The Catalog is HERE!!!


I am so stinkin' excited!

The 2009 Hero Arts catalog is now online HERE.  Woohoo!  And there is a sample for every stamp – could it get any better?  Lots of inspiration.

I thought I would share some cards I have done with the new stuff. 

These are two cards I did to go along with THIS page in the catalog…

Card_3864_large-1 (c)

Forgive the poor pictures.  Not sure what happened. 🙂

Catalog Card 1

Catalog 2
Hero Arts (card 1 flower background, card 2 flower background, "hello friend", "just saying hello")
Hero Arts pearls, notecards and flowers
Colorbox Chalk Ink
Versamark and white embossing powder

Would love to hear what you all like in the new catalog.  Any favorites?  I am loving all the new BIG wood mounted stamps.

OK.  The Bachelor.  I have a bit of advice to these girls: When first meeting a guy, don't talk so much about teeth, stalking, hammer toes, quitting your job, talking to the universe via your vision board or hot dogs.  :)  Oh boy… there are some characters on this show, aren't there?  But Jason is a doll.

Take care…

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47 thoughts on “The Catalog is HERE!!!”

  1. Just purchased the new catalog on Saturday at my favorite rubber stamp store (big shout out to Dragonfly Rubber Stamps!). I spent Saturday night pouring over its pages! Love, love, LOVE the new circle stamps and the big distressed scallop! Soon, very soon, the distressed wood background is coming to live at my house! And what is not to love about those great vintage flowers!??!!

    Thanks for the great samples. So fun looking through the catalog and recognizing samples I have seen on your blog!

  2. I skimmed through the catalog earlier while the boys had a friend over – talk about happy!! Loved all of the samples – so much inspiration! I love the stack of 3 owls – it reminds me of my 3 :).

  3. Ohhh…have not seen the bachelor yet…It will be on here in a few hours!
    Your Cards are Great…always love your Cards!
    The catalog is WONDERFUL….Each year it just gets better and better…
    My favorrites are the wood grains and the Owls (Boy and girl) and the critters…
    Love so many of the new stamps…

  4. Can’t wait to watch the Bachelor! I have 1 hr to go. I saw that Deanna comes back to tell Jason she made a mistake.
    What are your thoughts?

  5. I wrote a HUGE wishlist of things from the 2009 catalogue despite the fact I have several of the previously released stamps already!

    LOTS of favourites- but of the new releases, love the clear elephant set, the designblock stamps and the apple set. So cute.

  6. Your cards are so cute…very pretty spring colours. I’ve enjoyed perusing the catalogue & playing “guess which cards are Jennifer cards”! The new stuff is all so great…might have to purge some older stamps to make new for the new ones. Love some of the background textures (woodgrain, Hello circles), & the cute critters (elephants & turtles!) & the mushrooms & fruit. And I know I would get heaps of use out of the Galaxy of stars clear set. And then there’s all the accessories…felt flowers & buttons, collage flowers, coloured pearls…so much to love. I’m off to get a lottery ticket now (a big win is the only way I’ll be able to afford everything I want!!).

  7. What I like about the new catalog…………EVERYTHING!! My wish list is going to be HUGE!!

    I love your cards Jennifer…..your work is always a great inspiration. Thank you!

  8. I love some of the Design blocks, Japanese
    Dolls, Hello Tree (clear set) and Strolling
    bird but I know I will discover some of the
    possibilities of other stamps as I see them
    on the blog. Great for inspiration but less
    so for the budget.

  9. Woo Hoo! I just ordered a bunch of stuff- I loved the Wood Flower background- so unique! And the Together Special Edition set. One item in the catalog I couldn’t order though, when I typed in the item number and/or name it couldn’t find it! Oh well, next time!

  10. Oh my! The catalog. I have a list 2 pages long. I put stars next to them as to how badly I want them. I have two 5 stars and that is the patterned hearts and the mix and match elements. I just love those.

    others….Sky’s the limit. too cute!
    fourishes messages (loooove these!)
    thank you flourishes (yumm-O)
    designer butterflies….OMG!!! I have pretty colors swirling in my head with these!!!
    Valentine Flourishes….I want to use these NOW!!! LOL

    There are so many. So many. It’s a little slice of heaven in my very hectic world! 🙂

  11. I really had a tough time deciding which ones I would buy when I was home last week in Ohio. Let’s just say a bunch ended up in my basket. I really fell in love with the owls.

    Onto the Bachelor what is Deanna doing back? Let’s just break Jason’s heart all over again. Will have to stay tuned!

  12. Am enjoying the new catalog. Your layouts are awesome! I purchased a couple of the new woodblocks. I agree with everything you said about the Bachelor and would like to add one more thing: watch your language! Can’t believe how hard those girls worked to impress Jason who is such a cutie. The adventure begins.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  13. I checked out the Hero Arts catalog this evening. I enjoyed the layouts with photos of you and Colin. There is alot of inspiring ideas and great new stamps.

  14. scattered leaves, shared laughter, galaxy of stars, all of pgs 23-27, all occasion messages, big circles, mushrooms, artisitic windows, three designer leaves, birds and branch, misty swirl pattern … the list goes on! fun samples too! love love it!!!
    must go tweak the budget now! hee! 🙂

  15. I like that there are so many sample ideas. My favorite stamp is the large wood mounted owl which I have had on order at my local (an hour away) stamp store for three months. stamping sue

  16. LOVED the new catalog, Jennifer! Those samples you posted are beautiful, by the way. I’m loving those wood grained stamps too and the owls! So many wonderful stamps! So much eye candy! I think I’ll look through it a few more times today! LOL! 🙂 Have a great day!

