Created To Create

I listened to a sermon that was very helpful to me and wanted to share. As a creator, I think you will love it.


The sermon was part of a series about the roles we have as children of God. One of the roles is that of being a creator. We are created in the image of God, and He is a creator… therefore we are creators. And when you create to give? Even better.

You can find the service HERE. There is music at the beginning, so you can skip and start watching at 25:20. It starts with an introduction of the topic at that time mark. Then it goes into specifics in Isreal (the scenes were filmed there last year) that you can skip if you are short on top. And the best part of the message starts at 39:00. But honestly, to get the most from the message, start at 25:20. 

I found this hit my heart so strongly, and wanted to share.