LIVE Replay: Learn the Basics of Watercolor!

Hello! I wanted to share with you a LIVE replay from last week, where Jen Rzasa of Altenew showed me the easy basics of watercolor. I found it so helpful! (Because this was a “teaching” video, there will not be a shortened video available.)

[If the video isn’t showing up, click HERE to watch it. All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you and product disclosure is below. As always, I appreciate your support of my videos!]

I hope you found this video helpful. I really helped me! Have a good day.


Want to find the products I used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you for your support! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found  at my disclosure page. All products were personally purchased except the Altenew products which were provided/sponsored by the company with no expectation. As always, I was not paid to do this post nor am I on any design teams. I only use products I love!) Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

Altenew May Secret Garden Virtual…
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All Altenew Watercolor Products
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Altenew Stamp & Paint Butterflies Stamps
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Altenew Stamp & Paint Butterflies…
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Stamp & Paint Beginner’s Bundle
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Altenew Stamp & Paint Flowers Stamps…
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Altenew Stamp & Paint Flowers Stamps
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Altenew Watercolor 36 Pan Set
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Altenew Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper
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Altenew Fine Watercolor Brushes
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Altenew Round Watercolor Brushes
[ ALTN ]
Altenew Watercolor Tubes
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Altenew Obsidian Black Ink
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Condiment Server Tray
Altenew Satin Masking Tape
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4 thoughts on “LIVE Replay: Learn the Basics of Watercolor!”

  1. Hi, Jennifer. I’ve been watching the reply in spurts since your email yesterday. You know. . . a few minutes here, fast forward a little then a few more minutes. Live videos make me crazy! Just too much time. But I REALLY like the watercoloring! It always fascinates me and I want to learn, but like you, I’m intimidated. I have MANY watercolor supplies from Altenew (watercolor in pans, watercolor pencils, watercolor brush markers, paper, brushes. . .. .) and my favorite watercolor artist from Altenew is Erum Tasnim. Haven’t seen much from her there for a bit– I think she’s growing on her own with art and business. Her videos are direct and very educational and mostly under 12 minutes! She does beautiful work. Check her out! Thanks!

  2. Hey! Me again. Also thought of another great watercolor demonstrator- Jill Foster (often demonstrates Penny Black). She shows her own method of creating lovely watercolor on stamped images. Thought most of the products used are from Penny Black, she uses many reinkers as “paint” (often Tim Holtz) and sometimes watercolor pans. Her techniques could be used on any stamp, if you really would like to learn just for yourself.
    Thanks again, Laura

  3. Hey Jennifer! Great video! I’m trying to learn to watercolor and I loved this tutorial.
    Just FYI…I purchased the Altenew pan set of watercolors several years ago. I love them! HOWEVER, apparently Altenew does NOT sell the replacement pans! This is very frustrating! I’ve run out of several of the colors and now I’m unable to use them. So, that’s something to think about before purchasing.
    Thank you again for all you do!

  4. I noticed that you used the Altenew Stamp Wheel in this video. I have been watching YouTube about this product, but would very much like to see you create a tutorial using all the tips and suggestions that you have discovered for this tool. Your help with this would be tremendously appreciated. I very much enjoy your videos. Thank you for all your hard work.

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