Video: Inking… Creating Keepsake blogging… and giveaway

… oh my!

Lots of love for you all today.  🙂

So, I am the guest blogger over on Creating Keepsakes today.  Love the folks there dearly, and have been honored to work with them for many years now.  (Brittany, Lori, Joannie, Kim, Jennafer, everyone.  Love you girls.)

Here is a peek at the scrapbook page I created for them.  Be sure to go HEREthe CK blog – to see the full project and video… and another giveaway!!

042810 CK Blog JenMcGuire 1

So… in addition to hooking you up with the video, I have a giveaway.  Remember last week when I told you about how much I love the Sizzix embossing folders?  (They cover the whole front of a card – woohoo!)  I thought I would give a couple sets away here – I had extras from a project.  So, just leave a comment telling me about your Mom's Day plans by Sunday night and you have a chance to win these two sets of embossing folders…

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Oh… and they have a giveaway over on their blog, too!

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616 thoughts on “Video: Inking… Creating Keepsake blogging… and giveaway”

  1. I’m going to one of my favorite restaurants, getting a mother’s day card that gives me a free meal a month and getting some scrapbook supplies.

  2. Im not a Mom but I will be going out with her for a scrap night at Archivers and of course just giving her a rest all day from normal everyday work.

  3. I just recently became familiar with the embossing folders, so quick and easy. My husband and children are taking me out to dinner after church. It is such a special time to have us together now that they are off on their own.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    For the first time ever, my husband and I will be spending Mother’s Day at our daughter’s home. She has moved from CA to IA to be closer to home, and bought a lovely house. We are bringing dessert, and looking forward to a great day together.

  5. I just quit my job to start a new one but decided to take a week off (unpaid) since I wasn’t going to be able to earn vacation days right away in my new job. I was off this entire week and decided to fly to the west coast to give my mom an early Mother’s Day surprise. Since I start my new job on Monday, I had to fly out today but treated my mom to a mani/pedi, movie and dinner yesterday. She was very surprised and happy; and I’m glad she was able to have a nice Mother’s Day dinner with all three of her kids.

    Thank you Jennifer for the opportunity to win those awesome embossing folders! It would be a great addition to the ones I already have. You’re such an inspiration!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  6. We will be spending the day with my mother-in-law who just took a really bad turn in an alzheimer’s / dimentia diagnosis. This is going to be a hard day especially for my children, who have always seen her fully cognizant and within a week, she may not even recognize them. I am hoping it is a peaceful day.

    I love embossing and these folders look great. I swear, Jennifer, you have supplied me with at least half of my current addictions…I never embossed , or even wanted to until I saw you working with the cuttlebug. Now I am an embossing maniac. Good thing my husband has no idea what a bad ( good )influence you are on me. LOL !

  7. Just enjoying time with the family. Hopefully, a little scrapping before the big get together.

  8. I have a fab weekend planned actually. TOday happens to be my wedding anniversary so hubby and I are enjoying some child-free time. Tomorrow though I will pick up our baby girl and enjoy some Mother’s Day time together as well!!

  9. I want to say first Happy Mother’s Day to you! You must feel so honoured to be the Mommy to a adorable little boy and two sweet girls.

    Well, part of my Mother’s Day Weekend was to go to an all weekend crop and I only just got home actually. It was the best ever. I over heard someone say since arriving home that, gifts were bought for me and maybe their maybe a trip to some fancy resturant. We shall see! I just want to sleep now, but tomorrow will be a great day to go for a nice family walk. Thanks again for another amazing give away.

  10. My children came and celebrated with me yesterday and my hubby has to work tomorrow so it will be a quiet day at home…a good chance to craft!

