Video: Favorite Adhesives + Giveaway

I am not a very picky person.

But there is one thing I am very picky about: Adhesives. 🙂

Since I use them more then anything, I want the best. I have tried a lot. A lot. And have narrowed it down to a certain few. I get asked about this a lot, so I decided to do a quick video to show them all in action.

Here are the adhesives I show in the video and like so much:

THIS American Crafts This To That Adhesive – permanent dots – make sure you get the right one. HERE are the refills.

THIS Tombow Stamp Runner. HERE are the refills.

THESE American Crafts Foam Dots, 1/8″ thick.

THESE EK Success 3D (foam) Dots, 1/16″ thick.

THIS Glossy Accents, in big (I recommend) or small bottles.

THIS Multi-Medium Matte.

I hope this helps you pick the best adhesive for you.

And how about a giveaway of ALL of these favorite adhesives? Just leave a comment here by Saturday night at 11:59pmEST telling me your favorite adhesives and I will pick a lucky winner of all 6 adhesives from my own stash. When I find something I love, I gotta share. 🙂

Have a fab day.

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621 thoughts on “Video: Favorite Adhesives + Giveaway”

  1. Some of these are my favorites too…others I have yet to try yet! I think my top favs are my atm glue runner and glue dots and scrapbook adhesives foam. Thanks for the chance to try some new ones 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us! I live in a tropical (humid) climate and have such a hard time with adhesives. My Duck and Tombow tape runners that used to work so well don’t last long at all. I throw away so many that just quit working. Maybe I should search for a utube video on how to get your tape runner unjammed? Lately I’ve had to resort to my glue sticks but they don’t hold paper together as well. Arrggghhh! Next time I’m back in the States I’m going to take this list to the store with me and try them out.

  3. Thatnks for all the info! I would love to try some of those. My favorite right now is my ATG gun. I really couldn’t live without it! Thanks for the chance to win!


  4. Jennifer, I love my 3M Tape Gun (that has the 1/4″ and 1/2″ tape) but I’ have noticed that cost-wise the wet adhesives beat out the dry ones. 🙂 Thank you for your inspiring blog! –Anita

  5. i too like the 3dots and the glossy accents. i also use tombow mono multi glue and the tombow tape runner. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. happy anniversary.

    Fran Heupel

  6. I love Zots! I have them in different sizes and thicknesses. For adhering paper, I use the Tombow blue permanent tape runner. This was an interesting video…thanks!

  7. Fantastic giveaway – adhesives make such a difference! I appreciate the recommendations – will be trying them out!

  8. I also use Glossy Accents, this to that pop dots, EK Success pop squares, Glue Glider, ATG by Scotch, Mono adhesive…there are soooo many different ones!!! They all have their place in my craft room!! Thanks for the oppertunity to win. I’m glad Megan (Above Rubies Studio) sent me to check you out!!

  9. For a wet glue I really like to use Scotch Quick-dry Adhesive since it drys so quickly. Second favorite wet is 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue. And for dry adhesive I generally use a GlueArts Glue Glider Pro.

  10. I actually have not found an adhesive that I really love yet, so I am so glad I ran across this video. I like the idea of permanent because I want things to stay where I put them, but I also like to be able to reposition things as well. I have an ATG gun that gets me into trouble when I need to move things around 🙁

  11. Thanks for sharing. Since I am new to all of this, I have been looking for places that talk about fav adhesives and how they are used.

  12. I love my ATG gun but the size sometimes makes it hard to work with, may have to try the tombow 🙂

  13. I haven’t tried too many glues but I like those double sided tape runners (minis, not the large one). Info is definitely helpful. Anything you post, I know it comes from an authority 🙂

  14. I also use the American Crafts adhesive runner! I love scor tape, and I’m not sure if this is old fashioned, but I also find myself reaching for aileen’s tacky glue when I have to adhere buttons or other heavy embellishments

  15. There are some new ones here I haven’t used. Like a lot of stampers, I go through adhesive fast and just today I was looking at my stash thinking, “I need to stock up again!”

