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How do you organize your dies?
Check out this video.
Do you have a tour of your craft room?
Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out these videos.
Who designed and built your craft room?
I designed my craft room with the help of Michele Neiter (decorator/designer) and Connie Hampton (designer at Neal's Remodeling). The building and cabinetry were done by Neal's Remodeling. GREAT people!
What is the work surface in your videos?
I had tempered glass cut exactly to cover my entire work surface. I LOVE it. However, when I film, I don't work on the glass in order to prevent glare in my videos. Instead, I work on a Dahle Mat covered by a Ranger Craft Sheet, or a paper grid pad.
What kind of cabinets do you have in your craft room?
I have custom cabinets in my office. This includes big doors with shelves and pull-out shelves, as well as drawers. I also have several built-in Ikea Alex drawer units. My work surface is a faux brushed-steel panel with debossed dots covered with a piece of glass.
How big is your craft room?
Not big at all... about 13'x15'. I used to be in a bigger space and MUCH prefer the smaller space.
How do you keep track of your stamps?
I don't have a system yet, but I am working on one.
How do you keep track of your inks?
Check out THIS video.
What do you use to label your office?
I use the Brother Label Maker. Check out this video on how to save money on label refills and batteries.
How do you organize your stencils?
Check out this video.
How do you organize your stamps?
Check out these videos.
How do you organize your paper?
Check out this video.
How do you organize your inks?
Check out these videos.