Happy New Year! We need a giveaway…

Happy New Year, my fellow stampers!  I hope you all have a blessed year.

A few things I wanted to tell ya about.

If you are in the Cincinnati area, you gotta go to Stamp Your Art Out on Saturday between 10-5.  Connie is having a Hero Arts handmade card sale.  When Hero moved, they found TONS of handmade samples that were no longer needed.  Sweet Carol (from Stampers Corner in CA) boxed them up and sent them to me.  MANY went to the Cards for Heroes.  But there were so many that we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds to sell.  Stamp Your Art Out will have them on sale for 50 cents each.  ALL the money will go to cover the costs of shipping cards to heroes and others who need them.  So it all goes to a good cause!  (And, I am launching and new card drive soon…)  So be sure to stop by.  There are some amazing ones.  I also added tons of my own to the stash to sell.

Also, Connie from Stamp Your Art Out is collecting Peeps to send to heroes overseas.  Fun, huh?  Be sure to drop them off to her soon.  Thanks, Connie, for always doing so much good.  You have one of the most generous hearts I know.

Oh, and Connie has LOTS of the new Hero Arts.  🙂

Next, how about a quick share. This was a baby gift I put together for the gal down the street.  It is the most impractical gift ever.  Ha!  But Colin saw these baby girl shoes at Target and thought Avaley would like them.  I couldn't argue!  So I made a box for them, along with a note that said "a girl can never have too many shoes."  I tied it with some soft ribbon and added a K&Co die cut butterfly with Hero Arts gems.  I put the same on an embossed card and it was ready to go!

Baby Gift

Baby Gift 2

Baby Gift 1

K&Co Butterflies – these are incredible!
Hero Arts Pale Pink Gems
Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing

And, in celebration of a new year, how about a giveaway?  Just leave a comment here by Saturday night at 11:59pmEDT telling me what you did for New Years Eve.  If I randomly pick you, you will be the lucky winner of these fun American Crafts rub-ons (my FAVE brand and a generous company)…


Have a great night.  See you tomorrow!

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499 thoughts on “Happy New Year! We need a giveaway…”

  1. Since 1952 I have watched the Times Square New Year’s celebration on TV; thus I was doing so again until about 11:50 p.m., and I dropped off to sleep! Woke up at 12:15 a.m. in 2009! I’d missed it all! Boo Hoo!
    Nelda Deakins
    nelda mc765 @ charter .net

  2. We flew overnight from Barbaos to London, so had an early night to cathc up on some sleep and start adjusting to the time difference. Very boring.


  3. My hubby and I stayed home in our very own first home, with a roaring fire and our little dog, Toby, at our side. It was the very best way to greet the new year!!

  4. This New Years eve was spent scrapping with my best friends! We had a ball, talking, eating (of course!) and mostly laughing up a storm.

  5. We had a great time we got together with friends and family. Danced the night away including my 5 and 8 yr old kids. It was a blast.

  6. I agreed with you that the butterflies are incredible! My family have dinner at my sis-in-law home and watch new year count down on TV on new year’s eve.

  7. Hi! I just LOVE receiving emails from jennifer! It is so wonderful! So, for New Year’s…recently married, we had big plans as the “newlywed couple”, but ended up staying home, talking, and playing on our computer(S)! Crazy, but restful, start of 2009!

  8. Happy New Year Jennifer! My fiance and I actually started painting my new scrapbooking room on new years eve. Nothing really exciting, but we had fun. Have fun on your trip!!

  9. Love the box and the butterfly.
    had a very quiet New years with hubby and cat! What more can a girl want.
    Hope your 2009 will be a good one.

  10. Hi Jennifer,

    Have a wonderful trip! Love the butterflies and the cute shoes. Lucky little gal!

    We spent the early evening at a neighborhood potluck and then put the kids to bed and the hubby and I did a puzzle and crashed right after midnight…getting to old for it all I guess. 🙂

  11. I worked at the hospital in the ER. We gathered in a room to watch the ball drop sipping sparkling juice. There was a lot of angry get-togethers this year…

  12. Best part of New year’s Eve is the people you spend it with. This year was spent with friends and my hubby.

  13. DH and I spent the night playing games with friends while our kids slept in their spare room. It was nice since we are all moving away at the same time and none of us will ever be living in the same place again so we were able to get together one last time.

  14. Happy New Years!

    Cute baby shoes, you dressed the gift and card up so nicely.

    For New Years, we stayed home and I scrapped!

  15. We enjoyed a quiet night of watching the ball drop while enjoying fajita pizza and spruce tip ale. Spent some time reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to 2009. Thanks for the chance of winning such a fun prize. Love the shoes.

  16. We spent a fun evening with friends, watched the last 2 minutes leading up to the ball drop, kissed . . . promptly went to bed!

  17. Love your baby shoes gift! We spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with the family. Of course, it wouldn’t be right without counting down with Dick Clark!

  18. Adorable little shoes and packaging!!!! Can I move down the street??? LOL!

    New Years Eve – well, a long story… My 9 year old son really really wanted to stay up until midnight… He was the last to bed, about 10:30pm… everyone was camping out in our room for the Holidays (it’s a tradition) – my dd had her alarm set, for ten ’til, and it went off. And she did not get up!
    My son woke about 2am, crying…because he missed the New Year (that’s how he see’s it)..
    I got up, my husband got up (this is about 5am) and we set things up for bringing in the New year… Woke the kids, had them come out to ‘attempt’ to watch the ball drop (I thought I recorded it but only got 1 hour of the show) – then we went to the computer to bring up a UTube video of the drop, which we watched.. The kids then banged pots and pans…
    My son was not a happy camper.. He frowned all day.. My daughter was pleased as punch!
    Happy New Year!!!

