Thanksgiving Sales + Crafty Goodie Boxes!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a quick video for you…

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day! I know it will be a difficult day for many. Know that you are not alone.


I am keeping my sales post HERE updated with the newest freebies, sales, and more. Just check back HERE often! I hope pulling these together in one place is helpful to you. Thank you for supporting our industry and these small businesses.

Note that even more sales will be here tomorrow for Black Friday! So stay tuned.

If you are interested, you can also sign up to receive sale updates in two ways:


I have many large boxes of crafting goodies for sale! 100% of the money will go to a good cause.

If you are interested, please read this entire post below.

I am constantly putting together medium and large flat rate shipping boxes filled to the rim with lots of crafty stuff. The contents are a surprise. Each box will have 60+ products! These products include loads of clear stamps (some with coordinating dies), dies, die sets, a few wood mounted stamps, and other stuff. A lot of the product has never been used… some has been used… includes new designs… old designs… a great mix of everything.

These boxes will be “sold” for a $100.00 donation eachALL money goes to good causes. Trust me – the goodies in these boxes add up to a lot more than this cost. The value of the product is hard to calculate, but it is well over $700. I will also ask that you pay a minimal amount to help me cover shipping – $15 for US and $30 for international.

If you are interested in “purchasing” a box, please leave a comment here saying what country you live in. (This IS open to international folks!) I will randomly pick people who will get the opportunity to “buy” a box. I will contact you about payment. Once you have paid, I will ship the box to you.

WHENEVER I HAVE BOXES AVAILABLE, I WILL COME TO THIS POST AND PICK A NAME HERE FROM THE COMMENTS. So if you leave a comment, you will have many chances! I will chose from this page MANY times throughout the year!

Again – 100% of the money will go to various charities. I will let you know which charity when I contact you.

I was going to just give these boxes away. However, I do a lot of giveaways and thought this was a good way to raise money for good causes. No money will be going to me.

I WILL EMAIL YOU if I pick your name! Of course, if you change your mind, there is no obligation to “purchase.”

Thank you!

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2,965 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Sales + Crafty Goodie Boxes!”

  1. Thank you Jennifer, this is amazing.
    I would love to donate to charity and receive one of your goody boxes.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.
    I live in Racine, Quebec, Canada

  2. I love your videos. I learn so much about how to use tools, supplies, etc. and also whether or not I wish to purchase a particular item.
    Keep them coming. I am definitely interested in one of your crafty boxes. Blessings to you.

    I am from central Illinois.

  3. I would love to be contacted for a box if it becomes available. I would appreciate it if my donation could be given to an LGBTQIA+ supporting organization or an organization focused on literacy. Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to give back!!!!

  4. Hello, I’m from San Diego. I’d love to be considered to donate for one of your crafty goodie boxes. I enjoy every video you have done. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  5. Your videos are always the first I go to and they are never too long. I would love to get one of your boxes. Thank you for doing this and donating the funds to worthy causes.

  6. Wow! How exciting! I would love to buy a box and I live in Maryland in the USA.
    While I’m here, I just want to tell you that I’m a huge fan of your card-making videos. Thank you for those, your Favorite Things videos, and all the information and reviews you provide to us for free. I’ve been watching since 2014, and I don’t believe I’ve ever watched one of your videos where I didn’t learn something new, even after all these years. Thank you so much for sharing your time, creativity and talent with us!


  7. I love your youtube channel! I live in Tulsa, OK. I’d be amazed and grateful for the opportunity to doneate for one of your goodie boxes!

  8. I commented before but said I was in the midwest and didn’t say what country so I am commenting again. I am in the USA. Nebraska to be specific

  9. Hi Jennifer,
    First of all, I want to tell you I love your work! I watch your videos a lot.
    I think your idea of selling these boxes and giving the money to charities is so very generous of you.
    Of course, I would love to be picked for a chance to buy one of them.
    Joyce Anderson

  10. Awesome, this is a fabulous idea and I’m sure you get w-a-y too many supplies to work with! I appreciate your generosity! 🙂
    Heather from Wisconsin, USA

  11. Eve B from Illinois. Thanks Jennifer for teaching us so much and for the opportunity to donate to a charity in exchange of crafty goodies from your collection.

  12. Jennifer, what a wonderful craft gift give idea! I would love to be a recipient! Thank you! God bless!😊💕

  13. My name is Ruth Montesa and I am in Arizona, USA.
    Thank you for the opportunity and all you do. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  14. As always you are so thoughtful and kind. This is a great thing all the way around (like you said, a win, win, win). I live in Missouri.

  15. Dear Jennifer
    Good afternoon. I am fromSri Lanka this time also I cannot purchase a box as our country is charging exorbitant tax. Iam sad but I have to make my mind and wait patiently until the ban is removed. I ordered some stuff and I was supposed to pay 23,000 as tax. Iam trying to get it reduced as I cannot afford it. Thank u for painstakingly explaining everything.May you and your family be blessed with good health and happiness always

  16. I love your videos. So many inspirational ideas and yes I would love to get a goody box and donate to a good cause.
    I live in the mountains of West Virgiia.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  17. I live in the USA in the state of Virginia. I would love to get one of your boxes. Not only because the money goes to a good cause but I watch all your videos and would like to try some of the products that you have used. Thank you for your generosity.

    1. This is such a fantastic idea! I’ve enjoyed watching your videos for years, and I’d love to follow along with a crafty goodie box. Also loving the sustainability with this idea—we can always take steps to reuse and recycle, especially with crafting. Writing from California!

    1. I don’t see my original comment from the first day😟 so I’m posting another. I would love to receive one of the goody boxes and donate to a worthy cause. I love all your tutorials and tips so I know I would love the goodies!!

  18. HELLO JENNIFER! I have been a fan for a long time! I live in Bennet, NE on a beautiful 10 acre lot with a lake. Lots of great fishing and wildlife!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. What a wonderful idea! I live in North Carolina

  20. Hi, Jennifer. I love this idea! As you said, win win for us all. I am writing from Indiana, USA.
    I hope your Christmas & New Year are blessed!

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