My new baby…

Yes, I have a new baby.

Let me introduce you to him.  Or her.  I am not sure.  But I do know I love her.  (Oh, wait, I guess she is a girl.)

Here she is…

She is a beauty.

And, yes, she is just as good as my former love, the dearly departed Kokuyo Dot n Roller Adhesive.  I never thought I would find an adhesive to fill that void in my life.  But…

She goes on smoothly, is permanent, but also rubs away when you get it places you don't want it.  The refills pop in and out easily, and it never gets jammed.

She is wonderful.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see that it is for sale HERE.  Woohoo!  I have stocked up.  I LOVE this baby.

(And, if you get their newsletter, there is a free shipping code for orders over $50 – stock up!)

Just thought I would share.  I am so very excited!

(And, just to note: I am sharing this with you because I searched and searched and am happy to have found her.  This is not a paid advertisement or anything – nothing on my blog is.)

(Also ETA: Many of Tombow's adhesives look alike.  VERY much so.  Be very careful to get this one – it is the best.)

Off to get ready for CHA – leaving in the morning.

Take care.