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Wanted to take some time to share two more of our Cards for Kids children and the prizes you could win by sending cards in for them.  Now that the holidays are pretty much over, I hope you can find time to make some cards for these kids.  (I am making lots while here at my MIL's.)  It really is simple – for more details, click HERE.  Thanks!

OK… here we go…

This is Zach


8-year-old Zach was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer on July 21, 2009.  Two days later, he had surgery to remove the tumor.   This was just the beginning of this journey for this family, but they will travel it together, faithfully.  Zach and his mom are currently at St. Judes Childrens Hospital in Tennessee where he just started his chemotherapy.  They will remain there for the next few months, but enjoy visits from his dad and two younger brothers, Ryan and Chase.  Please lift this boy and his family in prayer. 

The family includes:

  • Zach, age 8.
  • Brother – Ryan, age 1.
  • Brother – Chase, age 6.
  • Mom – Mary Ann.
  • Dad – Ed

To keep up with Zach and how he is doing, you can visit his website HERE.

And, for each card you send in for Zach or his family, you will get a chance to win:

Zach Prize
This prize includes a $50 gift certificate for Memorable Seasons!  Check them out – lots of great sales right now.  (55% of stamps – there are lots of GREAT ones… 65% off rub-ons… 75% off printed paper… through 12/31.)  You will also win two Hero Arts clear stamp sets – one is 4×12 and the other is 4×6.  Two of my faves.


Meet David

On 8/18/09 David went through a noncontrast CT scan due to right hand tremors.  They found a brain mass.  On 8/27/09 David underwent an MRI and it was found a mass arising from the right cerebellum.  This mass is right of the midline and causes moderate mass-effect against adjacent soft tissue structures.  David underwent surgery to remove the tumor but they were not able to remove it due to its location.  They did a biopsy to find out if the tumor is malignant or benign.  After a couple of weeks of waiting for the diagnosis and a wrong diagnosis, we found out the tumor is benign, but it is just as dangerous because of its location.  In the second week of December, David will be doing another MRI.  The result will determine if he will have to undergo another surgery and/or will be doing radiation and Chemo.

The family includes:

  • David, age 6.
  • Brother – AJ, age 7.
  • Sister – Jessica, age 4.
  • Dad – Anderson.
  • Mom – Debbie.

You can find out more and get updates about David HERE.

By sending in cards for David and his family, you could win these goodies…

David Prize 

This includes a spot in the Capture Your Dream workshop by Creativity Prompt, valued at $49.95.  It is an extended self-paced workshop, held online through the course of 6 weeks.  Each member will assemble a 6" by 6" mixed-media mini album and will learn many techniques… and also will get many downloadable handouts and templates.  Also!  You will get 26 packs of American Crafts brads!  These are my favorites – this is a great mix.

Hope this inspires you to send in more cards.  These kids and their families sure can use them…


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17 thoughts on “More Cards for Kids Prizes…”

  1. Jennifer,

    It’s a great idea to send cards of encouragement to the kids and their families. Your a very kind-hearted person. Your cards have inspired me to make cards. A friend told me about your website and I am hooked! Its a good thing.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  2. I have been working on cards for each kiddo and hope to get them in the mail in the next couple of days. Each family is in my prayers, and I also pray for you as I’m sure this takes a generous donation of time and energy to organize! 🙂

  3. My heart aches for these families. Now that Christmas is behind me it’s time to dust off the stamps and get to work.

  4. I agree with Julie in Edmonds. Now that Christmas is over – I will have more time to make some cards. You are doing such great work promoting these families on your blog. It is such a simple thing to make a card and help a family.

  5. WOW- what a way to enjoy what we already love to do! Knowing that we can bring smiles to these kids & their families is such a wonderful way to bring joy to the soul! Thank you for this amazing project & for letting us be a part of it Jennifer, what an honor! And what a blessing you are!!!

  6. Jennifer, of course I will enter here….But I live about 20 miles from St Judes in Memphis. If you need for me to do anything I will be so honor…….
    Thank you for doing this for all this family’s that need us to show them they are not alone…..God bless you………….

  7. Hi! My name is Meghan Horan and I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I really enjoy checking your blog often and was particularly moved by your Cards for Kids drive. It broke my heart to read their stories. I can’t imagine how the families are dealing with the situations that they have been through. Unfortunately, just last week one of my best friends found out that her eight-year-old son has an inoperable brain tumor. I was wondering if you ever add children onto your list of Cards for Kids. I’m sure you get a lot of emails and I completely understand if it’s just not possible to add another child, but I thought it was worth asking. Thank you for your time! Meghan

  8. Jennifer, I just popped in to say thanks a ton for all the love you show to others and for sharing the gift that you have with us.
    Have a wonderful and Blessed New year.


  9. Could you please send me an email with the address to send the cards to you. Do I need to make them child specific or do you choose the child and family. Thank you, Hugs Ketena

  10. Hi this is Maddi i am 9 years old. My auntie Jill loves to make cards and told me about this project. PS. she has a really fun blog check it out!
    I will be be praying every night and my goal is to make a card for every kid. God Bless you Jennifer.
    Love Maddi Avery

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