Lots today…

Hey there!  I am now home from some time at my in-laws.  However, Ken is stuck in Germany and unable to come home tomorrow as planned.  That stinkin' volcano has caused it's problems and I am not too thrilled about it.  However, Ken, meanwhile, gets to hang out in Munich and have fun.  BOO on him – ha. :) 

First thing to share today…

Was going through old photos and found some cards that I *think* I haven't shared.  The first uses the I-Top Brad Making Tool.  I will admit, I didn't think I had a need for this guy.  But boy was I wrong.  Once I used it with Sticky Back Canvas, I was hooked.  The canvas wraps on it perfectly and stays put.  I just inked up the brad and stamped on it.  Such fun.  (You can buy the tool HERE.)

041610 ITop 1 JenMcguire
Supplies: Imaginisce I-Top Brad Making Tool, Sticky Back Canvas, text paper, Papertrey Ink flower and leaf stamp; Hero Arts background, greeting and script on canvas centers; Distress Ink on canvas centers; Hero Arts chalk inks for all other; Hero Arts pearls and notecard

Used lots of the yummy Hero Hues Chalk Inks on these.  Don't you love the smooth, bold color?  That tone-on-tone background makes me smile. Here is another card I made at the same time…

041610 ITop 2 JenMcguire

That flourishy piece on this one was cut with my Silhouette – a Hero Arts shape.  Yum.

041610 ITop 3 JenMcguire
Supplies: Papertrey Ink stamps, except for the Hero Arts greeting; Hero Arts Notecard, pearls and Chalk Inks, Silhouette Hero Arts die cut piece.

This leads me to my next subject…

… a big stamp sale over at 2peas.  It looks like every Hero stamp is 25% off HERE!  Gotta love that.  That must-have cling dot background above is on sale HERE.  And look at the deal HERE on my favorite greeting set…


Remember when I shared THESE great ATC's I got in a swap over at Hero Arts? Well, the dear Kelly Booth sent me how she is displaying hers… in a 7Gypsies Tray.  LOVE it.  She said I could share…

Hosti ART!

Last, I wanted to share a photo that my friend Tina took of me at the last class I taught.  I have been known to stand on tables and crawl on tables to reach supplies in order to show what I am talking about.  (I am a bit weird this way.  Just having fun.)  Tina tried to get photos during class, but I move too quick, I guess, but she got this one after class when I was chatting.  And, yes, as normal – I am shoeless. ๐Ÿ™‚


OK… off to watch Food Revolution.  (And I beg you – please go sign the petition HERE!  Even if it doesn't personally effect you, please consider it for those of us who really care about our children's future.)  Take care.

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90 thoughts on “Lots today…”

  1. Looks like you have so much fun at your classes. Great cards. I love what you created with the Silhoutte!!

  2. Mark never got to Frankfurt; his flight from Lagos to Frankfurt was canceled. He spent an extra night in Lagos, and was able to get a flight to Qatar this morning. He’ll spend the night there then be on a 16 hour flight back to Texas Sunday. Praying for Ken to be be able to get home Monday.

  3. I love your work, it’s all just stunning!

    I hope your husband gets home soon!

    Oh and I just have to add….


    I just spent my tax refund over at Two Peas ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I thought the I-Top would not be a ‘needed’ tool, either. Then I took a class and one of the projects required the use of one; I now own it.
    My belief on shoes: God created them only to keep my socks from getting muddy when outside.
    Praying Ken gets home soon.

  5. I’m heading over to check out the food revolution website right now. I saw him on Dr. Oz and WOW—we need to change!

  6. The cards are simply darling!I was contemplating the I-TOP & thought, I did not need to have it but when I see it in use, I just can’t help myself. Kelly’s idea to put the ATC cards in their is truly wonderful. You look like a young school girl on the table there. It is great to see you having such fun & being so comfortable with your crafting gift. I am sure they appreciate you sharing all your knowledge too.
    Your husband will be home before your know it.
    Take care.

  7. Oh my goodness, love how kelly displayed the ATC’s in that tray & those brads look soooooo cool. Sorry to hear about your DH being stranded…it is a big blow to many people, hope he gets home soon.

