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How do I get companies to notice me?
I am a firm believer that it is best to create, share, and "do your thing." If you do this and put your work where people can see it (such as a blog), companies will find you. You can participate in challenge blogs and company challenges, too.
Do you sell your cards?
No. I send all my cards to friends and family.
How do you make money in crafting?
There are many ways crafters make money. Some people design products, work for companies, host paid ads on their blog, or do design team work. (Although most design teams do not pay.) I don't do any of these things. Instead, I teach online classes at onlinecardclasses.com and do affiliate linking (see my disclosure).
How do you make videos?
I have a video camera, a tripod, and a tripod arm, which lets me position my camera over my work surface. When I'm finished filming, I edit the video using Apple Final Cut Pro and do voice overs with a good external microphone.
Will you help me get started with a crafting career?
Sorry—I am not much of a help with that. I wish there was a formula for success that worked for everyone, but everyone is different. However, I firmly believe it is best for folks to do their thing, focus on that, and success will naturally come if it is meant to be. That is the best advice!
How do you recommend getting started making crafting a career?
I firmly believe that it is best to create, enjoy, "do your thing", and share. Share on a blog, challenges, etc. If it is meant to happen, opportunities will come your way. Most people I know who are successful in this industry became that way by just doing what they love... not by aggressively pursuing it.