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What Are The Galleries?
I have two different galleries on my site, the Video Gallery and Card Gallery.  This Video Gallery lets you browse and quickly watch all of my videos on the blog.  The Card Gallery lets you see each card I've done along with the supply list for making that card!  Both give you an easy way to search my content for whatever techniques or topics you're interested in!  You can find the galleries linked from the top of my blog.
How Do I Search?
Searching the Video and Card Galleries is very easy.  Once in the gallery, you'll see three tabs that allow you to select the techniques, themes and companies that you're interested in.  So you can find videos and cards that use specific techniques and themes with specific vendor products! Just select the topics you're interested in, and click Update!
Can I Bookmark From Galleries?
Yes you can!  Bookmarks on my blog allow you to keep a list of your favorite videos, blog posts and cards for later reference.  So if you want to keep a list of all the cards that have techniques that you'd like to try later, you can. You can find out more about Bookmarks at this page.
How Is The Card Gallery Useful?
The Card Gallery allows you to search for all the individual cards I've recently completed.  So if you want to see all my recent interactive cards...you can!  If you want to see holiday cards...you can!  You can see all the images of the card along with all the supplies used to make it!  You can then go to the blog post or video that describe that card.  You can also Print Supply List to print the supply list and card images for later. (Or Bookmark it!)