  11. We go to church together on Mother’s Day and then afterwards I take my mom and dad out to lunch.

  12. ummm… really not thinking about it as it’s about 10 mo. away here in the UK!!! (we celebrated it in March here) Honestly, I’d like a rerun, as it rather sucked. DH was working a 12 hr day shift so he didn’t see 3yr old DD all day (left before she woke, back after she went to bed – happens a lot !!) so Mother’s Day was exactly that – DD and mumma !! Funniest thing was DD announcing to the whole church that she had given me breakfast in bed and a big bunch of flowers – she had just repeated what the kid before had said !!
    Anyhow, hope y’all have a lovely day – with REAL breakfast in bed and flowers !!

  13. Love the peek can’t wait to see the rest! My husband is also working tomorrow, so me and the kids will head over to celebrate with my Mom after church and have lunch there.

  14. spending mother’s day making invitatuons and decorations for my daughter’s 9th birthday (Luau themed) I love papercrafting with her an can not think of a better way to spend mother’s day!

  15. Love the sneak, can’t wait to see the whole page! My husband is also working tomorrow so the kids and I will head to church and then to my parents to celebrate with my Mom and have lunch (my Dad & brothers cooking of course :))

  16. My boys are taking me out for breakfast and then I’m heading over the inlaws for lunch. Hoping to have the rest of the day to scrap!

  17. Not much planned here for Mother’s Day. A day of relaxing for me. My hubby is heading out of town for work that evening so I plan on spending the day relaxing and crafting.

  18. For mother’s day, I will call my mother who lives in another state, but will be visiting soon and I will spend the day with my son before he leaves to go away to college! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I’m away from my mother, therefore, my plans are usually up to a phone call about the day’s activities and what our plans will be when I come back home to her. thanks for a chance to win XD

  20. The kids and dad are going to ‘surprise me’ with my favourite breakfast (starbucks caramel macciatio & pumpkin scone) then whole family will be off to the local market for a little bit of shopping. Spending time with the family and in-laws is a perfect way to celebrate the day!

  21. I love the look of embossing folders, but do not have any. I would love to win these. Thanks for the chance.

  22. Just a pretty quite day this Mother’s Day since the boys will not be home this year. Hubby and I will go out for lunch and then just a relaxing day.

    Love to do embossing on my cards…thank you for the chance to win. Hope you have a lovely Mother’s day.

  23. For Mother’s Day I will be spending time and enjoying dinner with my God children (three in one family) and their parents.

    Thanks for a chance to win these neat Sizzix embossing folders.

  24. Those Sizzix folders look fabulous! I don’t have any real plans for Mother’s Day. I made a card for my mom so I’ll give that to her tomorrow. I hope you have a good Mother’s Day!

  25. My daughter won’t be home from college until the weekend after Mother’s Day (and my birthday which is May 10th) so my kids all asked if we could postpone both until May 16th. Since I want them all (3) home with me, I said sure!!!
    humblehomemaker at yahoo dot com

  26. My Mother’s Day…well I’ll be up at 4:15 and off to work. Won’t get home until Monday morning, so I’ll spend some time with my mom Monday afternoon and evening. The kids are far away, but got cards and a phone call today. Have a great day, Jennifer!

  27. Love the idea of them fitting the entire card! I’m on edge waiting for their texture fades from Tim Holtz! I don’t know what we’ll be doing for Mom’s Day. It’ll be a surprise…to me 🙂

  28. I will have 8 extra people for a barbecue lunch for Mother’s Day including daughter, son-in-law, son, son’s girlfriends, 2 grandchildren and daughter’s parents-in-law. Can’t wait, should be a great day!
    Thanks for the chance to win – I just love embossing folders.

  29. I’m wishing my mother a Happy Mother’s Day across the miles. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

  30. The morning at church and hopefully, every one will be off and we can share a meal together. Have a happy day!

  31. these are soooo cool! I am cooking for my mom adn sister……doing a cookout, have the brownies in the oven now!
    And really looking forward to what my 2 beautiful daughters (10 & 13) have in
    store for me!!!!!!!!
    Happy Mom’s Day!

