Rice Is Life Fundraiser


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Since meeting the goal of $20,000, Kristin has decided to close the fundraiser. THANK YOU for your generosity! I will be sharing a new fundraiser soon!


Hi! Our family is working together again to raise money for a good cause.

My sister-in-law, Kristin, lived in Liberia for many years. Her family started a dental clinic and she also helped with an orphanage. If you have followed my work years ago, you may remember that I collected cards to send to their family while they were there. (See the photo below.) They also adopted two boys while they were there. Their work made a huge difference to many people in Liberia!

Their family is returning to Liberia this summer and want to purchase bags of rice. “Rice is life” in this area, and there are so many who struggle to afford it. I encourage you to read Kristin’s post – it is incredibly eye-opening. You can find it HERE.

Note: All money goes to the purchase and delivery of rice. This is NOT to cover travel costs, etc.

Ken, Colin, Lila and I wanted to help. So we are offering to sending a little gift to donators… and also a chance to win some crafty goodies.

  • Anyone who gives ANY amount will be entered into a raffle to win handmade cards (I will send out 50+ in total!) and huge boxes of stamps and dies!
  • Anyone who donates $40+ (the cost of half of a bag of rice) will get a pack of new crafty stickers. These are great for laptops, desks, and more. The cost of these stickers and mailing them is being covered by our family – not by the money raised.
  • Lila will be packing the stickers. Colin will be addressing and mailing them as the fundraiser closes.

You can donate HERE.

If you are interested, you must do the following:

  • Make a donation HERE.
  • Take a screen shot of your donation including the amount (if over $40).
  • Email the screen shot to [email protected] along with your name and address.
  • (If you would prefer, you can forward your donation email receipt to [email protected].)

You will hear back from us to let you know we have received your email and entered you into the raffle. Please be patient as it will take time for us to get sticker packs out. We will randomly pick some names to send a surprise handmade card or giant box of crafty goodies!

(By the way, if you donated to Colin’s LLS fundraiser, all prizes have been sent. Colin has about 50 more cards to send and will be doing so this weekend. It took me a long time to make all the cards. Thanks for your patience.)

Thank you so much. We appreciate your help!

Jennifer, Ken, Colin and Lila

This is my sister-in-law, Kristin, with her four kiddos. Samuel (left) and Stephen were adopted during their time in Liberia. They are hoping to find Samuel’s birth mom during their trip this summer. Lauren and Taylor will be going with them, too!

Here are the kids going through cards we collected and sent to them when they lived in Liberia. Some of you may have sent some! They lived there many years. Dental care is hard to get there and tooth infections can be deadly. So they opened a clinic that still is running today. They also did a lot of work with the orphanage where they adopted the boys from.

Here is a photo from the the orphanage were a lot of the rice will be going!

Lila packing up stickers to send to donators! These are new ones that I just had made.