Enabling Day… and a giveaway!

I love to enable. :)  Just ask Jana.  Iphones, Cuttlebugs, Cricuts, stamps… you name it, I like to enable.  But I also will be the first to tell you not to waste your money on something.  I only enable I things that I really love and think others would love, too.  🙂

So, I think every once in awhile I will do Enabling Days.  Where I share some fun links and products.  (Yes, I am a dork. But enabling is even more fun when you share some good stuff, right?  Keep reading… 🙂

Enabling #1: Etsy
I love love love etsy.com.  If you have never been there, I warn you.  It is 100% addictive.  I love to support the sellers here – it is all handmade stuff.  I love that.  I will share one of my favorite purchases: THIS stamp.  I don't think she has this one for sale now, but I bet if you emailed her she would list one for you.  I love it.

Enabling #2: Costco Printing
Ahhhh.  Costco printing.  It is *almost* as wonderful as my watching Rob Lowe on Brothers and Sisters.  Hee.  (Isn't he hot?!)  Really – Costco has fabulous printing and good prices. You can even have them mailed to you or other people.  From what I understand, you don't even need a Costco near you.  You just load pictures online and have them mailed.  The best part?  8×12 prints. I love the look of huge photos on pages.  This is an old layout from a year ago, but I thought I would pull it up for Father's Day.  Costco rocks.

Layout from Creativity, Inc.
Autumn Leaves stamps, buttons and font (Uncle Charles – named after my mom's uncle 🙂
Versmark Ink
Memories Ink
Marvy Punches
Other: string and a photo to melt a momma's heart

Enabling #3: Kraft Paper
One thing I learned from my favorite scrapbooker, Cathy Blackstone: always use Kraft paper on a page whenever you are using bright colors.  I just helps to ground it and not make it overwhelming.  So, I have been using Hero Arts Kraft notecards a lot.  I love that the envelopes match perfectly and that the color is a bit more kraft-y than other Kraft cardstocks.  But, I craved bigger sheets. I was THRILLED to find that Hobby Lobby sells 12×12 packs of a kraft paper just like Hero's notecards… and it is inexpensive!  Now, I will be the first to encourage people to go to their local stores over chains (we want those smaller stores to stay open!), but sometimes there are things that you can only get at Hobby Lobby.  The cool thing?  Whenever they have a 50% off paper sale, this stuff is even cheaper.  (Warning: If you live in Cincinnati, don't bother trying the Fields Ertel store… I wiped them out.  Hee! 🙂


Let's do a giveaway! Just leave a comment on this post by 11:59pmEDT Sunday night and I will pick a random winner to send a pack of this Kraft goodness to.  In your post, just say what country or state you are from – I love hearing all the amazing places you stampers are!

OK… off to waste some time on etsy.  Hugs!

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276 thoughts on “Enabling Day… and a giveaway!”

  1. Oh my…. can you delete my post above….

    Forgot to say I am in Atlanta GA…. leave it to me to mess up something as simple as a post!

    I really love Costco printing too! The 12×12’s are amazing quality and the price can’t be beat. I’ve tried a couple pages of digi scrapping but could never give up on getting my hands on the supplies of “traditional”

    Thanks as always for sharing…..

  2. I always use Costco for printing my pics. I use Target as well. As for Kraft paper, holy cow, isn’t it nice to hear that others horde the same thing? Great giveaway. Thank you Jennifer! Good luck everybody!

  3. California – USA

    I also love Kraft paper but am having a hard time finding it locally (we don’t have a hobby lobby around here).

  4. I’m from Florida, but live in Vermont now. I really enjoy working with kraft paper; it’s so versatile.

  5. I’m from Florida, but live in Vermont now. I really enjoy working with kraft paper; it’s so versatile.

  6. You are such an enabler and I LOVE THAT!!!! 🙂 I wish we had a HL here. No such luck. I can’t find Kraft cardstock anywhere in this area. I am in Massachusetts…the “Witch City” and there is such a beautiful ocean breeze today! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the enabling!

    Love the kraft … and I don’t have HL in my neck o’ the woods. 🙁

    jen in WA

  8. I’m from Michigan. No Hobby Lobby stores here (in the Detroit area anyways). Always have wanted to go in one and see it though.

  9. Jen,

    I love your blog and all your videos. Your ideas are awesome. I purchased a book of your last year about what to do with all your supplies and I absolutely love it. The videos and musical arrangements are phenomenal. Thanks for always sharing bright, fun, new ideas. That is what keeps this hobby so exhilatating!!


