Get a Card + Save a Life! — A Message From my Son

Hello! Today I am sharing a message from my son, Colin. He is 17 and has started an important initiative.

It is easy to get involved… and you could get a handmade card from me or a crafty gift box!

PLEASE – for all the details, head to THIS POST. Much more info is there! Also sign up for his newsletter HERE. There will be lots of news coming up!

Thank you for your consideration. If you are a crafty company who wants to help, please email me!





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8 thoughts on “Get a Card + Save a Life! — A Message From my Son”

  1. The man I love had a kidney transplant about 10 years ago from a living (unrelated) donor. He will be competing in the World Transplant Games in Perth, Western Australia in a few weeks. The importance of such a gift cannot be overstated. Thank you to your son for highlighting something that is life saving.

  2. He went from sneaking in a wave to the camera, to helping with living kidney transplant awareness!? What a great guy you have there Jennifer! 💕 Was mother to three young adult sins, I KNOW how hard it is to raise good people and the world is a better place for it! And such a worthwhile cause! Blessings to your family, thank you for doing this Colin!

  3. I hope you feel proud of yourself and what you are doing. You are actively doing what you’ve learned – share handmade kindness, I know three people who have received kidneys and I know the three people that gave their kidney to them. It is a gift of life. You are a difference maker in this world. Thank you for what you are doing.

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