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Hi! Just stopping in to share a couple fun links with you.


My friends Amy and Jamie of Amy Tangerine are doing a fun crafty video series called Design On Time. In each episode, a guest challenges them to use three specific things on a crafty project… and both Amy and Jamie have to complete it in 15 minutes. Love it!

I was this week’s guest and I challenged Amy and Jamie to use stamps (of course!), bling, and a sewing machine. You can watch the video HERE. They came up with great projects! And be sure to watch until the end for an appearance from Amy’s adorable boy. (Jack happens to be Lila’s future husband. I mean – come on! – they would be so cute together! Don’t you agree?!)

Be sure to subscribe to the Amy Tangerine YouTube channel to see more great videos. Such good people, too.


My Favorite Things just released some new products and there are a lot of good ones. Normally I would do a Product Release Close-Up video… but I am short on time thanks to school events and college visits for our junior. Regardless, I wanted to give you a heads up that you can see all the new products HERE. Below are a few of my favorites. That gnome set is awesome!

That’s it for today. I will be back soon with a video. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “Noteworthy Links”

  1. OMG Jennifer….what an awesome post!! Lila is so adorable and Jack is a cutie and I agree with you……love your story share….did a lot of LOL and then an AWWWW.

    JENNIFER YOU definitely so ROCK!!

  2. What a cute couple Lila and Jack make! They are both adorable! Will have to go watch the video tonight after granddaughter heads to bed. She is keeping me on my toes today! LOL Have a great day!

  3. Jennifer…you gots yer own rap song!! Congrats! hehe :b Thanks for sharing, the video was fun to watch. Have an uber delicious day!!! =)

  4. Can’t wait for the MFT Stitched Basic Edges Dies to be in stock and how you use them..please please please.

  5. Fun video. They definitely met your challenge. I must Jack was amazing in the end and stole the show. I can see why you want to save him for Lila.

  6. The kids are too adorable…. But in case you decide to look outside the borders for Lila, let me know:-) my son already thinks she is the cutest ever, and he adores you already.

  7. Couple of tips for your daughter–if she can picture herself there on campus, it’s a good sign that she’ll stay the four years (that’s what I read) and as soon as you go out of state, tuition doubles, unless you get a scholarship that covers that (my daughter did or she wouldn’t be at U of Kentucky, she’d be in Ohio).
    If she likes small towns, Miami’s pretty popular and if she likes big, OSU is a fab choice. I liked Denison but my daughter hated that it was so far from everything and we liked the cafeteria at Oberlin (very Harry Potter). Kent has a great admission policy–one form covers admission, scholarships, and honors…and no essay. They have some good scholarships, as does Wright State, which has underground tunnels to many of their buildings. OU has some good scholarships too although they have a rep for drinking, my nephew went there and said, yeah, but you don’t have to be a part of it–it’s very small-town feeling. I hear it’s crazy windy at Bowling Green, but a lot of people like it there. I hear Case Western was good for my daughter’s friend, but it’s so cold up there too. and that is all for this edition of college tours of Ohio. 🙂

  8. Strangely enough I was lkooing at that stamp earlier this afternoon and wondering whether to buy it – I think you’ve made up my mind now that I’ve seen your wonderful card – thanks for joining in my CHNC challenge 99 – hope to see you again soon. x

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