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Hello! I have two bits of news to share with you today! Watch my video to learn more.

[If the video isn’t showing up, click HERE to watch it.]

Here are links to all that I mention:

Thanks for visiting and supporting my work. I will be back with another video soon!

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20 thoughts on “Quick Crafty Update Video”

  1. What exiting news, I’m signing up for all. Thanks Jennifer for all you do for the crafting industry and the many paper. crafters. We are very gratful to and all the other wondeful people who support the same small businesses

  2. I rarely ever comment….but you are always my inspiration. Thank you for ALL the tutorial videos that you gift us with. God’s blessings to you and yours!

  3. Thanks for this update. Here’s WISHING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY a blessed thanksgiving with good health and happiness all around. You are such an inspiration for all of us crafters!

  4. You have been my favorite card artist for a very long time. First stated following you when you were demonstrating for Hero Arts.
    Thanks for your gifting spirit and sharing your talents with us . Blessings from above on you and your family.

  5. Jennifer, I am grateful for all your tutorials and I learn so much. I taught for 40 years and worked part time for another 6.YpOu have inspired me to do the card making that I have always wanted to do but been to busy with my career. I did introduce my students to crafting but now it is my time. With your help I have become motivated and have started. You are the best and I wish you continued success. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your beautiful family. I loved your Holiday classes that you and Christine did.( I hope it was Christine)! Fran P

  6. Hi! I wanted to recommend a small business craft store to you. My friend, Melanie Rosdahl started this craft store in her basement and has pretty much been a one woman show, until recently. She has a 16 year old working for her, and her husband helps out, but mostly, that’s it. She is now going to be opening a small retail space in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia. The name of the online and now retail store is ScrappyShak (www.scrappyshak.com). She has done all of this while also maintaining a full time career as well as volunteering for several veteran’s groups and a non-profit that she and her husband started. Please check out her store, and feel free to reach out to me or her.

  7. Hi Jennifer, I am so glad you’ve included Stephanie Barnard ” The Stamps of Life” to your sales! I’ve been a club member since 2011 and it is a great company. Thank you for all you do and all your wonderful videos ❤️

  8. Jennifer, I am a huge fan of all your work! Your holiday online class that I just completed was great. I wish I had asked this question at the Online Card Class Live. I have a Big Shot Switch Plus. It leaves indentations on both plates when I die cut. As a result, the indentations on the top plate leave unsightly impressions on my cut items. Have you had that problem with the Anna Griffin Empress? I didn’t buy the Empress because the company informed me that the 3D embossing folders from other companies can’t be used with it. Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for all your instruction and inspiration.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer. So thankful for all you do to inspire us and keep us posted on all the sales and new releases.

  10. Your generosity with sharing your time and talent is greatly appreciated. Have a blessed holiday season with your family.

  11. I have a question about this week? Does the benefit for the little companies only come when ordering off their own sites, or is it still doing the same thing to order their product through say SSS?

    1. Anything you buy from SSS would have been purchased by them from the other companies. So smaller companies do get a benefit from that, but ordering directly from them is even better because they keep even more of the $$$. 🙂

      — Mike for Jen

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