New 2Peas goodness…

Hello from a girl who is once again snowed in!  No fun.  Thankfully I had some warm, yummy taco soup ready for dinner.

Just a heads up for you local folks.  I have a class at Stamp Your Art Out on Thursday (the 6th) with one opening – someone just canceled.  And we added some spots in the class on the 19th.  The classes are different – all new card ideas.  Call 513.793.4558 to sign up.  I have some fun stuff planned. πŸ™‚

Just wanted to share new stuff over on 2peas.  Here are some that caught my attention…

  • Kelly Purkey rocked the Hero Arts houndstooth stamp on THIS layout.  Love it, Kelly!
  • I adore pages with lots of little photos… like THIS from Tia.
  • What a simple and striking page HERE by Erica.  Wow.
  • Oh my… she also rocked the new Hero stamp HERE!
  • Another from Kelly – she lifted an oldie of mine!  HERE is her fab page.  (Love ya, girl.)
  • Robyn Werlich always knocks my socks off with her pages.  THIS is one of her best yet.

And I just saw that Nichol did a favorites of new 2peas stuff HERE, too.  Be sure to check those out.

Here are two I did.  This set is a bit different for me – the colors are pretty out-there.  But that made it fun to do!  The clear tags on the front are over a hole which shows through to the inside.  For more info on these, click HERE.  Love the yellow heart Sassafrass paper on these…


28727-3  (c)

And HERE is another set using new Hero Arts stuff.  This is a good example of how a simple bit of Cuttlebugging to a white card adds so much.  Oh, and is that more of the Basic Grey Urban Prairie?  Hee… LOVE it.


28726-2 (c)

Oh, and I have gotten lots of questions about when and where to get those new EK Success punches.  I will know soon and will update you all here. πŸ™‚

And, I gotta say it – I thought Stephanie might be going soon.  Although sweet, she seemed a bit "much" for Jason.  I like Molly and Melissa now.  Naomi doesn't seem right.  Ditz moment – can't remember the 4th girl.

Off to try and catch up on email.  I am still behind.  Huge apologies. 


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25 thoughts on “New 2Peas goodness…”

  1. Gorgeous coloured cards – and so different from each other! The navy and yellow look like a good thing on a snowy day!

    Thank for all the yummy, inspiring links – beautiful work for us to enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE your cards! How do swiss dot just the front of the card? Do you fold the card front in, and leave the back out, or do you do a separate piece of white for white on white? I hope I didn’t confuse you with that question. πŸ™‚

    Mary W.
    Chas, SC

  3. Oh yeah! Im so hooked on the Bachelor! What i do is i record it. After the 2 hours i watch it so that way i can forward real fast and watch it! I can’t stand the commericals!
    The other girl you are talking about is Jillian.
    Yeah Jennifer I agree with you. Stephanie is wonderful girl, she was such a mother figure to the other girls. Such a positive and heartwarming girl she is. But i really couldn’t see her with Jason. I do hope she does find her love. And with the other girls, Naomi is definetly not suitable for Jason. She says she’s ready to settle down, but i really don’t think she is READY! I wonder how he feels knowing that she is a flight attendant. She wont be there all the time, her job involves traveling a lot! And so that leaves Jillian….nope! I don’t see a connection there. So that leaves Molly & Mellisa. I feel that Jason has a more connection with Molly. It’s a tuff one there choosing between them 2. Will see what happens next week at there hometowns.
    ok, off to see American Idol now!

  4. Fun cards, love the new china women stamp. Talking about the bachelor even more fun. I really see a connection with Melissa. No way for Naomi. Jillian, he’s questioning her alot, and Molly appears to be just a good kisser. I hope Melissa’s hometown date doesn’t screw things up. But honestly her fam not wanting to be on camera, makes them more real I think. Love the Bachelor.

  5. Jen, I love those cards. The color combo immediately caught my attention. You never fail to come up with fresh new ideas.
    You rock girl.
    Sadly yeah I didn’t think Stephanie would make it…

  6. That colour combo is very striking – love the effect of the clear embossed backgrounds.
    When I look at BG Urban Prairie paper it doesn’t really look like Asian designs, but it works so well with the HA Asian Dolls – as demonstrated by you here & by Lisa Spangler.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the cards, each time I look at your cards I see something new that I have not thought of doing. I round corners in my scrapbook all the time but never thought to transfer it to cards!!! Now I will have to try it, maybe for the valentine cards I will be making for my students… Thanks once again for the inspiration.

  8. Hey Jen. I’m going to try to make it to one of the SYAO classes since I haven’t been in forever! I still like Melissa and Jillian. Until this past episode, I thought Molly was a little fake but she showed some vulernability so I don’t know….Hey, I’m thinking of creating a blog, although the though of keeping up with creating projects-EEEK! I’m stuggling on a creative name….any thoughts? See ya soon!

  9. I always love seeing your goodies! And thanks for your sweet comment – that always means a lot! Hope your doing well! Hugs!

    Oh – and Bachelor – yeah – love that show! Like Molly the best – I think it’s between her and Melissa. We’ll see! πŸ™‚

  10. OK about the Bachelor, I agree with most, I think it’s between Molly & Melissa, but I am hoping for Melissa. I did feel bad for Stephanie, but she was so good about it, she didn’t freak out like some of the other girls that didn’t get roses. She just agreed that it obviously wasn’t meant to be…I think everyone loved her though…she’d be great for a Bachelorette show!!

  11. I figured Steph would be gone soon too.
    Definitely super sweet, but not a good fit for Jason.

    I am rooting for Melissa or Jillian.
    Love them both!!

  12. I agree with most of the comments, Stephanie wasn’t going to make it to the finals. She has a heart of gold but that doesn’t always mean perfect fit. I think Jillian is still in adventure mode, not ready to settle down mode. Naomi doesn’t seem ready either. Leaving Melissa and Molly. Those two are my pics for the finale. How DeOnna is going to fit into all this remains to be seen (they showed a preview in either the 1st or 2nd episode that she returned saying something like I made a mistake and you haven’t proposed yet). I think either Melissa or Molly so far are fantastic. Should be a good episode next week!

  13. What wonderful sets of cards! The yellow heart Sassafrass paper is so pretty against the beautiful blue. The cuttlebugged white cards are adorable!

    I was sad to see Stephanie go but agree that she just wasn’t right for Jason. Such a nice lady… wouldn’t it be neat to see her have her own show as the Bachelorette? I’m curious about next week’s show. Looks like the hometown dates are disastrous! lol!

  14. Jillian is the other girl and she’s my favorite. Stephanie was way over the top high mantaince. And what happened to Deanna? When does she show up?

  15. I was thinking the same! When is Deanna going to make her grand entrance? Well, whenever it is, it’s not going to be pretty!

    BTW Jennifer, your cards inspired me to get my Cuttlebug embossing folders out and get some stamping done! I might get to the Hero Arts birthday challenge tonight! πŸ™‚

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