Lots today…

Hey there!  I am now home from some time at my in-laws.  However, Ken is stuck in Germany and unable to come home tomorrow as planned.  That stinkin' volcano has caused it's problems and I am not too thrilled about it.  However, Ken, meanwhile, gets to hang out in Munich and have fun.  BOO on him – ha. :) 

First thing to share today…

Was going through old photos and found some cards that I *think* I haven't shared.  The first uses the I-Top Brad Making Tool.  I will admit, I didn't think I had a need for this guy.  But boy was I wrong.  Once I used it with Sticky Back Canvas, I was hooked.  The canvas wraps on it perfectly and stays put.  I just inked up the brad and stamped on it.  Such fun.  (You can buy the tool HERE.)

041610 ITop 1 JenMcguire
Supplies: Imaginisce I-Top Brad Making Tool, Sticky Back Canvas, text paper, Papertrey Ink flower and leaf stamp; Hero Arts background, greeting and script on canvas centers; Distress Ink on canvas centers; Hero Arts chalk inks for all other; Hero Arts pearls and notecard

Used lots of the yummy Hero Hues Chalk Inks on these.  Don't you love the smooth, bold color?  That tone-on-tone background makes me smile. Here is another card I made at the same time…

041610 ITop 2 JenMcguire

That flourishy piece on this one was cut with my Silhouette – a Hero Arts shape.  Yum.

041610 ITop 3 JenMcguire
Supplies: Papertrey Ink stamps, except for the Hero Arts greeting; Hero Arts Notecard, pearls and Chalk Inks, Silhouette Hero Arts die cut piece.

This leads me to my next subject…

… a big stamp sale over at 2peas.  It looks like every Hero stamp is 25% off HERE!  Gotta love that.  That must-have cling dot background above is on sale HERE.  And look at the deal HERE on my favorite greeting set…


Remember when I shared THESE great ATC's I got in a swap over at Hero Arts? Well, the dear Kelly Booth sent me how she is displaying hers… in a 7Gypsies Tray.  LOVE it.  She said I could share…

Hosti ART!

Last, I wanted to share a photo that my friend Tina took of me at the last class I taught.  I have been known to stand on tables and crawl on tables to reach supplies in order to show what I am talking about.  (I am a bit weird this way.  Just having fun.)  Tina tried to get photos during class, but I move too quick, I guess, but she got this one after class when I was chatting.  And, yes, as normal – I am shoeless. πŸ™‚


OK… off to watch Food Revolution.  (And I beg you – please go sign the petition HERE!  Even if it doesn't personally effect you, please consider it for those of us who really care about our children's future.)  Take care.

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90 thoughts on “Lots today…”

  1. Just wanted to commiserate with you on having a husband stuck because of the volcano…Mine has been in Nigeria all week and his flight home via Frankfort today was canceled. Is hoping to get home via Qatar on Sunday.

    Would love to see you demo the ITop in a video-for all us visual learners.

  2. OMG I just love the tray! I’m thinking it might be a cool gift. I wouldn’t mind having one for me either. Hmmm Mother’s Day isn’t too far away. ;D Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards and I love the pic of you on the table, how fun!

  3. Fabulous cards, Jennifer! LOVE how Kelly displayed her ATCs. Must hunt me down one of those! Praying Ken gets to fly home soon. πŸ™‚

  4. That tray is awesome and all the ATC’s in it. Shoeless is so me! Love the Food Revolution! We DVR’d it!

  5. Jennifer

    Wow…lots of goodness in this post. You have such a great eye for
    balance and color.

    As a long time student…you really make class fun! When you stand on
    tables it helps to see the technique you are teaching on the card. I
    find it very helpful too.

    Kelly’s idea for ATC is so cool!

    I hope Ken enjoys his downtime. Maybe he will find something great
    for you for Mothers Day.

    Enjoy your weekend:)
    Sandi N.

  6. Love those cards in the tray! Thanks again for coming out to Simply Scrapbooks!!! I loved your class! I took a picture on my phone while you were teaching standing on a chair–sent it to my mom to rub in that she was missing out! hehe

  7. Jennifer,
    Hope Ken makes it home soon…my mom is supposed to fly to England on Wednesday to surprise her brother for his 70th birthday…hope she can get out of town! I told you already…but loved, loved, love your class on Saturday…was just down in my kraft room staring at the cards we made :))!!

    If you are interested in a non-for-profit that also supports food safety, check out the web-site http://www.foodborneillness.org. One of my dear friends and college roommates, lost a son to ecoli in 2001 at the age of 2 1/2. She has done and continues to do amazing work to prevent others from having to lose a loved one like she has.


  8. Beautiful cards today – I’m so glad you found and shared them with us today! Love seeing the new Hues inks in action!! I assume that one was punch? I saw Kelly’s frame in the flickr group, and it shows off those ATCs just perfectly!

  9. I hope Ken gets home soon, and more importantly – safely. I can’t imagine being trapped away from home. Oh, and by the way, I am shoeless whenever possible as well :). So much more comfortable! I have a zillion pairs of cute shoes and then the second I get home (or sooner) I can’t wait to get them off.