  10. I love Etsy! 🙂 So many cute journaling tags to buy…I could look for hours 🙂
    I’m from Arkansas, thanks for the chance of a giveaway!

  11. Hi, I’m Cathy coming from the USA in Ashland City, TN. I just love your enabling day. Thanks for a chance.

  12. Hello from Manitoba, Canada!

    I’m totally with you on Costco printing – good quality at good prices. And the kraft paper – ditto – so versatile!

    Have a good weekend 🙂

  13. Hi, I’m from Michigan and have a love/hate relationship with your blog. Love the ideas and inspirations but hate how I want to go and buy new things…especially the cuttlebug. Thanks for the tip with the Kraft paper, will have to give it a try. Keep enablin’

  14. From York PA. I love kraft cardstock but I don’t have that shade. Love your blog and your fresh take on techniques. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Jennifer:
    I have always loved your column in CK magazine and recently discovered your blog. Speaking of enabling — since I started watching I have purchased the Hero Arts Owls stamp set and also one of the background stamps I saw you use (the one with the flowers). Love them both!
    I really enjoy your How To Videos — please keep them coming! You are so talented and it is cool to watch you create. Great inspiration!
    Shelly (from Ontario, Canada)

  16. Hello Jennifer,

    I Love Hero-Arts stamps, and I love your blog,
    it make me want to move to the States.
    You have so many craftstores, and so many fun stamps,
    ribbons, inks, and so on …
    I’m from Belgium by the way,
    the country were it rains so often.
    But I don’t mind that,
    then there is more time for cardmaking.
    ( Sorry for my English, my writing is not perfect )

    Big hug, Tinne.

  17. I don’t mind the enabling one bit. As a matter of fact, I look forward to it. Thanks to your enabling I picked up my Cuttlebug and an array of Ink Pads. Love your site, your videos, and your creative ideas. Keep it coming!
    Miami, FL

  18. I love to hear all your “enabling” comments. It helps me to decide. Also love your videos. The only downside is that you can’t print off any instructions from the videos…..but I’ll just have to watch them over and over. Trying to keep cool in Cincinnati.

  19. Hello from the West Coast! Paper Reflections is my favorite non-textured CS. They’re reasonably priced and have yummy colors.

  20. Hello from the West Coast! Paper Reflections is my favorite non-textured CS. They’re reasonably priced and have yummy colors.

  21. Silly me. I was so busy trying not to be enabled yesterday (with my hubby looking over my shoulder) 😉 that I forgot to say just how much I love that layout… Thanks for sharing your photo size. Looks like I might just have to give Costco another try. 😉
    Don’t include me in the draw as I already have some of that Kraft paper.
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  22. Hi Jennifer,
    It’s Jennifer from Santa Cruz, Ca. and I love reading your blog.
    Who knew to use KraftPaper!
    Thanks for the tip!!

    * I’m also an avid fan of Costco’s photo development! They ROCK!

    Take care,

  23. Greetings from Wheaton, Illinois. I love your blog and read it all the time. Fingers crossed for some awesome craft papers.

  24. I livein Hot Springs Village, AR., but originate from the Cincinnati Area (Bethel). I make sure I visit my family every August so that I can attend Stampaway. Maybe our paths will cross this summer 🙂

    Yes, sometimes we have to go to Hobby Lobby for the things you can’t get at your local stamp store. But I usually find things not carried by my stamp store.

    Love your blog; I look forward to seeing your videos. Keep it up!

  25. HI Jennifer, I live in Milford so I’m close to Eastgate HL – Hoping you don’t shop there and wipe them out too. hehe.

  26. Jennifer, you are so “right on” about everything! I want to have an ETSY shop when I figure what product isn’t well represented there (wish me luck~heehee), I always use Costco printing (Yeah, Kristine in N.Y., I was having a hard week when they were down), and we don’t have Hobby Lobby in California where I live, but Michael’s had a Neutral Paper Pack, and I used up all the Kraft color….maybe I’ll paint the cream and light tan papers Kraft color!
    You ARE an enabler, but the sweetest, cutest, best video-ogragher , most talented one ever !

  27. it’s hot here in philly, and i’m studying really would rather be scrapping but my test is friday so i have to buckle. I hope i win, because i never win these things hehe.

  28. Pembroke Pines, Florida
    My sister introduced me to your blog. LOve it thanks for some many lesson and ideas. I don’t think I have used this paper before. I will have to look for it.

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