Card Drive

Well, we are almost to 1,000 cards for Kate and her family.

And we still have a couple weeks left in the drive.  And prizes still coming in.

So, Jana, Kristina and I have been wondering if we should open the drive up to another child/family in need of some encouragement.  People still could send cards for Kate… and/or this additional person.  We are so thrilled with the number of cards we are getting, so we thought we could spread the love.

If you know of someone who needs this encouragement, please email me privately.  If they have a website with updates, that would be good to know, too, as everyone appreciates reading Kate's updates.

ETA: I think we found a child to help.  More soon!

By the way, today is a tough day for Kate.  Please pray, if you are the praying kind.  (Read HERE.)

Thanks, everyone.  You all rock.  Truly.

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18 thoughts on “Card Drive”

  1. I am sad that she had a bad day. I was thinking of Kate today, when my son and I were working on James 1:2-12. It was around when we have bad days. Wow.
    Prayers are with her.

    Great idea on another kids. There are so many. We can also send to Children’s hopsital wards too. Just a thought, of sending them to one at Christmas.

    I think I am going to contact ours tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring.

  2. yes i know of someone who could really benefit from this love . He is a 9 year old and his bone marrow transplant just failed…he has suffered from a stroke..etc…heart wrenching story. Is it possible to email me for their link??
    Thanks, Kathy Racoosin

  3. My heart hurts reading the update… a mom myself I can’t even imagine!!! I think it’s awesome to spread the love and I will be happy to keep donating my handmade buttons as a prize.

  4. this is so sad jeniffer i will like to say something to her mom, but i cant i feel like i will make her feel sad, but my kids and me we will be praying for her i really hope she gets better

  5. I’m lighting candles every Sunday for several people, Kate is among them. My prayers are with her.
    Yes – sending cards to another child would be wonderful. Let us know.
    Thanks for all you, Jana and Kristina are doing. God is smiling on you.

  6. This is a great thing you are doing, and I hope to get some cards made and sent in soon! In case you need it for a future time, I know of a child.

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    This response isn’t for Kate, but for you. You mentioned that you were very, very tired. After my second child I was tired all the time too, even a long time after she was born. I blamed it on lack of sleep, but even when I slept a lot I was still dragging. After a while I saw a naturopath. I have mild anemia, treated with vegetable based iron (more easily absorbed) and that was what was making me tired and a little blue. My regular MD did a blood test, but I fell into the ‘grey area’ that was not quite clinical, but still affecting me. I feel much better now, the iron really helps and in the doses I take there are no side effects – it is like a vitamin.
    I know it isn’t my business, but I thought I would reach out about this just in case it could help.

  8. Kate’s story hits close to home as my 19yr old brother went three craniotomies and an endoscopic surgery back in February. Thankfully, his tumor was benign but he has lost his sight. I’m very sorry but I will be praying for Kate and her family. Wish I could do something more than send a card (but I definitely will!). Thanks for doing the drive.

  9. I put my cards in the mail yesterday. I will be anxious to hear of the next person who can use some cheering up. I read the updates on Kate daily and pray for her often.

  10. Although I am sad to hear of another child suffering, I am happy to hear you’ll have another card drive soon. I look forward to participating!

    Marti S.
    Franklin, Indiana

  11. If you need another child, I know of one. She has had 29+ surgeries in a year, including a kidney transplant. She has been in and out of the hospital her entire life (she just turned 6). I don’t want to publish her info without permission, but let me know if you need another child who could totally use some support.

  12. I’ve thought about this since you posted it and I would want the cards I have sent you thus far to go to Kate and her family. Being so involved in prayer for them every day I really made the cards for them and I wrote messages to them in the cards. I am fine with making additional cards for another child but please send the 3 that I’ve sent you to Kate and her family. Thank you.

  13. Beautiful little album.
    I will pray for Kate.
    I sent her card today, I sure hope it gets there on time.

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