Giveaway, card share and more Card Drive info…

So much to say!

I had a rough day with lots of bumps in the road.  And potholes.  Ever have one of those?  Well, I am going to make it all better right here and right now.  With a giveaway.

I ended up with some extra holiday goodies.  This includes good stuff from Making Memories, K&Company and EK Success – great stuff.  As I have been doing lately, I picked a lucky winner from a comment from a previous post.  (As a thank you for taking the time to leave me comments!)  And, the lucky winner is… Deneen!  I will email you.

Ok!  Time for some sharing.  Here is a project I did for 2Peas.  I just adore using huge photos.  And, matching it up with some huge pieces quickly and easily cut with my Silhouette?  Even better.  Yes, my addiction to my Silhouette is getting very intense.  In fact, I just moved everything in my scrapbook room so that I have the perfect place to have my Silhouette out and ready to use.  Lots. :)  Click on the layout for a better view…

112009 Great Day
(c) – click HERE for more details

I have been getting some questions about the Card Drive for Kids.  Most of them are answered in the details – just read all of my (overly wordy) info on THIS post. :)  But, to answer a few common ones:  Yes, you can send holiday cards, but please have them here by the 15th.  Also, if you have a prize you want to donate, that is great!  Just email me and we can figure it out.  And, yes, please share all the info about the Card Drive on your blog or Facebook page or anywhere – the more the word gets out the better.  Finally… if you aren't a cardmaker, no problem!  Hallmark works too. πŸ™‚

Another question I get a lot is if I know Kate personally.  Nope.  Not at all.  I found out about her on Twitter and just felt a need to reach out.

A quick note: If you emailed me about an ill child you know who you think would be good for the Card Drive but is not yet included, please email me.  I lost a folder of emails a couple weeks ago and fear I missed someone.  Thanks!

Also!  Did you see Kate on Dr. Phil today?  I am so proud of her and her family.  They are battling such a terrible battle, but are so brave and strong in doing so.  If you missed it, check it out HERE.

Random note: Anyone watch House?  If so, are you tired of Cuddy's inappropriate outfits?  Oh my.  I don't think I could think much less practice medicine in those tight clothes. πŸ™‚


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76 thoughts on “Giveaway, card share and more Card Drive info…”

  1. I so agree about Cuddy – seriously how can someone walk in those skirts. It really doesn’t need to be like, I wonder what theya re trying to go after with that look

  2. I DVRed Dr. Phil’s show. I’m also so proud of the family, kate is such a brave little warrior.

    Again, thanks for doing these things. Hope your days isbetter today and tomorrow!!!!

  3. I have many days with not only bmps, potholes – mine have craters! ! Hope your day is better
    Your layout is lovely. How I would love to sit there and stare at the water. Would make those craters seem years away.

  4. Sorry about your day Jennifer, I often have days like that, but it helps to think about how blessed we all are. My family has started going around at dinner time and naming one thing that we are blessed for and this really lifts your spirits. Especially the sweet and innocent things your kids will say. Thanks for sharing about Kate on the Dr. Phil show. She is an amazing little girl and is being prayed for by so many people. I just know God will use her in a special way! God Bless!

  5. Thanks for all the sharing you did today! *Lots* on your heart, lots going on in your life! Hope you will be having a good day soon πŸ™‚

  6. That photo is aMAzing! Is the sky really that blue, or did you photoshop the pic?? Because it makes me want to escape from the 40 degree temps right now and go on a tropical vacation!! The Silhouette cuts are darned cute too.

    And I just wanted to say thank you…even when you have a bad day, you make others’ days so bright. Gotta go figure out when I can make some cards now. Take care!

  7. Great layout, Jennifer. I caught the end of Dr. Phil and when I heard him talking about Kate, I immediately checked your blog to see if it was “your” Kate. Thanks for the link. I’m headed over there right now.

  8. love the layout. Got a Silhouette for my anniversary last week and am still trying to figure it out.

    I am with you on Cuddy’s outfits. And I think its time for her and House to move on – I started watching because of the medicine first, characters second and its all about the characters now. And Chase/Cameron breakup was totally lame. they should have killed her off πŸ™‚

    I watch NCIS now. Love Mark Harmon!

  9. The layout looks awesome! I hope your day is getting better!
    As for House, it’s the way they shoot her too…I was just wondering the other day why I see her behind more than her face πŸ™‚

  10. Cuddy doesn’t PRACTICE medicine she is an administrator of medicine…so she signs papers and tells House no and then tells him yes…the tight clothes are so he continues to keep coming back to see her to bother ASKING her anything when he already knows the final answer. Men and their boob fetishes!! LOL!!

  11. Congratulations on the article in the N.Y Times. I hope your day is improving
    now that you are away for a little crafting retreat!

  12. THANK YOU!!! I mentioned the very same thing the other night when we were watching House! I am a nurse, and I have NEVER seen an administrator flash cleavage like that! I love to watch House, that part has always seemed ridiculous!

    Love your blog, by the way. You have such great ideas! Hope tomorrow is a better day, and it will be!

  13. I’m sorry I miss this too. I’ve been dealing with a tooth that I just had to have an apicoectomy on it. Which is a really painful procedure.
    congratulation to Deneen. Thanks for all you do for us too.

  14. Thanks for organizing a new card drive – wonderful! YES! we saw Kate on Dr. Phil and cried! – Beautiful family! We pray for her everyday and will for these new precious ones!

  15. My favorite Christmas song is Sleigh Bells by Johnny Mathis…I know – it’s an oldie! But it brings back so many fond memories of my fav Uncle and my Grandparents…sitting by the fire, listening to my uncle sing along(he had an amazing voice!)…Merry Christmas to you…XO

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