Happy Wednesday


Just a quick post for tonight.  I know lots of you like to use up scraps when you get a chance.  Here is something fun you can do with ribbon and trims.  I have a little drawer where I keep even the tiniest pieces, and here are some of them…

Trims Scraps Card
Trims from 7Gypsies and Making Memories
Basic Grey chipboard letter

Let me know if you have anything fun you like to do with little scraps like this.  Would love to hear them.

Have a good night.  More soon!

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43 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday”

  1. That is sooo cute! I have a huge collection of scraps like this due to my hoarder DNA (I can’t throw anything away!) – you have just given me the motivation I need to get onto doing something with them. I do occasionally embellish cards by attaching a little folded up scrap of ribbon with a staple or brad, it adds a nice touch of colour & texture to a project.

  2. Jennifer

    I have never thought to use my scrap ribbon like this! This is a very clever idea. I love the way this card turned out. Now no more guilt saving my scraps.

    I use my small scraps as loops with a brad or sewn as bullet points for journaling.

    Thanks for sharing this cool idea!

    Sandi N.

  3. Jennifer, love the idea! i usually keep all my scraps too. i’ve used them on my cards. i made (several months ago) scrap inchies. i covered a piece of cardstock iwth different pieces of paper , all colors and sizes .then i punched out some inchies. i have to do another card , look for it in the hero pool. Samantha (mjphtos2007)

  4. what a fun idea! right now all of my little ribbon scraps are just accumulating in a jar, so i’ll have to give this a try.

  5. Thanks for such a great idea! I have seen ribbons tied on to rings and spirals used to hold books together for a decorative effect. Also at the top of pages in books for added color. Tops of tags too!

  6. Wow…what a great idea…I too have little tiny scraps of ribbon ’cause I thought the ribbon was so beautiful, I couldn’t even throw the teeny weeny pieces away.
    Thank you Jennifer! What an adorable card!

  7. Jennifer, can I ask why you are not doing any videos? I just love watching them and learning from you….please keep the videos…


  8. Honestly, I would have thought you insane for saving those itty-bitty little pieces. Obviously, I would have been wrong…I in awe of the beauty you created with those itty-bitty bits!

  9. That is a gorgeous card! I’ve done cards with scrap strips of paper, but never thought about using leftover ribbons. Duh! Now I’ll never throw out another scrap of ribbon! 🙂

  10. That’s so clever.
    I like to use the small ribbon scraps for photo corners. Fold them around so the ends are on the back and then I just tape it. Another way I use ribbon scraps is to fold them in half and use it like a little tab and add a flower, staple or even a stick pin. I like to group a few together for some interest and put them at the edge of a photo or something. Kind of hard to explain, the “almost” layout on my blog has this. now this is IF I can get my scraps. My daughter usually grabs them all for her art projects.

  11. Great idea Jennifer!
    I just picked up the Feb issue of CK because of how great you said it was… LOVE your ideas for how to use the lace cardstock. I have a bunch and it’s just been sitting around for the most part b/c it’s intimidating to me. Thanks for all the great ideas! 🙂

  12. Great card! Doesn’t seem like your usual style, but it’s gorgeous 🙂 I, too, love to save and use scraps…I always try to get the most out of everything…

  13. Very cute card!! I seem to not be able to part with my scraps-JUST IN CASE–you know? One way to use them up! Thanks!

  14. Great! Just what I needed- an excuse to save every scrap piece of ribbon. And just when I was finally not hyperventilating when I threw little pieces away! lol 😉 You are too clever!

  15. I save every little scrap so you can imagine how darling this card is to me!

    I save my little scraps for fringes to the baby blankets I like to hand sew or embellishments to cards, scrapbook layouts, and altered projects. I just love how you used the scraps to create a background on the cardbase.

  16. Wow, that is super cute. This may be a dumb question, but how did you adhere them? I don’t see any stitching…are they sewn on or glued?

  17. Jennifer,

    Very clever. I too save my ribbon scraps, and usually attach them with a brad or staple. I also save card stock and patterned paper scraps. I use them to create a mosaic layer on a card, or a mosaic scrapbook page border. Do you ever use your ribbon scraps on a scrapbook page? If so, what do you do with them? That one is drawing a blank in my creative brain cells.

    Lisa Atha

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