Total random stuff… and some giveaways, of course.


I am a happy camper.  I am snuggling in on the sofa to watch some TV and catch up on email.  And my belly is full and happy after some incredible gnocchi from Maggiano's with my mom tonight.  And a new dress and top from (super sale last weekend – additional 40% off sale prices) sitting on the table by me.  And tomorrow is Friday.  Don't ya love it?! 🙂

So I have some random stuff to share.  Then again, I am pretty much always random – no deep and meaningful stuff here.

I must must must start out by pointing you in the direction of cardmaker that I truly think is one of the absolute best there is: Lisa Carroll.  Her cards are something that most never achiever: elegant.  She has a classic look that is elegant and inviting.  Well, Lisa was featured on Hero Arts blog today.  (You can see it HERE.)  And she is also giving away a fantastic Hero Arts giveaway on her blog HERE.  Be sure to go check it out and look at her cards.  And, to top it off, she is a delightful, warm-hearted, adorably adorable person.  Don't ya love that?  Anyway, here are some of my favorite cards of her's:  HERE and HERE and HERE.

(Warning: changing gears here…)

Before I forget… the winner of the Basic Grey paper pad is Jenny Brannies! I will email ya.

Let's see.. what is next…

Oh!  A share.  Gotta share something, huh?  This is another oldie from last year.  But it shows two things I love: buttons and Autumn Leaves clear stamps…

(c) Autumn Leaves

I really like Autumn Leaves clear stamps for one big reason – they have tons of them and a great variety.  They really are the only non-US-made stamps I use.  There are many I just love! 

So… let's gave a pack of Autumn Leaves clear stamps away, shall we?  :)  Just leave a comment on this post by Friday night at 11:59pmEDT telling me your plans for Christmas/holiday cards.  (Do you send any?  Make your own?  Photo card? etc.)  I will pick a random winner of this fabulous Autumn Leaves stamp set…  (It is two sheets of stamps in there… big letters!)



OK… I have GOT to catch up on email.  Night!

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261 thoughts on “Total random stuff… and some giveaways, of course.”

  1. Not brave enough yet to make my own cards. I use photo cards that I send out to all of our family and friends.

  2. I just got a MM slice with the Christmas cart, so I’ll be wearing out blades and covering my counters in glitter over the next month or so. I love holiday cards, because there’s no way to over-bling…I save up my fondness for all things shiny all year just waiting for the holiday card season to begin!

  3. I used to make all my Christmas cards, but now I just don’t have the time so I will be sending out picture cards.

  4. Love this tamp set so much!! I need more letter stamps. I’m making my cards this year along with present tags and a few ornaments. I need to really be getting started on them, but I’m such a procrastonator.

  5. Funny you should ask about Christmas cards! I finished mine in October -100 of them! and am pleased to say I got my idea from your Two Peas Christmas card with the tag in the vellum pocket. I did mine in browns, greens, blues and some red, used the sewing machine(never never do, but thought i would since the vellum glue did not hold) and cuttlebugged my tag. all in all i like them, but after 100, well, you know. i’m ready for something different, but no way!

    have a great weekend! Lisa

  6. We always send out a photo card..We are leaving
    for Disney World this weekend so am hoping to get a good photo to use on our cards this year.
    I love Autumn Leaves too…Karmen

  7. My Christmas card saga……Last year I thought it would be a brilliant idea to make all my own cards by hand! I was soooo excited when I finished 60 cards. Ahhhhh. Until…..I couldn’t find the right envelope to fit! It was too close to Christmas to order online so I didn’t send any out. Major bummer! BUT, this year I’ve ordered the right size envelopes and I’m all set to send them out this year. A year late, but still good!!

  8. I usually sent photo cards. That way the person/family is able to keep it and not throw it away. In addition I make handmade cards for the family and friends that really appreciate them and keep them around for awhile. I know Lisa is a great card designer. But you know who eles is?
    I have gotten so much inspiration from your work it really is unbelievable. Thank-you!

  9. My Christmas card saga……Last year I thought it would be a brilliant idea to make all my own cards by hand! I was soooo excited when I finished 60 cards. Ahhhhh. Until…..I couldn’t find the right envelope to fit! It was too close to Christmas to order online so I didn’t send any out. Major bummer! BUT, this year I’ve ordered the right size envelopes and I’m all set to send them out this year. A year late, but still good!!

  10. I always make my own Christmas cards. This year I have made some to sell. I will also be entering into some Challenges for Christmas cards. You never can have to many in your stash.

  11. Last year I purchased the Christmas card kit that was available thru Lisa Bearnson…it was awsome & the cards were so cute! I have ambitions of making my own this year…but basketball will be in high gear, so am doubting whether I will have time… :0( Love Autumn Leaves too! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  12. LOVE these stamps!

    I usually make my own Christmas cards, and even special ones for close family.

