Happy Monday… with a yummy giveaway…

Hope everyone is well!

I have a winner of the BasicGrey stamp set.  The lucky one is… Michelle Jadaa!  I will email you.

Thanks for all your ideas.  I will share some over the next few weeks.

I am off to California tomorrow for some meetings at Hero Arts.  Can't wait to see my Hero girls there – I have been missing them.  Just a quick post for tonight.

Quick share.  This was from a class a few weeks ago.  To do those snowflakes, I stamped with Versamark ink on vellum.  Then I traced over the stamped images with an dry embossing tool.  I then added it to the card upside down, so the raised area is up.  (If you want to see a video showing this technique, click HERE.)  The trees are stamped on the card behind the vellum in blue – looks like faraway trees.  This card is small – 4.25"x2.5"

Mini 3
All Hero Arts products.

And a giveaway!  Woohoo.  I love doing this. :)  I have two of these yummy sets from Making Memories – want to give one away.  Here's your chance… just leave a comment on this post by Tuesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me if you are a scrapbooker, cardmaker or both.  Here is the great Making Memories set…


I will be posting from CA, including more scraproom stuff.  See ya soon!

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536 thoughts on “Happy Monday… with a yummy giveaway…”

  1. Have fun in Cali! I am both but starting scrapbooking and picked up card making about 9 months later. SBing is my first love but I think I’m a better cardmaker!

  2. I am a scrapbooker and cardmaker although I do wish I had more people to send cards to!! I love using scrappping scraps to make individual cards too!! Thanks for the giveaway!! I hear the 2009 Hero ARts stamps are fabulous!! Can’t wait to see. have a great trip.

  3. I was a cardmaker, became a scrapbooker and now I’m both… I love making card’s since I was a little girl and scrapbooking came on my path just four years ago. Do love them both…

  4. I started as a scrapbooker then got waylaid in to cardmaking and am slowly making my way back to scrapbooking again. So both!

  5. I love this technique, thank you for reminding me, I have yet to use it. I am a scrap booker and card maker, however, card making seems to be taking over lately. Thank you for opportunity and for sharing your gifts!

  6. I am primarily a scrapper, but I make cards once in a while. A nice sense of accomplishment for the little projects!

  7. Wow…..love your blog, just hopped over from another one!
    What a great give away! I’m both, just picked up card making again, and these would be a great addition to my stamp overload!

  8. I love the nostalgic feel to these stamps.
    I began as a scrapper, but have mostly been making cards lately. I hope to get back to scrapping soon since one of my bestest scrapping buddies moved right down the street from me!


  9. I love that card Jennifer! I also love the simple way you did the snowy ground with circles..there’s so much dimension to the card.

    I am a cardmaker who occasionaly does scrapbooking! 😀

  10. I’m more of a card maker turning into a scrapbooker. It’s fun shopping with my friends because we all use the same products but in different ways. They are more scrappers and are convincing me that it is OK to cut pictures.

  11. I was a scrapper first but became a card maker as well because I have all the “stuff”. Why not? Love your blog…

  12. I started out as a scrapbooker and then found cardmaking…I scrapbook more for gifts. I simply LOVE cardmaking and have recently found your blog. Now I am OBSESSED!I shipped my first set of cards to Cards for Heroes today…what an excellent way to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Thanks for the tip on the organization!

  13. I’m 99% scrapbooker and the rest cards. I make them in batches and then I’ll go for a long time not making any cards. I scrapbook every day.

  14. I started out just scrapbooking, but ventured into card making when I was feeling guilty about the size of my stash and wanted to put it to use…Now I make at least 1 card with the scraps of every layout i complete. I got in trouble for giving a store bought card recently…my friends and family have been conditioned to get something handmade!

  15. I like doing both. And there is always an on going card project on my work table. There are family birthdays and special occasions every month.

  16. I am a scrapbooker for many years, but I do make my family and friends cards for their birthdays. Have a wonderful trip.

  17. Cards… Scrapbooking is a struggle for me.. 🙂 Thanks for all the give aways and all the ideas you share. Good inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing.

  18. I am mainly a cardmaker, but I do scrapbooking in my mind. I envision pages but never seem to get them on paper – maybe some day. Thanks for all your give-aways.

  19. I am definetly both!!! I really want to be able to have some more time to scrapbook, but whenever I clear some time, I need supplies that I don’t have. And I can’t go to the store because I’m only 11 and I wouldn’t have the money to buy it anyway. (I like to spend!!) but my aunt has a lot of supplies, so I can just use hers. Also, I do a “cardmaking business” for my grandma. (I make the cards for her.) But I would still definetly say that I am a scrapbooker and a cardmaker.

  20. oh, too cool. I am a scrapbooker who dabbles in card making. Need to find the time to do more of them. Your videos really make me want to. I seem to get stuck on what to write on the inside. Isn’t that just crazy?

  21. I am both, but much newer to the card making. I can’t believe it took me so long to see what a great way that was to be creative and use scraps and let people know how much I care.
    I am trying to figure out a design for the Christmas cards now
    Thanks for you inspiration…I check your ideas OFTEN!

  22. I am first a scrapbooker.. then a cardmaker for special occasions. I wish I could get into making cards all the time. I am currently working on individual scrapbooks for each of my children. I seem to get about 3 months per book, since I am one of those scrapbookers who does every moment…learning how not to use every picture.

    Have a great trip!!!

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