  16. Thanks for the great video and the chance to win those adhesives! My favorites are the tombo mono adhesive and the mono multi liquid.

  17. What an awesome video! Great timing, too. I’m on the hunt for new adhesive! I’ve used regular photo squares for so long, but now that I’m scrapping more I realize that they just don’t always do the trick, especially for embellishments. Not to mention, it takes awhile to get them in place. I’m looking forward o trying some new things! 🙂

  18. The glossy accents are one of my favorite adhesives also!! Thanks for the chance to win, I will have to try some of the others.

  19. My fave are Glossy Accents, Tombo Mono and ATG with acid free adhesive. I have the This To That foam dots coming soon to try.

  20. I don’t have any favorites!!!! I haven’t been able to find ANY that do the job, so I am thrilled to see your post. I’d like to give them ALL a try. Where can I purchase This to That products. BTW you can pick me for the giveaway–I sure wouldn’t mind at all!

  21. Zots work well. I need to try more adhesives so I can find the best for different applications.

  22. Tacky Glue works really well, My paper doesn’t bubble, and it holds alllll kinds of things on.

  23. I love my ATG gun!! I think I am going to go out and get a couple from your video to try as I am not happy with any of the other glues that I have. (unless of course I win!) Thanks for sharing!!

  24. I’m new to paper crafting, but I love the dot runners and I recently purchased an ATG gun which was a huge help as I assembled crafts for 20 of my teachers!

  25. I really like the Glossy Accents and the Tombo Stamp Runner.

    My least favorite is the Scotch Advanced Tape Runner. I only recently bought that, but it is expensive and the tape pulls and rips when you end. I wind up with a little ball of adhesive on the end.

    I recently purchased the Elmer’s dot stamper and that seems to work rather well. It is a lot easier to position your dot of adhesive.

    I use my % off coupons to purchase adhesives that I have not rpeviously tested.

    Thank you for the video. I am always interested in what is the best,


  26. My favorites are Aleene’s Tacky glue and Sookwang double-sided tape! The former is economical and good for gluing light stuff like paper to paper and the latter is stickiest medium I’ve seen – it can glue any two things!

  27. I love the This to That adhesive and Glossy Accents. I haven’t tried the others you mentioned but will have to look for those.

  28. Adhesives….they are SO important!!!! I love my Collage-pauge….I use it to stick my papers down and then to go over them and best thing about it is it’s not tacky when dry….yahooooo!

  29. love tombow adhesives and tacky glue. use both often. thanks for posting your fav’s – always helps to hear what others use!

  30. One can never have enough good adhesives! Thanks for the helpful video and your recommendations!

  31. Adhesives can be a mystery, lol Love the this to that products and glossy accents for so many things!!…thanks for sharing this info

  32. I still love my ATG, but I also use tape runners, foam adhesives, etc. My favorite liquid adhesive is Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.

  33. I can never have enough adhesive and when there’s something new, I have to give it a try b/c you just never know??? So far in this dept. my fav’s are 3L My Stik… they finally have a refillable one to replace the E-Z Runner, yay! For the wet, Fabri-Tac and Scotch Quick Dry. Dots by 3L and b/c I make alot of journals, mini-albums, I really like Scorpal or Sookwang Tape. Have had my ATG (yellow one) since it came out and I just don’t use it, always go back to my 3L… 😀

  34. I don’t have a favorite adhesive. I’m currently open to any suggestion. My fav has been discontinued and I haven’t been able to replace it with anything else I like. This is a great post for me.

  35. Thanks for these suggestions. I need to order some Tombow tape runner refills and may try one of these instead. Who knows.. I may find a new favorite!

  36. Glossy Accents for its versatility gets my vote Am anxious to try the This to That tape runner….but the stamp runner looks amazing too. oh dear what to buy next??!! Maybe MAYBE free??

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