  10. Beautiful cards, love the color combos. Thanks for taking time to share.! Hoping your hubs gets home soon.

  11. I’ll be asking our head cook in our school’s kitchen what she thinks! I have heard her talk about all the scratch cooking she used to do and I have to tell you that the kid’s love all the soups that she makes from scratch! Those are the days that they rave about the school lunch!

  12. Love the projects tonight sweetie!
    Sorry the honey is stuck but at least he is safe.
    Already signed the petition even though I have no young children anymore. I loved the special he did.Healthy eating is right up my alley. I so appreciated the harvest links last time. I have gotten some wonderful hook up because of you.
    Hugz sweetie!

  13. Munich is not bad and the weather is going to be perfect (at least over here in the Netherlands it will be ) this weekend. But I do hope for you he will be back home soon.
    Love the cards. My husband surprised me with a i-top tool and I like it a lot.
    Great picture of you, you even look very comfortable sitting there.
    I signed the petition, I lived in the US for a year and was appalled at lots of food stuff in the stores, so many artificial products. What’s wrong with the real stuff??

  14. Love your brads – they’re gorgeous! And I love that photo of you on the table. From your blog, I get the impression that you’re a high-energy gal. So for some reason I’m not surprised that you’re kneeling on a table, having a normal conversation πŸ™‚

  15. Beautiful beautiful projects!! Ha, it sounds too strange to hear that everybody is stuck in GERMANY because of a Volcano – I never thought we would ever be affected by a Volcano here. Donna Downey is stuck here, too…

  16. Hope Ken will be home soon! He’ll have an adventure to tell Colin πŸ™‚
    The cards are beautiful, but what I like most is the great picture. It sure tells a lot about your personality! Haven’t you thought about scrapping it?
    Hugs from Spain,

  17. Beautiful cards! I really love that dot background, but I realize that I wouldn’t be able to make as nice cards as you since I only have about five hues of regular ink and ten shades of fluid chalk… (As if that would be the only reason! πŸ˜‰ I love the shadow effect!

  18. This is the first time I’ve commented and I must say your talent is so amazing! You are such an inspiration and I enjoy your work very much! Take care and hopefully Ken will be home soon!
    Christine in Ottawa

  19. Very pretty cards Jennifer. Now I will call you the Barefoot Teacher. I have to get one of those I top brad making tools it looks so cool. I hope your honey will be home soon. That’s a fun way to display ATC.s TFS!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Great cards. I grabbed the “friend def” and “classic message” sets at that last HA offer with free shipping. LOVING those! Wishing Ken safe travels!

  21. The chalk ink is wonderful. Love the ATC display and I am with you about being shoeless. Hope your husband gets home soon.

  22. Love the cards….red ash fell overnight in Londonderry, about 50 miles from here, in Northern Ireland…it is so strange to see a blue sky with no con-trails….it’s better to be safe than sorry, I know you miss Ken but he’s safe and thank goodness for those who keep our skies safe also.

  23. So sorry your husband is stuck over in Germany, hoping he’ll be home safely soon for you and your little one. Love those cards you’ve created, great colors and designs. BTW … I’m loving the Food Revolution movement, my husband is a teacher in an inner city school, he says it’s amazing the junk these kids (4th graders) bring in for snack and the items they throw away from their lunch tray. I worked in the school kitchens for a bit and have to say, the quality of the food they receive to work with is atrocious, government surplus type items, meats and cheeses that sometimes had mold on them (I was told to cut it off) and use the rest. I’m fully behind changing the way we feed our children in the schools and I hope that everyone else will jump on board as well.

  24. Okay, I did not want an I top until you showed this card! Lovely idea of stamping the canvas. And what’s not to love about the stamp sale?? Jennifer, I would love to take one of your classes because it’s clear you love what you do! Great teachers are so enthusiastic and that rubs off on the students (and some of their creativity too!). Praying Ken makes it back by your side soon.

  25. LOVE the cards and the tray with the ATC cards!!! So, you like to “dance” on tables . . .LOL!!

  26. hihi I think that being on top of tables and shoeless just says that your comfortable with yourself and the place you’re at =) wish I lived in the US and could join a class, sound like alot of fun.

    Thanks for sharing the cards, looks cool with the homemade brads.

  27. Wow, love those sticky canvas brads!! And that flourish die cut is just delicious! Love what you did with it. Sorry about Ken being gone longer, but at least he’s safe! πŸ™‚ And… absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? πŸ˜‰

  28. Oh, Jennifer, you are such a bad influence! I really don’t ‘need’ those yummy HA stamps, but if they are on sale…..(!)

    My DH is in Europe, too, hoping to come home on his flight on Monday. If it gets cancelled, there is no telling how long the delay will be, with all those stranded passengers waiting to come home. Oh, well, I guess I have my stamps to keep me company!

  29. Bummer your husband is stuck away from home but if he can enjoy his time away he is making out better than some of the people. I agree we all need to change our eating habits and it really starts with the young.

  30. Hope your Hubby gets home soon Jennifer….Your cards are just WONDERFUL!! I love the HA layering papers and hoard them….!! An i top?? Hmmm….I’ll have to check it out!
    Forgot to let you know I got the tray at Ellen Hutson….thanks for sharing!!!

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