My Crafty Wish Came True: New Trimmer!

Hello! I am really excited to share with you a new product I have been wanting for a very long time… a wonderful trimmer!

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Be sure to watch my video to learn about the new Tim Holtz Rotary Media Trimmer!


Want to find the products I used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you for your support! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found  at my disclosure page. All products were personally purchased except the new trimmer (but I just ordered two more!) which was provided/sponsored by the company with no expectation. As always, I was not paid to do this post nor am I on any design teams. I only use products I love!) Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

NEW Tim Holtz Rotary Media Trimmer
[ SSS | TNC ]
All Tim Holtz Trimmers
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Tim Holtz Maxi Guillotine Trimmer
[ SSS | TNC ]
Tim Holtz Guillotine Comfort Trimmer
[ SSS | TNC ]
Altenew Scoring Board
[ SSS ]
Teflon Bone Folder
[ SSS ]
Neenah Classic Crest Solar White…
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31 thoughts on “My Crafty Wish Came True: New Trimmer!”

  1. I am so excited about this! I have arthitis/crooked hands and this helps me by being lightweight, ergonomic, measurements that can be used worldwide, and fits the bill of being the ONLY ONE that I have to use. Thanks, Tim Holz and Jennifer!

  2. Would love to win one of these. Have never tried a rotary cutter! Thanks for this great video!
    Lori S in PA

    1. Thank you for your demo and thoughts on this new trimmer. I’ve been needing a new one for some time but hadn’t found just the right one for my use.

  3. This looks perfect! I don’t use a guillotine trimmer as I cut a bit off the tip of my left thumb one time with one and refuse to use them since. I have a large rotary which I love, but it is very heavy and I can’t cut small pieces with it. This one will go on my Christmas wish list!

  4. Definitely on my wish list! Have arthritis in my hand so using other rotary trimmers that require pressure can be quite painful. This looks to be a wonderful combination of the best features of all trimmers!

  5. I’m looking forward to getting this. I have a large guillotine cutter that I’ve had for years – I use it a lot, but mostly for cutting multiple card bases at one time. I was looking at replacements, but hadn’t decided on anything. I also have the smaller Tim Holtz guillotine that I use for quick cuts. I have a couple of rotary trimmers, but don’t really care for either. I think this one will do the trick. Thank you for the demo and review – much appreciated.

  6. I love my Carl Rotary which can cut up to about thirty (30) pieces of cardstock at once and can cut through every medium, pastes (dry!), chipboard etc. And it’s wonderful for my hand. But it is not lightweight or potable. For me that doesn’t matter but I can see where it would be for youtube video pros or those who need to swap tools off and on their work surface. Thanks for a neat video!

  7. Thanks so much for the (always) helpful product review. My eternal bane has been cutting in a perfectly straight line. This sounds like the answer. Question on behalf of myself and other crafty lefties (like Yana Smakula!): Do you if Tim will be coming out with a Lefty version? I have never seen a trimmer for lefties and would love to have one. I have his Lefty desktop glass work surface and love it. Regardless, I’ve already put this one on my SSS wish list. <3

  8. I have been looking for a rotary trimmer to replace my worn out 20 year old Genesis – this will be perfect. Thanks Tim and Jennifer.

  9. This looks like a awesome trimmer! Yeah I placed my order can’t wait to try it. I followed your like from you tube! Thank you!

  10. I am excited about the trimmer. I need a new one so the timing is great. Thank you for doing a demo.

  11. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the demonstration. I really like the way quarter measurements are shown on the base. It’s just like the medium TH Tonic guillotine cutter which I use for my everyday cutter. I currently have a Carl rotary for big cutting projects and have never felt comfortable about getting an exact straight cut. This is a game changer!

  12. Great trimmer, I love it is self sharpening so you don’t have to buy ridiculous expensive new knives. I also love it is in metric too. I am putting it on my wishlist, not buying it yet. I have a large and small trimmer, but if one of those need replaced, this one will be it 👍

  13. The TH guillotine trimmer is the best one I’ve had & I’ve had a lot! But now it doesn’t cut as good as it did, so I’ve wondered if they just have to be replaced after a certain number of cuts. If the new one is truly self sharpens, cuts straight & doesn’t fray cardstock, it would be worth getting instead. Plus I like the ability to cut larger pieces so I wouldn’t have to have 2 trimmers on my table like I do now. Thank you for the info.

  14. I can’t Thank You enough, Jennifer, for this Video. Great timing as I’m ready to replace my trimmer and I’m thinking a Rotary trimmer would be just right for me. I really like what Tim has done with the NEW Rotary trimmer it’s much better than the huge size and weight of all the other Rotary ones. I am excited and can’t wait till it gets here.

  15. Hello! My question about this trimmer is with reference to its accuracy. The Fiskars has a wire guide so that if I want to cut on a penciled line on my cardstock, I can line up the wire with the pencil line and cut precisely where I wish. Does this trimmer allow for that same level of precision?

  16. I was wondering if you are still as enthusiastic with the new Tim Holtz trimmer as you were in this video? Recent videos show you using your guillotine trimmer.

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