  32. Not sure what’s in store – my son told me I had to stay in bed and wait for some surprises! I’m guessing that whatever it is will include some major kitchen clean-up once I go downstairs! Love it though. Thanks for all the giveaways and for sharing so many great ideas and techniques. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  33. O
    i would love to win the embossing folders, or the cubbies for my copics. All of our kids came from as far as 150 miles just to spend a week end with Mom. Love them all. Lots of fun, food and talking. Even though it poured rain off and on, we didn’t care. Big family dinner today, Saturday, and then breakfast out tomorrow. Love those kids and grandkids. Hope everyone else has a wonderful Mother’s Day too. Edna B.

  34. I asked my hubby and son if we can wait a week to celebrate Mother’s Day. I always have them get plants for the yard for me and the weather is just a bit too yucky to plant them right now so waiting a week is great! We also usually go out for lunch, and my Hubby makes pancakes for breakfast!
    I will go see my Mom soon, and my Mother-in-law is no longer with us.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms!!


  35. Thanks for the new resist video. Makes me want to return to a favorite technique. My mother is 1500 miles away so she’s spending her day with my brother and sister-in-law who live near her. I’m spending my day with my wonderful hubby and then heading over to friends for dinner (they are also miles away from their mom). Family is always close to heart and just a quick phone call or hand made card away!

  36. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see my mom this year due to school and such, but a phone call is in my plans. 🙂

    Love that little bit of color; off to the CK blog to check out the full picture!

  37. I was with my daughters and their families last weekend in In for a family celebration,so this will be quiet…going to the hospital to visit a friend and then to my best friends. Her husband is going to grill out and fix us dinner…we will be spoiled! We will do some paper crafting, cardmaking or scrapbooking. Like me, her daughters live out of state.

    and Thanks for all your inspiration.

  38. i will just be calling my mom to wish her a happy mothers day since we live in different states. i made her a pretty card and she was just telling me today how much she liked it. :0) xoxo andie…

  39. Two of my grandchilren are staying overnight with me tonight (SAT). The other grandmother and I are watching the kids while Mom & Dad go to the beach for a weekend sans kids. So we all get a treat for Mother’s day. The grandkids are having fun with their Grandmas and vice versa. The parents are getting a weekend by themselves. It is a win win situation! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE!!!

  40. love sizzix embossing folders, they’re awesome!!! I’m going to be going to church in the morning with my family, then we’ll do something for dinner and watch the Twins game in the afternoon. Our whole family is nuts about the twins, and mom wanted to watch the game together for mother’s day! Yay!!

  41. All my siblings and their families, along with my family will be getting together for a family potluck. We drag out all the old family photo albums and the grandkids get a kick out of how we all used to look. Happy Mother’s Day!

  42. Our son and DIL are coming over around 5 pm for dinner. I’m making stuffed shells. My DIL and I have a tradition of making salad for dinner together. That may sound kind of lame, but it’s fun and we get to spend some quality time together for that 1/2 hour or so. We get out all the fixins for a salad (mesculin, lettuce, carrots, cukes, radishes, tomatoes, cheese), then clean, chop, shred, and cut up everything, lastly placing the goodies into all different little styles of bowls. I’ll also slice up a baguette to be served with bruschetta. Oh, and they are bringing dessert… can’t forget that part! YUM!

  43. On Mother’s Day – am going to spend part of the day with my Mom and dh and boys. I would love to get a couple of things done around here that I need help with but doesn’t look like it’s in the cards.

    Would like to wish you and all our other mothers here A Very Happy Mothers Day.

  44. Mothers day plans — a telephone call to the mom in KC, MO and mom-in-law in LaVerne, CA

    May get to see the newest mom in our lives — sister-in-law had baby last summer so this is first mothers day for her and her hubby has to work. Life in the restaurant biz.

    I love embossing folders and do not own any of the sizzix ones. happy to have the chance.


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