Join Me Live With Aaron + Gina K!

Heads up! I will be LIVE tonight with Aaron Leventhal (Hero Arts) and Gina K!

We will be discussing Gina’s history in stamping, sharing stories, and laughing A LOT. There will also be a very generous coupon code and giveaways!

Join us HERE at 7pmET on 5/15/24!

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4 thoughts on “Join Me Live With Aaron + Gina K!”

  1. So love the stamping/cardmaking/papercraft industry. thank you all for your contributions! Love ya,

  2. Thank You, Jennifer,Aaron and Gina
    So great getting to know more about you all Supporting independent businesses is my priority . When you were talking about Covid and the shut down I just wanted to chime in that if it wasn’t for Gina and Jennifer’s videos I don’t know what I would have done.? In WA state we were very isolated and card making really helped. I wish I could remember the number of cards I made and sent out to friends! So thank you for keeping the loneliness at bay. I love card making and will continue to create but personally I’ve notice that people don’t send cards as much any more.! There isn’t a market to sell them so I do give them away which is Ok. But even just sending cards, it seems like no one does it any more. That said there are lots of people still making cards. Has anyone else noticed this and are they choosing a different paper craft? I have to much paper, stamps and dies to just give it up! I would love to hear from others on this subject. Thank You again See ya in 2 weeks

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