LIVE: Chatting With Jen Rzasa of Altenew!

Hello! I did something big today – I went live for the first time on my YouTube channel!

I had such fun chatting with Jen Rzasa – co-founder of Altenew.

You can see the full replay HERE. We talk about crafting and also a bit about the upcoming Altenew Secret Garden Virtual Retreat. The event is on May 13, 2023. (However, you can watch it after, too.) Save $25 with the code “GARDENJENNIFER18” through 2/17/23 at 11:59pm EST! Head HERE for more info.

Hope you enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “LIVE: Chatting With Jen Rzasa of Altenew!”

  1. What a great video! I really enjoyed “meet”ing Jen R and, natch, I enjoyed seeing you, too, Jen M! I’m in awe that Jen R is a full-time music teacher (YAY FOR ARTS IN SCHOOLS!!) and still is a major player in a thriving company. Wow….

    Something to add to your mantras… My friend (another French teacher) has a sign on her door. It says in French: “Je ne perds jamais. Ou je gagne ou j’apprends.” Translation: I never lose. Either I win or I learn.” So making mistakes in crafting (and in any arena, really) helps us a lot, too, because WE LEARN. Thanks for reminding us all that videos are edited and that we don’t see the items that went into the circular file in many of the videos. I love it when crafters leave the “oops”es in the videos.
    Lori S in PA

  2. I look forward to every Jennifer McQuire video. I learn so much. Altenew is one of my favorite brands, too.
    Jennifer, any chance for an updated craft room tour? I literally watch your old tour at least once or twice a year to remind myself how important it is to organize better. Can you tell me about the paper slots behind you on your videos? Appreciate you.

  3. YES! If you made hour-long videos, dear Jennifer, I’d watch them over and over again because they’re fun, they’re educative (good way), you have a great voice and an excellent way how to explain things – Jennifer Rzasa is soooo right. And you know why? Because time flies when one is enjoying themselves. I wouldn’t enjoy card making the way I do if it wasn’t for your videos. Be it Made in Minutes, be it a crafty epidsode. So thanks for doing all this, heartfelt thanks. And now I am off, shophunting for this showercurtain 🙂

  4. I love Altenew products. My only request is more Birthday dies and stamps. It seems there are lots of Friends and Hello. I make birthday cards for residents in nursing homes. The word birthday would be helpful for them to see.


  5. I love long videos. When someone who doesn’t and does a thumbs down, I always wonder why are they watching? I love to watch them when I am actually creating something because it motivates me. Sometimes I am cleaning up my craft room and I like to listen to something. Why would someone watch something and waste their time if they don’t love it, probably just to give them a thumbs down and make their miserable day. Oh well, it takes all kinds. I have to laugh at Jen R’s embossing on a light bulb. I remember when embossing was a new thing (I’m old) I used a coffee cup warmer. plugged it in and laid the card stock on top and it melted. Took forever but it worked. The light bulb reminds me of the old easy bake ovens. I don’t care how long your videos are. Don’t ever stop.

  6. I learned so much. I love watching all of JM videos…. long or short. I don’t get people who just want to complaint – move on. Kindness goes long way…
    I did not know that Altenew is only 9 years old…. I love your the ink pads sets! (who am I kidding…. I love it all)

    Keep up the awesome work and keep posting the videos. Thank you ladies…

  7. You are a natural teacher, Jennifer. That’s one reason we all love your videos and learn so much from them ❤️

  8. I was sad to hear the comment on videos over ten minutes getting a thumbs down and how it had stuck with you. I love, love, love your longer videos and feel that they showcase a product more and you get a better idea if that product will work for you. I am not great with coming up with five different ways of using a product on my own. I know you can’t please everyone all the time but I would happily watch an hour long video. Please keep up the great work, it makes my day to see an email from you in my inbox

  9. Just wanted to let you know that you are very inspirational and a great teacher. Today I followed your recommendation to use what I have and spent the day making card backgrounds from 2 year old layered stencils and tried different stamping colors including distress ink and oxide. I even tried alcohol ink markers. It was very relaxing and took me away from my stressful worries. Thank you for doing what you do.
    Beverly Waters

  10. Thanks, Jennifer, for your honesty and openness. So helpful. I watched while riding my exercise bike….my way of dual tasking. That is also the way I watch many of your videos. You have been so inspiring to me as I have delved into this hobby and enjoy the pleasure of people receiving a hand-made card, with all its flaws! Fun to meet the other Jen as well and hear some of her story.

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