  17. Hi Jennifer! Looks like I will have to get myself a catalogue, not that I need anymore stamps, LOL! I used that little christmas set with the reindeer, peace and love, penguin and owl set soooo many times with my christmas cards. I’ll have to go online and check it out, oh, oh, this may be dangerous!
    I enjoyed the bachelor last night, there sure were a few girls who raised a few eyebrows, eh? I’ll definately be keeping up to watching it. Have a good day!
    Kathy F

  18. I’m excited about the new HA catalog too! SO much great stuff and you ladies outdid yourselves with your sample projects too. 🙂 Especially love the fact that there are more masculine stamps out. HA really listened to their customers. My biggest problem is going to be figuring out where to put my new stamps. 😉

  19. LOL @ your Bachelor comments. I swore I wasn’t going to watch but he is such a cutie, how can you help it? I said that exact same thing to my dh. I don’t know what I would say at that first meeting but come on? At least practice something. I hate that Deanna came back. That shot of him on the balcony was heart wrenching!

  20. There are so many fabulous stamps. I really don’t know how I could identify just a few favorites. So here are my two “most loved” picks for Valentines Day: Whoo Loves You & So Sweet.

  21. Jennifer

    Yes, I would like to buy 10 or more stamps from the 2009 line. I am sure it will be even more when I see how you and Jana use them teaching classes. :o)

    Bachelor had so many LOL moments. I could never court on TV. However, I would be sure not to do the whole hot dog bit. This is going to be a great season.

    Sandi N.

  22. I couldn’t believe how nuts the girls seemed this time. I know that they can make them look crazier with the editing, but still! I think they just wanted to make some kind of impression to get noticed by him, even if it wasn’t a good one.

    Onto the catalog…I could spend hours going through that catalog. I already have the raindrop background stamp which has so many possibilities (stamping buttons and flowers, etc.), flourish messages, bird/branch design block and the starts design block. I can never find enough cool boy stuff for my son’s layouts so I grabbed that one. I do have a big wish list…scattered leaves, four leaf grid, just a note bird. I can go on.

  23. I just checked out the catalog and now I want ever set of stamps HA makes!!! WOW!! Love them all!!! The entire catalog IS my wish list!!! Thanks, Jennifer for all the inspiration you provide every day!

  24. You have so turned me on to Hero Arts. My local scrapbook store has a huge assortment and I treated myself…can’t wait to play. I bought some sentiments and the cute little tree with smile inside. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  25. I just love the catalog, but my poor pocketbook! There are so many wonderful stamps, I can’t choose a favorite!
    Great work, too!

  26. My favorite new stamps are GALAXY OF STARS AND REACH FOR THE STARS. I would really like to see some ideas from you on those 2 particular stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. My oh my….so hard to pick what is my fave. They’re all so nice! Love the cards you made Jen! My goodness, when do you have the quality time to do all this!

    I guess the hotdog thing did work for that 1 girl. And she was pretty right I guess…he picked the mustard 1st…!!! And she got a rose.
    This show is going to be FULL of surprises! Especially that Deanna comes back….what the heck is that all about!!! Drama, drama…….drama! Boy do i love it! eheheh!!!

  28. This is totally not about the catalog, but it is stamp related and I just wanted to share! Anywho….I’m not sure if you know this or not, but the magic eraser pads by Mr.Clean will take off staz-on from acrylic blocks! Just like magic! Lol! I was remembering a video you did and your acrylic block had staz- on it and I think you can buy spray to remove it, but this is a fairly cheap way to achieve that too!

  29. No. It could not get any better. *grin* Your work for this catalog was out-of-this-world inspiring. I still can’t look at the catalog without getting totally giddy.

    Oh mercy, you are so making me want to tune into the Bach. this time. Wowzers. 🙂

  30. -I haven’t looked at the catalog yet…practicing restraint!
    -Your cards are beautiful and inspiring as always.
    -And a little tidbit about the bachelor…the young “lady” from Sewickley, PA (sorry don’t remember her name) is not representative of Sewickley, PA, the Pittsburgh area, or most of PA for that matter…what a bunch;)

    off to look at the catalog…I am so weak…

  31. I’m in love with the Hello circles. The wood circle is calling my name!

    Talking about hammer toes and teeth? Gross. That’s the way to get a man! 🙂

  32. LOVE the new catalogue!

    And I have to ask – can you believe he kept the dental hygienist? I didn’t think she was ever going to let him speak and she seemed kinda drunk the whole time – LOL!!
    I really like the girl he gave the first impression rose to!
    Looks like it’s going to be a fun season! 🙂

  33. I’ve already bought 4 sets. I think it’s a great release as always. I haven’t purchased this set yet but I think the scalloped borders are really cool. Lot’s of versatility!

  34. I love the catalog and would love to be able to have the time to use many of those stamps. They are just beautiful and so are your cards. If only I had the time to make half of the cards that I have seen on your sight. I love to visit your site and feel much more inspired. Thank you for sharing and giving me such great ideas.

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