Hi! I have been getting a lot of questions about my nails so I thought I would share some info. Please know I am far from an expert… this is just what works for me.

I use nail wraps. These last a long time for me, don’t chip, take less time to do, less fumes, and protect my (very weak) nails, allowing them to get longer.

There are two places I like to get nail supplies…

Here is my process:

  1. I paint my nails with a strengthener. You can skip this if you want, but I think it helps.
  2. I then apply the nail stickers. I like Vanity Table Ohora or Dashing Diva Glaze. These both are gel nail wraps. I press the stickers down well (especially around the edge – it comes with a tool to help do this), cut off the excess, and then put on a UV glove (optional). I then cure the nails under a UV light for a minute or so. (You can get an inexpensive light HERE or HERE, but there are often codes to get them for free.) You can see the process in HERE.
  3. After curing, the nails will be hard. I file to smooth the edges.
  4. If you want added shine, you can put on a top coat of clear gel polish. I like to do this and like that the gel polish does not touch my nails. I only do one coat. And, again, the UV light to harden. There is no drying time – it will be dry and hard from the light.
  5. To remove, I apply a bit of removal oil (HERE or HERE) around my nail and let it soak. I like that this is an an oil and not a harsh remover. The process is like shown HERE.


Sometimes I will also use Dashing Diva Gloss Nails for accent nails. They are not gel nail wraps and therefore are not as thick. I do put a gel clear coat on top to make it stronger. I remove in the same way.

These last me for 2 weeks, however I often change sooner because I think it is fun. I have not had damage to my nails. Hope this helps!