Video: Watercolor Greetings

Hi! Today I have a video showing how to create watercolor greetings

I love all the handpainted and scripty (is that a word?) greetings I am seeing out there lately. Love them! But I am terrible at creating my own. So I cheated. (Remember – cheating is accepted, encouraged and helpful in crafting!)

This technique worked really well with the stamp set in the current Studio Calico Card Kit Add-On. (More on this below.) I just stamped the greetings with Studio Calico Blush Crush (after stamping off once) on watercolor paper and traced with watercolor. Woot! I look like a real artist!

I used a watercolor that I have had for years, but you can use anything you have… even inks mixed with water. Mine is the Hero Arts Watercolor wheel. I like it because there are a lot of colors, it is compact and the price is good. Works well for me!

I added the watercolor pieces to Hero Arts notecards that I had stamped with the Impression Obsession Fishscales background stamp. It is a great one for tone-on-tone backgrounds.

As I mentioned, this stamp set is from one of the newest Studio Calico Card Kit add-ons. You can find more info HERE. This stamp set was a good one… so it looks like it has sold out already. Sorry! (I *highly* recommend their card kits. By subscribing, you get first dibs on great products like this.) However, here are some other stamp sets that would work with this technique: Mama Elephant Make a Wish, BasicGrey Life is Good and Hero Arts Fancy Basics.

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Below are the products featured above. To find them at Simon Says Stamp, click on the SSS below the thumbnails. For Ellen Hutson click on EH and for Studio Calico click on SC

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49 thoughts on “Video: Watercolor Greetings”

  1. No, No, No!! Don’t get sick! Feel WAY better WAY quick! (and Thanks for the video!) Hope to see you back in your studio soon, but not unless you’re rested and 100%.

  2. So clever! I love the “cheat” — I have terrible writing, so this is right up my alley. And I love sentiments as the focal point, as well — so many great large sentiment stamps have been coming out in recent months. Thanks so much!! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Feel better!
    Love the cards and the tip about scraping off random splotches and smoothing with an eraser. It’s so good to know those kinds of tips. Thank you!

  4. LOVE these! Thanks for the video! Before I watched it I was thinking that I loved the look but no way was my handwriting good enough. LOL! How fun!

  5. Fabulous cards Jennifer, I love this technique and the watercolor trend! Can’t wait to give this a try! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I love the look of watercolor, so this is another good use for my paint set. You have a knack for adding the right touch, such as the stamped paper at the left side of the watercolor block. This finishes off these cards perfectly.

    Feel better, and thanks again!

  7. Sorry you’re not feeling well…I hate when I know I’m coming down with something…I just wish I could take some magic pill and feel better instantly. Thanks for the video-love your ideas, Jennifer and how to fake it (my kinda thinking) Get well!

  8. Love the watercolor technique and tips….great video!!! Very colorful and bright…I hope you get well soon! Rest!

  9. Love this technique… great video as usual. Please, please… get better soon… rest up we need you desperately!

  10. Hope you feel better soon, rest up and take care of yourself. These are wonderful techniques and I’m looking forward to trying them. You are an amazing and generous teacher.

  11. I just heard you on the Paperclipping Roundtable & came right over to your website. Loved the watercolor demonstration. I bought watercolor paper & watercolors last year but haven’t done much with the products. The big letters & the video encourage me to play around with my supplies. Thanks. Hope you feel better soon. Blessings!

  12. Love the technique Jennifer. I can’t watercolor either, so this was a real treat.

    Have you switched out all of your Acrylic blocks for Lawn Fawn Acrylic blocks?

  13. Love ’em…Pinned ’em…hope to try ’em. Thanks for your wonderful techniques and ability to make us think we can do it, too. Meaningful, believable encouragement is a true sign of a good teacher, though I don’t think any of us have ever doubted you in that regard. -;) I hope you can rest up this weekend and come back strong next week.

  14. Thanks for making this video even though you do not fell well I hope you feel better soon. I love this technique I also do not like my hand writing and this is a great way to make it look like your own thanks for this great tip!

  15. I’ve recently bought a tin of watercolour pencils, would love to see your ideas and tips for those. Thanks for all that you do.

  16. First off Jennifer take care of yourself and hope you feel better tomorrow..LOL
    I loved these cards..your so steady in doing them and I’m afraid my hand shake would be all over the might make them laugh but I think I’ll leave this fine work to those who can do it. I do love what you do. I’ll try it but I know it will be hysterical. I’m laughing already at the thought of it. I always futs around too and make more messes than you can shake a stick at.
    I love how homey these cards look with their little splotches of colors. You’re always coming up with something new. You must be at this 24/7. I’m so happy because I’m learning so much from you. thank you Jennifer and GB you

  17. This is so cool!!! I love it when you give us ideas on how to use our stamps in other ways. Thank you I appreciate all you do for me. I hope that you are feeling better. Prayers for a speedy recovery-words of wisdom-hydrate!!! Just like if you add more water to your watercolor card it looks better….. Add more water to you :-). Feel better!

  18. Another amazing idea – I’d have never thought of this. I need all the help I can with water colouring techniques (whoo hooo for the next OCC class).

    Feel better soon, Jennifer – I can’t believe all you do when feeling so wretched.

  19. This is just beautiful and so clever using the pale pink ink like an embroidery pattern. Wouldn’t it look cool done in the oh so fashionable “hombre” effect…like all shades of blue/purple/teal, red/orange/pink or a girly pink/fuschia/purple color story? Now off to go through my word/saying stamps to see if any of them would be suitable.

  20. Loving all these new watercolor cards and have been creating some of my own lately too! I also wanted to thank you for introducing me (another many others) to Winnie and Walter. I bought the wonderful sentiment stamps and was even more excited to find out they have match CUT files for my Cameo!! Yippee!!!

    I think watercolor techniques are VERY popular right now and can hardly wait for your next class! You know me and I’ll be signed up as soon as my email arrives! CAS 3 was awesome, as always and I truly LOVE and enjoy them all!!

  21. Jennifer hope your feeling better, I know the feeling, been down here as well. Thought I better get up and try to accomplishing something today, and we see what I am doing. TFS.

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