    But I’m now a first-year law student, and with finals Dec. 3-16…I don’t think I’ll have time this year! I’m not sure what I’ll do.

    Maybe I’ll just make them after finals and hope I can get them out on time!

  13. I am actually ahead this year. I ordered my cards from Shutterfly. I did one that I added four photos in black in white of the boys. I think this is my favortie card to date. So glad to have something for the holidays finished already.

  14. I have no idea what I’m doing for Christmas cards this year. 🙂 I am making them for my mom and dad to give out for our family. (I’m only 11) we give out Cristmas cards every year.

  15. Well…I would like to make my own cards this year, but knowing me, I’ll end up using Costco at the last minute:)

  16. Every year I seem to collect numerous Holiday stamps because there are so many adorable stamps out there! So since I have so many options and can’t decide on one set of cards to make, I make one set of handmade cards for the gals at work, and another set for the family. Some years I even have one set for my side of the family and another set of cards for my husbands side of the family! What an addiction!

  17. Hi, I have paper from papertreyink that I plan to use along with several of their stamp sets for christmas cards.

  18. I am just getting into card making and I am planning on making my own, have been getting inspiration at the moment but I bet I will never get as good as all the rest of you I will just enjoy sending ppl I care about a little peice of me for the holidays which I hope will make them happy for the holiday season

  19. For the last 5 years I have made my own cards but now that there is a little one here, I may do the photo card for at least some of the 50 or so cards I send. 🙂

  20. Goodness, that LO is adorable…all those pics, buttons. Lots of lovely things here Jenn!
    I love AL stamps too…what a great letter set! For my Christmas cards I wanted to use your idea that you had with all the pics around the edge with a fold up card in the center. Loved that idea. I honestly don’t think I’ll have time…I’ll just dream about it!

  21. I make my cards every year and send to all my family. I actually have the Autumn Leaves stamps from last Christmas with the word Christmas tree that I will be making cards with this year.

  22. I’m still not sure what to do. The last few years we just sent a photo card from a professional family photo we get every year. Last year, we did the same thing but put it inside Becky’s card kit. This year, we may just stick with the family photo card again for family and friends.

    I did sign up for 2 Cmas card exchange at CK-MB.

    Sad to say, but dh’s family and my family doesn’t seem to appreciate hand made cards, so I would rather send them to people who knows all the hard work that goes into it.

  23. I’m trying to get creative this year and make some of my cards for the very first time. I would actually like to get my daughter involved in this task with me. She is 11 and has really begun to develop a love in all things creative.

  24. I am making my own this year. Yea! I’m making a mixture of several different looks.
    Thanks for your imspiring blog!

  25. Hi Jennifer,

    I plan to make some cards, but I’m having a hard time deciding what to make. I want something the easy to make so I can get more than one or two made. For my stamping friends I want to make something special. I think I will make a couple of samples tomorrow to see how it goes.

  26. i have already started mine – making two kinds this year
    one is with the colors olive and red – these have a Christmas on them
    the other one is done in light blue and grey and has a bird on it 🙂

    about done with all of them

  27. I’m going to a mountain cabin retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving and plan to make mine then. I haven’t come up with a final design yet, but have the papers picked out and the stamps. I am using non-traditional colors, a light tourquoise and shades of pink and green, and some gold sheet ribbon mixed in.

  28. Last year, I handmade my cards with a family photo and my Cricut. This year, with a ne baby, there is no time. I will do online photocards.

    Thanks for the daily dose of creativity. Love it!!!!

  29. I don’t know yet! AAHHHH! I’m in pharmacy school right now and things are pretty hectic with school, 3 kids, managing a household, etc, etc!!! Wish me luck!

  30. I bought cards last year after Christmas at 1/2 price (that’s when I always buy). They have Santa on them as at that time I thought this might be the last year the DD “believes” in SC. I’m not so sure if she does anymore or not…she’s hinted. I only send 25 or so, and hadn’t discovered card making last year when these were purchased.

  31. That font is great! I have already made a bunch from a couple of Basic Grey kits from last year and have a couple more kits for more cards. We will probably also do the photo cards for a bunch of people too!

  32. I would love to win the gorgeous stamps. Unfortunately, I’m not a big card maker. I barely find time to scrap and that takes priority. I do make cards for my parents and a couple other people that I know won’t chuck them right in the garbage. But I always send cards complete with the annual Christmas pictures of the kids.

  33. I made about 30 cards last year that I didn’t get to write on, so this year, I’ll have these cards to mail out plus, I’m planning to make another 30 more using scraps. I find myself more of a cardmaker this year than a scrapbooker. I love making cards, they’re a pint-sized layouts and they’re faster to finish! 🙂

  34. For this year, we are planning to make a variety of cards and tags. Since we are involving our 8 year old daughter, we are going to go with patterned paper backgrounds and stamps that she can easily embellish with stickers and coloring.

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