Cards for Heroes Blog Hop (and Giveaway!)


I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this blog hop. I have loved the Cards for Heroes organization since the moment I created my first card for them.  They have it so well "put together" – making it so rewardingfor everyone.  I did a drive for them with Hero Arts back in the fall and we got a TON of cards.  (And, hint hint – be sure to visit the Hero Arts blog on Monday for another chance to play…)

I did two cards for today… the second one uses the scraps from the first.  These aren't my typical style, but fun to do. I used my distress tool a lot on it – adds simple texture and warmth without bulk.

052209 Heroes

052209 Heroes 2 Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (stars, greeting and background), Hero Arts long notecard and embossing powder, Distress Inks, Ranger Foam Ink Applicator, Tonic Distressing Tool from Tim Holtz, Autumn Leaves paper (blue), Bo Bunny paper (red and tan), sewing machine, string

And here is the second, using the scraps…

052209 Heroes SpareSupplies: Hero Arts stamps (stars, greeting and background), Hero Arts notecard and embossing powder, Distress Inks, Ranger Foam Ink Applicator, Tonic Distressing Tool from Tim Holtz, Autumn Leaves paper (blue), Bo Bunny paper (red and tan), sewing machine, brads, Quickutz embossing folder, corner rounder

I also thought I would share a card I got recently from one of the heroes who I sent 300 cards to (left over from the card drive in the fall).  She is an MD who is currently serving.  Talk about amazing…


And a BIG thank you to Sandy, Fabre and the many others who devote so much time to bring smiles to so many faces.  God bless ya to pieces. 🙂

I thought I would have a giveaway today in honor of CFH.  Just leave a comment here by Monday at 11:59pmEDT telling me something that made YOU smile today (besides being part of this great hop!) and I will pick a winner of this bundle of great goodies, chosen by Colin…


And, again, be sure to stop by the Hero Arts blog on Monday for a really cool gift, another chance to play and more prizes… all in honor of Cards for Heroes.

Now it is time to hop to the next blog!  Click HERE to go to Lisa Renea's blog.  She is fabulously talented… don't miss it.

Or: click HERE to start the hop from the beginning at the Cards for Heroes Homepage

Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

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596 thoughts on “Cards for Heroes Blog Hop (and Giveaway!)”

  1. wow great cards! Your support is awesome… Thanks for supporting our troops! What a great giveaway. Smiles are brought to my face on Sunday when we all can sit and have breakfast together!

  2. Thanks to Colin for such a big assortment of goodies!
    We sang “America” in our church this morning in honor of those who gave it all so that we can be free. That made me smile and be grateful for their sacrifices.
    Love the cards. I agree the Cards for Heroes is a great organization.

  3. I was taking a “nap”–laying down and thinking–and planning out a LO about my honeymoon. We’ve been married for almost three years, and I still haven’t made our wedding album! But, thinking about all the lessons we both learned–aka, the fights we had–in that one week made me smile.

  4. Today I watched a little boy “writing” on the sidewalk with a feather using water from a puddle as his ink. I sure hopes he finds an art teacher who introduces him to calligraphy. Anyway, it made me smile.

  5. Absolutely love the cards!!!

    The thing that gave me the biggest smile today was the roaring standing ovation given to all the veterans at our church service this morning 🙂

    How wonderful to see a note back letting you know how much these small gestures can make such a big impact!


  6. I was looking out the window at my parents house and saw a catbird taking a bath in their birdbath.
    He was really splashing around, looked like he was having a great time.

  7. My ‘tiny tornado’ (baby girl) made me smile today. She makes me smile lots!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway and awesome post today!

  8. The truth–my biggest smile came when I saw Colin’s card on the HA website. What a wonderful idea! I bet he was so proud of himself.

    My other smile came when I finished a card this morning using inchies I made two years ago!

  9. my 11months old baby girl trying to stand without holding herself to anything for the first time made me smile. 🙂 thanks for the chance to win. Theese goodies look gorgeous!

  10. I had to smile (actually laugh out loud) when I caught my 5 year old sneaking into the freezer for her third popsicle of the hour. The look on her face as she tried so hard to make the freezer not squeek and give her away. Thanks for contributing to such a noble cause as CFH.

  11. I smiled as I took my kids to the pool today! It is the first official “pool” day of the summer! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Smiling for me….darn, it’s all bout the hop! *grin* Yeah, livin’ and breathin’ it this weekend! But I guess I had a bit of glee amid a somewhat somber church service for Memorial Day…it had been cloudy out when I went in, but suddenly the sun burst through the window and I had that “aaahhhhhh” sensation! I’m currently looking at the sun out the window while surfing, and thinking I need an outside break!! (Bloghops are great for putting off stuff like weeding and mowing…lol)

    Jennifer your cards are ADORABLE, and sharing the letter from Elisabeth is so wonderful…bless you for all your support!! We couldn’t have done this without you!! Hugs!

  13. One thing was the set of cards Colin coloured in and signed on the Hero Arts blog. But personally, the thing that gave me the biggest smile of all this afternoon was having my son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and does not deal with physical contact well at all, shake the optometrist’s hand after having his eyes examined. My son has not shaken anyone’s hand in over 10 years. I’m still smiling.