  19. Had a family get together at home. Lots of fun times singing, playing games, talking, eating accompanied with lots of hugs and kisses. The best way to start a New Year is with loved ones. It was an awesome evening.

  20. So do they have those little polka-dot shoes in a size 8? Such a cute little gift.

    I spent my New Years Eve at a neighbors house with my kids for the first part of the evening. We always do a neighborhood thing so nobody has to drive. Then we came home to spend the rest of New Years Eve with my husband (he has Multiple Sclerosis and couldn’t make it out to the party).

  21. We kept the grandkids! You can tell you’re getting old when it is just assumed you’re going to available for babysitting on New Year’s Eve…..

  22. Hi Jennifer! We spent our New Year’s Eve at my in-laws. We ate some pizza and played Mexican Train Dominoes. An awesome game!!

  23. You won’t believe this But I worked all day with Hubby and I was so tired when I got home I ended u falling asleep around 8:00. I could not hold my eyes opened..lol I am a bad Girl.
    Love the Baby girl Gift Too Cute and you right a girl can’t have to many shoes..lol

  24. New Year’s was spent playing the wii with my dh, ds and dd. AND yes all of us were up until midnight including Miss Syd who is 4. 🙂

  25. Hi and happy new year.
    I’m french and I love your blog ! I’ve been doing scrap for 3 years and I adore it… That’s why I decided to create my own blog to show my pages and other things…
    Why do I write you a comment ? Because I added a link in my blog so that people who visit my blog could visit yours.
    Keep doing your beautiful cards and others…

  26. I am off to JoAnns to get those die cuts – how cute and simple!!! My husband and I went to dinner with another couple. We came home and our 7 year old wanted to stay up and watch the ball drop. So we let her stay downstairs and in charge of the tv. The next morning I asked her if she saw the ball drop. She said she looked at the clock and it was 11:11 and she fell asleep. Then she followed that by saying it was too much work to stay up that late but she would try it again next year!! Oh the world through the eyes of our children!!

  27. My husband and I spent the evening packing. I was leaving for California to spend time with my mom who just suffered a stroke and he was packing to go and see his mom for the weekend. We’ve been married 27 years, and just being with him makes bumps in the road easier to bear. I’m a lucky woman!!

  28. I went to an annual dinner party at good friends’ house. So fun to be together with great friends (and food, and wine!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. What a cute, cute gift!!!! Colin did good! And of course the card is adorable to go with it. For New Years we didn’t do very much exciting – stayed home, worked on the bathroom we are remodeling, watched football (my team lost), and then watched the ball drop in NYC.

  30. We went across the street to celebrate with our neighbors and their family. We have two small children, so whatever we do has to include them. We brought our Guitar Hero over for everyone to play with, and the boys ran around outside for most of the night. As soon as midnight came, my oldest was asking to go home, so I went home with the boys while my DH stayed to have a bit more fun. Since we normally just hang out at the house (DH is usually working since he’s a musician), it was a nice change of pace.

    Thanks for the opportunity for the blog candy. And have a great 2009! Can’t wait to see what you come up with that I can “borrow”. 🙂

  31. Went to a friends house for a party. This year was the 30th anniversary of “The 24 Hour New Years Eve Party” – an ongoing tradition of a party that got out of hand in high school! and has been continued every year by my friend and his siblings!!! This year there were 2 neices and a nephew attending…we all agreed we are getting old…
    Best in the New Year to you and yours!

  32. We watched movies most of the night. Then we fell asleep and woke up about 11:45, rang in the new year with chocolate cake & ice cream, watched the city celebrate and finally hit the hay for good. Very low key which is the way we like it.

  33. My dh and I had a quite evening at home watching TV and working a jigsaw puzzle. This New Year’s Eve tradition was a leftover from my growing up years. My family always worked a puzzle with our next door neighbors. It also involved lots of snacks (sausage balls, chips and dip, sweets–all that healthy stuff)
    I took part in the Cards for Heroes campaign this year and plan to do it again during the year. It’s a great idea to show appreciation to those who are giving of themselves for us.
    Happy New Year everyone and thanks for the give-away, Jennifer.

  34. Real exciting NYE here! Watched Fool’s Gold & a rerun of L&O. In bed by 12:02!! But, at least I made it to midnight!!

  35. HI Jen

    I didnt do a thing on new years eve !

    went down to my scrap room turned on the tv and clolred in some of my stamped images with pencils lol ..

    please include me in your genorous RAK

  36. I spent New Year’s Eve with my immediate family. Hubby, myself, our three children (ages 3, 3 & 1) and my mother-in-law went out to dinner. Then we went home and watched some TV. Kind of boring! Crossing my fingers that I’ll win your prize!

  37. We don’t usually stay up to see the new year in. This year I was at the computer looking at some wonderful card samples of the cuttlebug designs and other tutorials. My how the time flies by then.
    Nan g.

  38. That shoe gift is ADORABLE!
    Our New Years Eve was simple, stayed home with hubby and son ,watched movies and celebrated with sparkling cider and popcorn!
    Our idea of fun.Happy New Year all from Michigan

  39. Happy New Year Jennifer!
    Well, we put the kids to bed at their usual time. Then, my husband I watched Mama Mia and then played scrabble and drank Proseco. We kissed at midnight and continued playing where he beat me 309 points to 209 points. I thought I would have the Proseco on my side but it obviously made my mind fuzzy and his clear as a bell!

  40. My mom was in hospital all over Christmas and released on the Friday after. We were looking forward to a quiet NY Eve but then her illness returned so we had to rush her to emergency and spent NY Eve night in the emergency room. Thankfull to say – she is now home again and hopefully she will be just fine!!

  41. I bought sparkling juice and hats for my two kids and niece who stayed up to watch the ball drop…they thought it was great fun!

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