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Happy good-TV-night to you all.

Short post tonight.  Was in the ER late last night with Colin – he was unable to talk and couldn't breathe well.  Bad cough.  Took him in and they treated him for croup.  Amazing docs and nurses – so thankful – he was a trooper.  Colin and I have been sick today, but so thankful it is not worse.  Keep thinking the whole time at the hospital about our card drive kids.  That being there is so normal for them.  Makes me pray more.

However… there were things that made me happy today:

  • I love that so many companies are doing 6×6 patterned papers now.  They are so fun to use and I love the small, non-overwhelming patterns.  Check them out HERE.  (THIS and THIS are my faves.)  I have purchased almost all of these.  (I am cutting back on the 12×12 patterned papers I get.)
  • Great new stuff on the Hero website.  Check out HERE.
  • New stamps are available at Hero HERE with free shipping. 
  • LOVE the ideas HERE.
  • … and HERE.
  • THIS made me laugh so hard.  And drool a bit. :)  Just gets better and better the longer you watch.
  • One of my accents is shared HERE on CK's blog.
  • THESE envelopes are such fun.  Love the unique flap.

Thought I would share a card from awhile back.  This was a make and take Hero gave to stores when the new catalog came out.  I sprayed the flower with a mix of Liquid Pearls and water.  Fun…

012010 Hero Make and Take
012010 Hero Make and Take 2
SUPPLIES: Hero Arts flower, greeting and background stamps; Soft Pool and Soft Blossom inks; Liquid Pearls; Hero Arts layering papers; Twine; Mini Misters

Off to rest.  Night!

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  1. Jennifer, I am so glad to hear that you and the dear little Colin are on the mend – I have spent time with mine and a steamy kettle! As for the YouTube vid, you are my kind of woman – hilarious! I shall be passing that one on, thank you!

  2. Hey there yourself! Sure hope everyone gets to feeling better. Not fun to be sick and have your family sick also.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Get well wishes to you and Colin.

    My little boy (six and a half) is severely autistic and gets croup and we have to take him to hospital each time. I really hate it as he is non verbal so I don’t know how he is and he can’t understnd us when we try to calm him. Like you I am grateful that apart from that he is reasonably well and that although life is difficult and life changing its not life threatening. The card drive is fantastic.

    Karen x

  4. How wonderful you are to remember us when you have such a full plate at home. I just hope your husband stays well. My husband has the cold thing going on now and it is like having a sick child!!! I went and got my Cosmo Cricket paper and Perfect Pearls. Take good care.

  5. Thanks so much for the you tube link. So funny and definitely eye candy. I posted a link on my blog because it was so funny. Thanks always for a great blog. 🙂

  6. That video is so funny, thanks for sharing, love your article in CK, it is always my favorite.
    I hope Colin and you get better soon.

  7. Hope you and Colin are feeling better by now! Thanks for sharing the links, especially the Jimmy Kimmel one; so funny! I had to send it ight to my sister and my daughter; thanks for the laughs (and the drooling too, LOVE Sting!)!
    Kathy Camasso

  8. All the best to you and Colin. Never easy to have to take your little ones to the hospital. Hope you all better real soon 🙂

  9. Sorry to hear about your scare at the emergency room. Can’t believe you still managed to put together such an amazing post tonight. Love all the inspiration links you shared for the Silhouette and your favorite two paper lines are two of my current favorites as well! The YouTube video was very fun too–Love how they added Jennifer Garner at the end! Hope you guys are feeling better soon! 🙂

  10. First off I love your blog and I’m learning so much from your tutorials..
    glad you and Colin are getting better…but I have to comment on the video that you showed us about the Handsome Club…Jimmy and all the boys..I laughed my self silly and it did get funnier and funnier to the very end…A lot of top actors there made it even more funny…and that guy that was always playing the piano…I must save the link so I can go to it again when I’m feeling blue or down….this will pick me up..
    thanks for the needed laugh…

  11. Croup is horrible. My son ends up in the ER seasonally. In the middle of the night he wakes up screaming and has blue lips. Kids are supposed to grow out of it. My son did get croup this winter, however, we kept him out of the ER. They gave him Decadron earlier in the day in the DR’s office. She said that if they are bad before 6 pm you will likely end up in the ER. Anyhow, hope you’re all feeling better. I ordered some Copic markers and just got them!!! They’re nice!

  12. Hope you both are feeling better today. Thanks for the link to the HMC video…lots of fabulous eye candy there!


  13. awww…hate the scary runs to the ER. And my kids (9 and 15) still get croupy whenever they get a cold. They are both hacking away right now. sigh. Never gets easier worrying about them, no matter their age. Get better soon, Colin!

  14. I hope that you are all feeling better. Get lots of rest. We have been working on some items for the drive. My kids are hoping to send a box to you before Easter. Thank you for doing the drive. It is amazing what a few cards can do to cheer some people up. Stay well.

  15. We have been to the ER many times for our son’s croup too. Try taking him out into the cool air, seems to help. Hope your both feeling better.

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    So sorry to hear that Colin and you weren’t well. Hope you’re both back to 100%
    The popped-up banner on your card is cute. And I love your ribbon grass on your CK accent – your imagination is super!! And TFS the video – the eye candy was great and it made me laugh, too – double bonus!

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