  14. Making my first digital layout, actually made me smile that I accomplished it and not frown in frustration.

  15. The rain is making me smile today because the Lord is helping me with the garden watering today.

  16. The thing that made me smile most today… was that it was the first perfectly sunshiny day of the season, the kind where you just stand there facing the sun, close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling of the sun beating down on your face!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  17. It’s a super mission – I know our troops are so appreciative! Love that scrap card, the vintage feel of it all is great!

  18. My husband is the one thing that has kept a smile on my face all day. We’ve been apart for 2 months as I have moved to a new state for a new job. Today he finally came home and we are together again. I hope everyone has a reason to smile.

  19. I had 3 of my nieces and one of my nephews over today. It’s always an eventful time full of endless smiles and lots of laughs! I thank God for blessing me with such treasures and I am thankful for the freedoms we share because of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform! They are true blessings!

  20. What made me smile today was my nephew coming by and asking if he could have 12×12 patterned paper for a school project. When he saw all I had to choose from he smiled, hugged me, and said “Thanks so much!”.

  21. Your cards are gorgeous. Can’t figure out how you made the string star. Spent some wonderful time with my mom this weekend. She always makes me smile 🙂

  22. Lots of smiles today..seing the cute cards Colin colored on the HA blog, this whole cards for heros thing. Seeing a baby of a friend today..who smiled the biggest smile when we said happy birthday (it’s his first), a little girl at church showing offher new prescription glasses..thinking of my 3 year old nephew and his getting glasses and how stinkin’ cute he’ll look.

  23. Love your card! I took my two nephews to see Night at the Museum II today…Their laughter and smiles made me happy today..They are such a blessing to me..

  24. That letter really made me smile…but before that hanging out with my two year old nephew today and even changing his diaper made me smile. He’s the best!

  25. The sunshine made me smile today, it has been so rainy and gloomy here in Atlanta! I am really inspired and enjoying the blog hop. Thanks for your dedication in helping our troops. They are Heros!! Happy Memorial Day!

  26. i was able to spend some great time with my family! we’ve been busy working hard getting our house ready to move into…it was nice to be together with no stress!

  27. My 11 year old niece and I made golden place cards for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner next Saturday. I did all the cutting and Rebekah did all the stamping, gluing, and embellishing with stickles and the bows I tied. With each of the 16 place cards she finished, Rebekah squealed with delight, exclaiming, “Ooh they are so pretty!” I am still smiling…

  28. the silly hummingbird that was feeding on my back porch this morning has made me smile all day. He was only about 2 inches big and it was raining but he was very determined to eat! Loved it. 🙂

  29. Oh my, I cannot pinpoint one time today I smiled-there are so many times! Well in general, the pool…which opened on Friday. Aaah, what a nice break. haha actually i guess I have it easy considering I’m only eleven-but, hey, it’s always a treat to jump into the nice, cool pool under the blazing hot sun. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

  30. I smiled today watching my 6-year old get dressed for church, complete with fairy wings and minnie mouse ears. She made many of the older folks in the congregation smile as well. 🙂

  31. someone said, “thank you”. it’s just so rare to have people thank you even for doing the simplest of things. a simple gratitude goes a long way..

    so thank you, jennifer, for being an inspiration and for a fantastic giveaway. *huggies*

  32. Love your artwork! What creativity! Thanks for sharing the response you rec’d from Elizabeth. My goofy dog Elvis made me smile today playing w/his ball.

  33. Something that made me smile today..well…My brother is 3 years older then me and is an alcoholic. We have had a lot of problems with him these last few years, and this morning he went into his shed, and heard a meowing, so after checking it out, he found an abandoned kitten(maybe a day or two old) He has spent all day feeding it with a dropped and nurturing it. It is amazing to see him looking after something like that.
    Trace G

  34. My son made me smile today. He is so excited about his new tupperware lunch box and juice bottle, he has decided it will be his news item today. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make the day seem brighter.

  35. What made me smile today was having all my children home for dinner, including the two college age kids, they were telling stories and laughing…what a great moment!

  36. The fantastic weather we enjoyed today, seeing my nephews, and truly appreciating my freedom! Thank you Heroes!!

  37. Hmm… I don’t recall the ‘first’ smile of the day, but the most memorable one was brought on by a little 4-yr-old girl at church this morning who gave my DH & I hugs and told us she’d missed us!

    melody b

    (ps- I love Colin’s creativity! Can’t wait for our 9-mo-old granddaughter to be able to hold her first crayons so she & I can ‘play’!)

  38. The first thing that made me smile today was my 4 year old son waking me up by sneaking in our room, giggling all the way!

  39. My daughters made me smile because they are getting along fabulously which is a first!
    Love your distressed star card! It is going to be lifted for sure—thanks for the inspiration!!

  40. What made me smile today….seeing the passion for football in my son’s eyes while he was at a kicking camp! 🙂

  41. One thing that made me smile was an adorable baby girl I saw in the supermarket. Her mommy had a comfy quilted seat for her in the shopping cart seat, and she had a precious PINK bow on her sparsley haired head, and a PINK cardigan sweater. Don’t know why but she sticks in my mind! {smile}

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