My Favorite Crafty Things 2017 — Coming Soon!

Hi! I am popping in today to let you know that My Favorite Crafty Things 2017 will be coming soon!

Watch this to learn a bit more…

[To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE.]

In the meantime, be sure to visit my Crafty Sales post. I will be updating it often as more and more sales pop up through the next week or so!

See you soon!

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55 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things 2017 — Coming Soon!”

  1. I wish the world was full of more women like you, you are so kind, warm, thoughtful, and creative. Thank you for being you 😀

  2. Your beautiful Jennifer😀 Thank you for sharing and I can not wait for your favorite things series!!! We completely understand that it can not be on an exact schedule when your a monmy😀 I’m also a stay at home mom, So I know ALL too well they our kiddos come first. You look great on video

  3. I always get so excited for your Favorite Things videos. They’re always filled with awesome tip, tricks and products. I’m a bit more organized thanks to you sharing your organizational system of filing stamps and dies. Being a Mama is by far the most important and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Have a fun family weekend! ~HUGS~

  4. Nice to see you looking so great. Hope all is well in your life. I think I speak for many when I say that we all appreciate every single one of your wonderful videos whenever you post one and admire your creativity, clear instructions and encouragement to try new techniques. Thanks a million.

  5. I love…love this series…I usually go overboard when buying . I so appreciate you doing this videos and even if you had just one I would still love it. Thank you for doing this and taking time to shoot and post them. I know it is consuming.

  6. Hi Jennifer, One of the lovely things about you is your dedication to family. You are a gift to all of us and I want to thank you for being so supportive and gracious to the stamping community.
    Love the My Favorite Crafty Things series and go back and look at them every so often, and pick up new ideas. This past week I focused on “organization” and used some of your past ideas that have made my crafting space so much more enjoyable. Looking forward to your upcoming videos. Bless you.

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to do as many videos as you do. I am in aw of your creative talent as a crafter/artist. I look forward to the next video.

  8. I look forward to this series every year. Your advice has always served me well. I’m glad you can do it again this year.

  9. Do not worry about a schedule we your humble loyal fans will be happy with what you get out when you do. Actually I like them being spread out, it allows for my wallet to catch up.

  10. With my career-oriented family I sometimes feel guilty putting family first, but this reminds me why I do so. It’s just really important to me, as I guess it is to you.
    Love the My Favorite Crafty Things series! Looking forward to it. Finally got some of the basics you’ve recommended for years (hard to get in the Netherlands) a Scrubber Pad and Ultra Clean. I’ve never been so excited about getting cleaning stuff in my life.

  11. Love this series of yours. Lots of food for thought and great for prioritizing wants, needs and have to haves! Help prevent from being overwhelmed too!!

  12. Thanks for the time you put into this, for us Jennifer. Family should always come first and everything else will get done in due time, we’ll be here whenever you post…

  13. I thank you in advance for all the work these videos represents. They are very useful, specially the” tools” videos. As you said, we have different taste for the stamps and dies (even if I love seeing what you’ve created with your stamps and dies). But regarding the technical part of our favorite craft world, your experience is extremely precious and all your advices are useful. I’ll be very happy to discover your videos……. when they will be ready, that’s perfect for me !
    And of course, if there are a few creation video…. it’ll be Christmas in advance !
    Thanks for your kindness !

  14. I am an older card maker {80} and I have learned so much from you. As a mother of 5 I remember those busy days and know that those children are your most important concern. I enjoy your videos and look forward to each one. Thanks so much for all you do.

  15. Love your videos, Jen will you please do a craft room tour of your new space? I am sure there are many of us that would love to see it! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer,from my family to yours.No need to explain.So happy you’ve decided to do it.I’ll be there!. Blessed Day.

  17. I am from Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately, quite a few of the US companies you recommend do not have a distributer in/for Europe. Therefore, if you add postage and tax to the price of the products, the costs become astronomical, which I, for one, cannot afford. And from comments that I have read in various European crafting blogs, that applies to a lot of crafters in Europe. It would be great if those small companies you mention, would get a European distributer such as, SevenHillsCraft in England, who specialize in US products.
    It would certainly increase their sales in Europe without affecting the US market.

  18. So lovely to you on the video for a change! I look forward to your series, but I am also happy to watch the crafting videos, too, as I learn so much from them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Jennifer you don’t have to apologize for the fact that you are a mom. I totally agree with you that your children come first!
    In addition, I think it is great that you are going to do another serie of My Favorite Crafty Things. Every now and then I look even the old ones because I am looking then for something and I know that somewhere in the series is said what I like to know. Often I see then different tips or products and lately I write them done so I don’t have to surch every time. I’m looking forward to the new series, thanks in advance!

  20. So excited for your Favorite Crafty Things series, Jennifer!!! It’s always so awesome! Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into making your videos and sharing them with us!!!

  21. As a Mom of 3 grown sons, I know how FAST they grow! No need to apologize for wanting/needing to be a Mom first. All of your videos are full of great ideas. Even if the topic is something that I am not hugely interested in (which rarely happens), I still get ideas and inspiration from them. Your favorite crafty videos are full of “OH I NEED THAT!” Sometimes I think I need a second job after these videos 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do for the Stamping World.

  22. So good to see you! You look great! Health issues are keeping me from crafting as much as I would like so I save that time for crafting with Sequoia, We have plenty to last a while so I am swearing of major crafty purchases even though you definitely tempt me with all those goodies. I will still watch every minute and pretend I’m visiting with a friend. That’s how we feel about you! Hugz!

  23. Jennifer – thank you for sharing your favorites with us. Actually thank you for sharing you! I do consider this the most wonderfully dangerous time of the year!

  24. Doing a happy dance. Always love your favorite crafty things video. Wlee, love all your videos. Thanks for making time for us.

  25. Hi Jennifer, many thanks for all the inspiration you bing into my life with your Videos.
    My favorite Set is Form C9 blooms fill in. I love to start with a white paper and ends up with a great colored background. This Set is amazing for this.
    You bring a lot of fantasic ideas for this. Many thanks.

  26. These videos are always a treat for me and do they ever help with my finding product that I want to use. So many favorites I have found in this video, however, I think my must favorites (2) are the Gina K “All About You” stamp set and Concord and 9th stamp and die set “Dahlia Turnabout “. 😉

  27. Thanks Jennifer once again for doing this! I happen to love it and whatever you can get done I appreciate. Family should be first. Also everything you do is free to us so any and all is so appreciated. No schedule necessary! Thanks again for doing this and all you technique videos.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I have learned so much from you and look forward to every post. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

  29. So glad that you are an example and encouragement to all moms. With your kind of popularity there’s got to be pressure to “perform” and I pray that you will continue to hold up under it rather than give in. God bless you! Love, Susi

  30. Super excited. My fav crafty things was the first of your videos I ever watched that was craft related. It has now turned into an obsession, I love watching everyone’s videos, sometimes even while I craft. Looking forward to seeing these ones too 🙂

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