Sorry I disappeared there.  Life started running faster than me.  Had to catch up. 

Colin and I are at my mother-in-laws for the week since he has spring break.  So glad we are here – it is always nice to getaway and spend time with people that are so stinkin' nice. 🙂

Thought I would link to some cards I did for 2Peas this month.  I had such fun doing these cards for the girls.  I love this line for Cosmo Cricket!  Click HERE for more details.

29124-1 (c), click HERE for more details.

I will be catching up on all things this week while here – what a great feeling it will be.  I am sure I am not the only one our there feeling so behind all the time.  Anyone have tips for keeping up with life?  Would love to hear them.

Hugs all around. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Sorry!”

  1. These cards are so adorable!

    Tips on feeling more ahead of life instead of always behind. I prayed about what I should cut from my list. God has helped me learn how to say no and not feel guilty about it. I’m almost bored at times but then I pull out my bible and actually have TIME to enjoy reading and soaking it up. Good luck finding the balance!

  2. Enjoy your trip! Cute cards! Keeping up with life…impossible. But I work full time and what I do is very run small errands everyday rather than doing it on a Saturday. My husband picks the kids up from full time pre-school so I’m able to do errands on my way home from work. Laundry is mostly washed everyday and folded on Friday or Saturday. And I don’t fret about a messy house…its impossible to keep up with. Hope this helps.

  3. Keeping up with life: I am currently taking Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories class over at, and one thing she has had us do OVER AND OVER is set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle a specific task until the timer goes off. Then quit. Then do it again tomorrow. That is the only way I have gotten through the stacks and stacks and years and years of photos I have amassed. Now, after only 6 weeks, they are nearly all organized, thanks, in part to Stacy and this timer technique.I think it also helps that she is totally enthusiastic and positive and is on my computer telling me to do this every day. HTH

  4. No real big tips for keeping up with life…but after looking at your adorable cards Dorie (the blue fish from finding Nemo ) her tune of “just keep swimming” is in my head:) So just keep swimming!!!

  5. Jennifer

    Cool, glad you are ok and having a great time.

    These cards are sooooo cute. I bet they loved them.

    My tips:

    I use FlyLady at You will find useful ideas and great meal ideas too.
    She has a morning, noon and night list to help with your home.

    I take three hours a month and make all my meals for the family. Quick and easy with classes and ballet in the evening frees me up to do things with the family.

    Good tip but, do not always follow through. Do not put of tomorrow what you can do today.

    Have a great week!!!

    Sandi N.

  6. Like Sandi N., I use Flylady, too. I also use for organizing my life, too – it has a calendar, journal, shopping list, and reminder function that will text the shopping list to your cellphone. You can also download a really cool photo screensaver that will display what you have going on that day in the bottom right hand corner. I love it!

  7. It’s nearly impossible to keep up these days. but I have decided if you and your family are all healthy who cares. do what you can and be thankful. Linda Gerig

  8. Hi Jenn,
    I had 4 kids and worked. I cooked all the time we never ate out. (It does take a huge chunk of time to eat out-never mind all your money) I sewed my daughters clothes and made the same outfits for her doll, made soap, painted, taught art classes, climbed the mountain and ran every day and somehow everything got done. I am now retired and I don’t have enough time for anything I would like to do. Perhaps, if we all moved to somewhere out in the boonies (are there any boonies anymore?) with no TV or a car, or phone, we would have more time.
    If you find a solution I would sure love to hear about it…..

  9. Hi, Jennifer! Gorgeous cards! I really do adore all your creations.

    And I totally can relate to always trying to catch up with life. But I think that’s what real life is all about. I’m always happier when there’s too much life happening around me. =)

    Enjoy your spring break! =)


  10. I’m so glad you’re back! These cards are too adorable for words (the words on these cards are also too adorable for words… 🙂 I don’t let my life get too busy for long periods of time (it has to happen sometimes) but then I consciously slow it down again. I think it was Gregg Harris who once said “When life is too busy we tend to get caught up in the urgent and forget about what’s really important…” (in our experience he’s right).

    Have a *GREAT* week!

  11. This is darling, Jennifer! I love this CC line–need to pull it out and play as soon as Christmas assignments are done. (I never thought I’d get tired of Christmas stuff–ha!)

  12. Considering that it’s April 1st and I’m reading your post from March 20—-I guess you can say that I am running behind as well. We are so connected socially that we are missing out on our lives!

    I’m making a pledge today to disconnect from so many “places” and enjoy people that love me IRL!

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