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Card Gallery Feature
The Card Gallery feature allows you to quickly search for individual card designs based on the theme, technique used and vendor products.  Each time I do a blog post video, I usually create multiple cards that can include different designs, styles and products.  The Card Gallery allows you to see each of these cards along with the supply list and all the images from the post.  To enter the Card Gallery, click the link on the nav bar. Here you will be able to refine your search using terms in the search bar, techniques, themes and vendor products used.  Select the topics you're interested in and click 'Update'. Clicking any of the cards takes you to the details of that individual card. From here you can see the list of supplies used, all the card images and links to the video and post where it was created.  You can also click the 'Print Supply List' button to print a printer friendly version of the page for your records! And just like videos and posts, you can save cards as Bookmarks for later! Not every card I've ever done is included in the gallery.  But every card going forward will be!
Video Gallery Feature
The Video Gallery allows you to browse and search all my videos that have been posted on my blog!  You can quickly browse and watch videos directly from the same location. Once you're in the gallery, you'll see a list of techniques, themes and companies on top. You can check as many as you like (and push the 'Update' button) to refine the search and show only videos that feature the topic you're looking for. If you want to save any for later, you can Bookmark the video using my blogs Bookmark feature!
What cool features does this site have?
Check out this video that shows some of the coolest new features of my site!

How can I save my bookmarks on your blog?
On this new site, you are able to create an account, login. and save your favorite posts.

Then check out this post about Using Bookmarks for all the details.

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