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Can I get your address to send you a card?
Jennifer McGuire Ink, LLC. PO Box 42820 Cincinnati, OH 45242
Do you work for any companies?
I do work for Hero Arts here and there on a consulting basis. I worked for them for many years and they are, by far, the best company out there! However, I do not work for anyone else. If you see me use a product, it is because I love it and want to use it.
Are you on any design teams?
No. I am not on any design teams nor am I tied to any company.
Where can I buy your stamps?
I do not design products. I have never had an interest in doing so and much prefer using whatever awesome products my friends create. I LOVE supporting others in this industry. (You can find my favorite crafting companies here.)
What are your hobbies?
I love to travel. Big time. I also love gardening and going to baseball games in the summer. But my free time is mostly spent texting with my crafty friends all over the world. They are my heart and soul.
Do you still scrapbook?
Unfortunately, not like I used to. However, my son really wants to start Project Life. Getting that going is on my to-do list.
Do you really do crafting as a “real” career?
Yes. It is possible to make a living and have a real career in the crafting world. It takes passion, prayers, originality, and hard work, but it is possible. I strongly feel the best way to go about it is to create what you enjoy and share it. If it is meant to be, it will happen.
How do you find time to do it all?
Please do not think I am "doing it all." I surely am not! But I do try. I am blessed to have a big family and a desire to be home with my kids. I am also blessed to have a job that I love. I get extremely overwhelmed sometimes. However, I have found a few things that help: 1. I remind myself that I am feeling overwhelmed because I have so many blessings. 2. My husband is a rockstar and does much more than the average spouse. He works as an engineer (he invented Press 'N' Seal!), but he also cooks dinners, does grocery shopping and laundry, handles the kids' bedtime, etc. When I decided to work from home AND keep my role of stay-at-home-mom, it was necessary for us to balance the household workload. 3. My little girl naps for four hours while my older kids are in school. That is my work time when I am not volunteering. 4. My parents are also rockstars and help when I am in a bind. 5. I keep my planner on hand all the time so I don't forget something. 6. I vacation and work out. Both keep me from losing my mind. :) This all works out well for me, but I know that it isn't possible for everyone.
What is your background?
I have a mechanical engineering degree. I worked for 5 years in that field, and then quit to do crafting full time. I will be honest—I couldn't go back to engineering to save my life! I've forgotten it all. I picked engineering because I was never good at writing, but I loved math. The funny thing? Now I write all the time for my blog! It isn't my strong suit, but I try.
How did you get started in crafting?
About 13 years ago, I was a mechanical engineer working at a big company. I wasn't loving my work, so I started volunteering with my church's senior high youth group, looking for fulfillment and a hobby. We went on a mission trip and decided to put a scrapbook together for our youth group leader. I was hooked and began scrapbooking constantly... a year later, I quit my engineer job to craft full time.