  8. great cards! as usual they are fantastic. love the picture of you at simply scrapbooks. i was in that class. i have to say it was fantastic!!! i had so much fun and i learned a ton! i will have to check out the sale at 2 peas and buy some more stamps! hope your husband can get home soon!

  9. Beautiful cards, Jennifer. And by the way, you seem to be responsible for getting things sold out on two peas in a bucket!

  10. wow..u have your hands full! GL to Ken. love the cards. Love all the links..tray is a wonderful idea. Just too busy at the moment but cant sleep til I read your posts lol…xox Cher

  11. loved your brad you made. i do not own that tool but tried it in a class and did not like it with paper but after seeing yours with sticky back canvas i am gonna have to give it a try. by the way i hate wearing shoes too!

  12. LOVE Kelly’s idea of displaying the ATCs!! hummm… I have heard a TON of good thing about Hero’s chalk inks… think i’ll pick up some on Monday when the new stamps are at Hero’s store! =) Hope your husband gets to come home soon. off to check out that petition. have a happy sunday, Jennifer!

  13. Even though I didn’t get to take your class last weekend, I just wanted to thank you for coming to Simply to teach. I know everyone really enjoyed themselves tons. I have heard so much great and positive imput about your classes since then, and they are all asking when you will be back. I just want to know one thing? Why am I not in the picture? Just kidding, keep up the awesome work! Thanks

  14. You know, I “study” your cards a lot to try to learn from them…your design style, craftsmanship, etc..I think I finally put a finger on one of the things that sets them apart: your use of pearls! You place them just so perfectly! I never would have put them on top of the iTop brad, but it really adds something special to that card.

    I’ve followed your example with stickles too, and just used a little on some dots on dotted paper. That made an ok card really nice with just a little extra effort. Thanks for that tip!

    Thanks for all that you share on your blog.

  15. Hope your DH arrives home safely soon!! Great cards, I love my itop I didnt think I would use it either but I have.

    Thanks for the tip about the sale at 2 peas, cant wait to order me some HA. I cleaned out my LSS yesterday of all her HA stamps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I love Food Revolution and what Jamie is trying to accomplish. I just signed the petition myself and I hope it goes VERY far. I just recently graduated high school so I know how it is to actually skip lunch because of the food choices. Although it would have been better then no lunch at all, I just would rather not.

    I’m also loving the simple font of those stamps! Very nice.

  17. I ordered a gew Hero Arts stamps and sets that were in my wish list Friday night, lovin this clearance sale! ๐Ÿ™‚
    And that’s a great way to showcase your ATC’s, I have mine from the swap all stacked up, they would look very cute like that. Thanks!

    Have a good Sunday!

  18. Super cards!!! I really like the color combos.
    You know it’s cause you are so tiny that you can stand and sit on tables the way you do. Now if I were to get on a table like that…………..oh perish the thought. hehe.
    Hope Ken gets home soon.

  19. I love you! I have an I-top never used because I knew whatever I put on it would have to wrap perfectly or I would go nuts.Guess what else I have-yup a pack of Claudine’s sticky back canvas. I’m off to make brads!.

  20. Hope your honey is home and had a safe trip. Love your cards and the brad maker looks like it would be fun. I love how you put the little dots in the grouping you do it is so pleasing to the eye. You do wonderful work. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  21. Sorry about the volcano travel delays. Love the floral cards and that photo of Kelly’s tray display. Fun stuff! And you’re just adorable . . . shoeless and climbing on the tables. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Great pic, Jennifer! Makes me smile seeing it. And yes, I signed Jamie Oliver petition a couple weeks ago! I think it’s important what he’s doing and much healthier, too!

  23. true talent!!! just lOVE Your ideas!
    how comfy you look ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry to hear about Ken, I hope that he gets home soon

  24. I have to agree that I’ve not yet bought the Itop tool and I’m one of those that has to have every new product the minute it hits the stores (lol), but seeing it used with the sticky back canvas I may have to purchase one of thse as well. I just adore the fact that you can ink and stamp on them, how fun and creates endless possibilites!! Love the look, thanks for sharing!

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