I am such a ditz (still) – I forgot to announce the winner of the American Crafts rub-ons from this weekend.  Der.  The lucky one is Kristan Martin!  I am emailing you now.  Sorry about that!

How about a little scrapbooking chat.  I feel like I do a lot of talking about stamping (which is my favorite thing).  But I can't neglect scrapping!

I got a few emails this week about creating pages that are timeless: something you won't get sick of or not like in a few years. I am not the best at this, but I have thought about it a lot.  I think one of the keys to doing this is to keep your photos in focus.  Front and center.  One way I keep things front and center is to not pile too much on your photos or have too much going on around them. 

I found that Photoblocking is a good way to keep photos front and center.   Photoblocking is like color blocking: where you have your photos, papers, etc blocked together instead of just randomly placed. 

A good example of someone who has a timeless look is Ali Edwards.  And if you look at her work, she does a lot of Photoblocking.  But if she doesn't, she does keep her photos front and center but avoiding too much going on around them.

Here are some examples of my older stuff that has Photoblocking…  (Click on them to see them bigger and for more info.)





But don't get me wrong!  Other ways of scrapping can be timeless, awesome, wonderul, etc.  :)  This is just one of the tips that may help you.

Do any of you ever Photoblock or do a form of it?  It is fun and easy. If you have a good example, please share!

(By the way, "photoblock" is a word I totally made up.  Ha.  Makes cutting and gluing sound so much cooler, huh? 😉

I talked a lot more about Photoblocking HERE and have a few more examples on the 2peas Garden Girl Blog.  (Be sure to check there often – it is updated every day!)

(ETA: Check out THIS layout by Laura Vegas that she posted today.  A great Photoblocking example!)

Hugs to all.  Tomorrow, we are hopping on a plane… and then another plane… and then a REALLY small plane to get to Virgin Gorda.  Colin is so excited.  Today he said, "I can't wait to see Kenny Chesney on the beach!"  (We listen to Kenny a lot since he sings about those islands.  So, I guess Colin thinks Kenny is on the beach.  Little does he know there will be no one on the beach but us.  Can't wait!)

Oh, and I have post scheduled to go up white I am gone.  😉