out a while ago-the best movie I had seen in quite a while. What a lovely person Sandra Bullock portrays- I would love to have her grace, insight and wit.

    This class looks wonderful- thanks for all your great give aways!

  30. I haven’t seen any movies in the theater for forever. I am doing a marathon of James Bond movies with my son right now. That’s about it. I would love to win this class, sounds great. Thanks.

  31. I checked the website for the class and was SO glad it was an online class. I would love to learn some new creative ways to get photos for scrapbooking – I feel like I am in a rut.

  32. Sorry was so excited about the class I forgot to tell you my favorite movie of late. Hmmmmm…. I would have to say Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian … just good clean comedy.

  33. Awesome give away! I recently saw Letters to Juliet with my DD–it was a perfect “chick flick” for some bonding with my DD. Our next movie adventure will be the new Twilight movie–she convinced me to read the books and I loved ’em!

  34. I don’t have the time for movies as much as I would like, but I was stuck inside on the dreadmill and totally passed the 2 hours watching The Blind Side on pay-per-view. Very enjoyable!

  35. I LOVED Toy Story 3. I am a kid at heart, but that aside, it was fantastic. Even got teary eyed at the end!

  36. My favourite of the recent films we have watched is the Lake House, lovely romantic film with a twist

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