Cards for St. Jude

Hi!  I am back. 🙂

Kay and I spent a day over the holidays making cards for various card drives.  Here are the ones I made for Winter's Cards for St. Jude Valentines drive.  Simple, simple, simple.  I colored the little Papertrey Ink images with Copics and them cut them out.  Cut some new Hero Arts notecards (yum) in half and here they are…

010210 Judes Cards

010210 Judes Cards 1

010210 Judes Cards 2
Supplies: Papertrey Ink stamps, Hero Arts notecards, Copic Markers.

Kay made a bunch of cards, too.  I LOVED what she wrote on the inside… so clever and sure to make the kids of St. Jude smile.  Please forgive the awful photos.  I had the camera set up wrong and didn't check before packing up the cards.  Der.

010510 Cards for Jude 2

010510 Cards for Jude
By Kay McGuire, Age 14.

A few links for you:

  • I get a lot of questions about where to start with Copic Markers.  It is really hard to just start with a few, as they need to work together for blending, etc.  I highly recommend Ellen Hutson's site, as she has some great sets for starting out.  She is really helpful and a good person.
  • Vanessa's cards are amazing HERE.
  • Shari is rockin' the Hero Blog this week HERE.
  • SO cool – great technique HERE.
  • Can't wait to see Tim's new stamps at CHA.  Loving his new Distress Ink colors.  Been playing with them lots lately.
  • So excited about THIS from Studio Calico.

And, yes, the Bachelor.  My oh my.  Slightly annyoing, slightly cheesy, slightly worth a big eye roll.  But, yes, I am watching.  I like Ali. 🙂


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56 thoughts on “Cards for St. Jude”

  1. What a blessing it is to include those beautiful children into doing this. It’s showing them to have compassion and care..which I know comes naturally to them anyway..but so sweet. Those children are going to love these cards!

  2. Those cards are so cute, and how nice that you and your girls made them together! The children at St. Jude will be so happy to receive such thoughtful cards.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, Jennifer. They’re all very inspiring!


  3. I love the simple cards you do and your inspiration to use your talent for a greater good. And by the way the bachelor and Tenley are soooo getting married!

  4. Cute-A-Potomus Cards!!!!! I love those PT stamps… and what a talented assistant stamper you have!

    Love Valentines Day…just the perfect time for spreading love… unconditional love…

  5. Those cards are adorable and I love all of the hand-written notes inside. Those kids are going to smile FOR SURE!!!! What a wonderful thing you’re doing. May God bless you!

    The Bachelor – I’m watching too. Even though it’s a bunch of drama and even though no one ever stays together, I watch. I can’t help it. It’s my escape 🙂

  6. Great cards Jennifer! So cute! I’m sure the kids will love them! Thanks for all the links. And yes, oh yes, The Bachelor! My husband and I watch it together. It was a bit cheesy, but I really think he is such a genuine guy. Did you see all the major drama they showed at the end, for the upcoming episodes?….yikes! Love it!

  7. Hello, I got your link from ShutterCal and decided to check it out. These are really amazing designs, I really like your style! Card drives are such a sweet thing too. Great job Jennifer 🙂

  8. Oh, these are great! I love them all and I love the messages inside! So sweet! Thank you and your kids for all the help with this card drive! 🙂

  9. These are all wonderful Jennifer! In my experience kids just adore valentines cards, and Kay’s messages are a perfect finishing touch. You guys must have had soooo much fun making these! Jo x

  10. What a wonderful thing to do and those cards are the cutest. TFS!! Jennifer and Kay. Also thanks for the links.

  11. I love the cards you have made. They look simple but yet very nicely done. Thanks for always giving us such great work. I also like Ali and the one that he gave the first rose to before the rose ceremony. She seems very sincere.

  12. Isn’t that PTI stamp set so adorable? And you’re so industrious to cut out all those little images. Wow! 🙂

  13. Thanks for reminding us that not every card has to be complicated! It’s nice to try new techniques, but sometimes just the good old basics works perfect! My son would love to help make these!

  14. Kay is am amazing young lady. I adore her “wave” card.
    You are one lucky lady to have these girls in your life.

  15. These cards are soooooo adorable Jennifer! What a great way to put some smiles on some cute little faces. 🙂 You’re such a blessing…
    – April

  16. Love these cards. I don’t know which is more beautiful- the cards or the thoughts inside. And did you say new Distress Ink colors by Tim Holtz? Uh, oh….somebody stop me….!

  17. You and Kay make an amazing team! Love the simple design you chose and the wonderful words on the inside of the cards. BUT I must admit, I am so stealing the hand print waving hello! What a wonderful idea and how perfect for someone child or adult (I am thinking Grandma, personally) to get a big I love you wave!

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Honestly Jennifer, I am simply amazed at the number of cards you and Kay are able to churn out! Wow!! Thanks for sharing these, they are so cute! And yes, Kay’s messages should definitely bring smiles!!

  19. Love that you fun cards with your children and for such a good cause. And I too will be watching Jake and praying that he find someone who will be good to him. Didn’t look like he had too much to choose from LOL

  20. What a beautiful thing you are teaching your children. I can feel their sweet spirits just reading the notes they’ve written on the inside of some of the cards. You will be so blessed. Thank you for such wonderful inspiration.

  21. Love all these cards Jennifer. You are a wonderful role model for Kate and all the kiddos.I thinks Kate is a pretty special 14 year old with a huge heart…her hand written messages will really warm their hearts in so many ways. I love the way she drew her hand too. Hugs to you all!

  22. Oh, this set of cards is so adorable! And I love Kay`s messages – she`ll make them smile big!
    Wow, I am so honored that you linked to my cards! Thank you, Jennifer – you made ME smile big 🙂

  23. You two are awe inspiring.
    I hope that big fun was had while making these adorable cards.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  24. Love the cards! And I love the inside of Kay’s cards – too fun!
    I really wasn’t going to watch the Bachelor but of course I am…don’t know who I am rooting for yet…

  25. Wow!! What great cards – I love that you show us how simple it is to make these cards and they look so amazing. Maybe simple is better. Thank you!

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