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Happy good-TV-night to you all.

Short post tonight.  Was in the ER late last night with Colin – he was unable to talk and couldn't breathe well.  Bad cough.  Took him in and they treated him for croup.  Amazing docs and nurses – so thankful – he was a trooper.  Colin and I have been sick today, but so thankful it is not worse.  Keep thinking the whole time at the hospital about our card drive kids.  That being there is so normal for them.  Makes me pray more.

However… there were things that made me happy today:

  • I love that so many companies are doing 6×6 patterned papers now.  They are so fun to use and I love the small, non-overwhelming patterns.  Check them out HERE.  (THIS and THIS are my faves.)  I have purchased almost all of these.  (I am cutting back on the 12×12 patterned papers I get.)
  • Great new stuff on the Hero website.  Check out HERE.
  • New stamps are available at Hero HERE with free shipping. 
  • LOVE the ideas HERE.
  • … and HERE.
  • THIS made me laugh so hard.  And drool a bit. :)  Just gets better and better the longer you watch.
  • One of my accents is shared HERE on CK's blog.
  • THESE envelopes are such fun.  Love the unique flap.

Thought I would share a card from awhile back.  This was a make and take Hero gave to stores when the new catalog came out.  I sprayed the flower with a mix of Liquid Pearls and water.  Fun…

012010 Hero Make and Take
012010 Hero Make and Take 2
SUPPLIES: Hero Arts flower, greeting and background stamps; Soft Pool and Soft Blossom inks; Liquid Pearls; Hero Arts layering papers; Twine; Mini Misters

Off to rest.  Night!

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73 thoughts on “Hey there”

  1. Great card. Hope you and your son get to feeling better fast!!! It is always scary when your children dont feel well like that.

  2. Wow sounds like a long night. So glad you are feeling better. Thinking of you all. Be well. Wonderful card. I LOVE that flower!

  3. Hope you both feel better soon. My son has been treated for coup before. On a happier note, that UTUBE was HiLarIoUs!!! Gotta watch all the way to the end, people! My husband said it was better than anything SNL has done in a long time! (: P.S. Got my Hero Arts order in today! weeeeee! friend definition stamp and more coming my way! Thanks for all your inpiration!

  4. How scary when your child is sick! Been down that path myself before- not fun- but glad he’s okay! Thanks for another great inspiring card!

  5. So sorry to hear that you and your little one are under the weather. Hope you both are feeling better very soon. Cute, cute card. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I hope you and Colin are on the mend and feeling better very soon. I know what
    you mean about appreciating good health. My heart goes out to anyone who has
    a chronic or life threatening illness.

  7. Very very scary about Colin and the croup.. A girlfriend did the same with her little one 2 weeks ago.. She ended up on steroids…

    So glad he is getting better…
    And I KWYM about the card drive children… . what different lives we have for ‘normal’..

  8. I hope you guys start feeling better soon…Both our boys got croup when they were younger and it’s not fun! We ended up coming home w/a nebulizer for our youngest so that we could give him treatments here at home for awhile…Thankfully, it’s true–they do out-grow it…Hang in there!

    Very cute card, by the way…

  9. Glad Colin is okay and you are getting better…. your card is delightful and your links are great…. just watched You tube…HMC’s skit… totally hilarious. Very very clever.

  10. Hope Colin feels better soon.
    Thanks for the great links.
    I am amazed you had the time to do it after
    your hospital visit

  11. So sorry to hear that Colin is sick. I’ll keep you both in my prayers. I love it when you post links. TFS!!! Jennifer. 😀

  12. Jennifer

    I am glad Colin is doing a little better. I hope that
    both of you are doing much better today:)

    Sandi N.

  13. Great links and fabulous card, Jennifer! Hope you and Colin are feeling better today and had a restful night. 🙂

  14. Hey Jennifer – So sorry to hear Colin was unwell and that today you are both unwell. Nothing stays the same and this too will pass.
    Thank you for the utube vid. I have had a particularly stressing morning (No child poorly though, thank the Lord!), my car alarm has been playing up and going off at all hours of the day and night – long story short the garage need to keep the car, I needed the car today to journey to my Dad (6 hours away) for the 1st anniversary of my Mum’s passing. Eventually managed to get insurance company to pick up the tab for a hire car but was totally stressed by the time I eventually got home at lunch. Immediately picked up your post and obviously the utube vid. Hearing about you and Colin put my world into perspective and the vid…..Matthew McConneghy, Patrick Dempsey and Josh Hartnett? Oh My! my spirits were lifted so high…… Thank you X love and special wishes to both you and Colin for a speedy recovery.

  15. Thanks for that you tube video! It was just way too funny and the kids were asking me what I was laughing at! You are such a doll, posting on your blog so all of your fans can get their daily fix of your insperation (including me LOL!) Hope everyone is felling better soon. Thanks again!!

  16. Aw, I hope you and Colin are feeling better!

    The Handsome Men’s Club definitely brightened my day. 🙂 Thanks for the great links, and another beautiful card to inspire me!

  17. Glad you and Colin are starting to feel better. The UTube video was hilarious! I laughed and laughed! I agree with you regarding the 6X6 pads. I’ve been buying them for quite some time and find I go to them more than my thousands of 12X12. Plus it’s all together and coordinated. I went to 2peas and ordered some more. Hang in there and get well!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  18. I hope you and Colin feel better soon. We had the same thing happen when my son was 2 – scary.

    The video was hilarious and those envelopes are great (but shipping – ouch!).

  19. Jennifer, I’m so sorry to hear about Colin. I have a 4 year old with asthma, and we know all too well about trips to the E.R. This week he’s been on steroids and oxygen at home, trying to stay out of the hospital again. Hope you both feel better soon. Thanks for the link to the fabulous video about the Handsome Men’s Club. Delicious!! Take care,

  20. You have inspired me to pull out my Pearl Ex and fine mist spritzer – all of which have been in a drawer, untouched for several years – and start playing with them. Thanks for being so talented and sharing this with us.

    Hope you and Collin feel better. Croup is the pits.

  21. My prayers are with you and Collin. I have a sick familiy member and it just reminds me how health comes before all else. Thanks as always for sharing your ideas.

  22. I just started watching your old YouTube videos and found my way to your blog. I admire your style and the how-to videos. Sometimes if I don’t have time to scrap (which feels like all the time) I watch a video to get inspired to try something new. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  23. Thank you for the laugh with the Handsome Men’s Club. It was brilliant. Hope you and Colin are feeling better. It’s terrible when your child is so sick, he needs the ER, but thank God for the people who work it. You should spend a restful day with your son.

  24. well get better soon1! I have to start packin a snack when I sit here to read your posts nowadays…so much great info and links…lu that you share with us…xo

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