Amazing Crafty Sales!

Hello! I rarely share crafty sale info here, but felt I should today. Lots of ways to save!

Simon Says Stamp is offering 19% off storewide. This is HUGE, as they have SO many great products.

You can find out about this sale and many others on my Crafty News and Sale Page HERE.

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Have a GREAT weekend!


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25 thoughts on “Amazing Crafty Sales!”

  1. Thank you so very much Jennifer! Your crafty news sales information is so very helpful! I appreciate it very much!

  2. Thank you for the sale advice. I love it when I can get your demo products on sale!
    I love love love your card making style!

    1. Me, too! Just a SMALL one, but….I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything new until March.

      Oh, well, there are worse addictions…I mean, hobbies!

  3. Oh my! It’s a happy/not-so-happy day! I am making a BIG purchase at SSS! But it is all tools and Copic refils. I’m excited about them, but sad that there is not one single stamp, die, or stencil in my cart!

    Jennifer, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and creative tips, techniques and ideas! My card making has improved by leaps and bounds because of YOU! I appreciate your care for the industry, your dear, sweet fundraisers, and the fact that you value your faith and family. God bless!

  4. You always have the most amazing ideas for card crafting! You have inspired me so much. I wish I could put a card together as easily and as quickly as you do.

    I’m pretty new to all of this which slows me down. Not to mention I’m disabled due to arthritis/fibromyalgia/chronic fatique so the process of constructing a card is long and drawn out. It takes many, many hours over many, many days but thanks to your ideas and detailed instructions I’m successful. I’m proud of the birthday cards I’ve been able to make so far. (Thanks to YOU!)

    Right now the majority of my stamps are geared towards birthdays. Your videos and techniques make me want to create so many different types of cards. I’m looking forward to some day having a larger variety of stamps, dies, inks and embellishments so that I can try more of your great ideas!

    You are amazing! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!

    1. Good for you for sticking with it! Jennifer makes it look easy, but there surely are many, many hours of behind-the-scenes planning, practice, and decision-making involved. I, too, feel like I am a slow card maker. Sometimes it’s not simply the process, but it is making decisions about colors, placement, what I have that will work similarly to a video that inspired me, what the recipient would like…

      That’s the beauty of card making: just enjoy, keep experimenting with new techniques, and share the kindness!

  5. Hi Jen. I’m a bit behind on videos but have watched at least a few here and there. I cannot remember what video I watched recently where you had a blue palm tool that you used to put pressure on the misti? I know I’ve seen the door knob ones with a non skid carpet furniture moving thing, but I swear you had a blue one and I remember saving it, but I have been so busy tring to catch up with being ill for a couple of weeks and re-doing an area of my stamp room. If it wasn’t you it just leaves Gina K because she is the only other one I have had time to watch and very little. I’m on Catherine Pooler too but no time yet to watch her amazing skills. You keep me busy enough. If it was a tool you used, would you kindly tell me where to find one please? Thanks so much. Also, a huge fan and shopper on, but I have to tell you, out of 20 items I want they have 3, the rest are always out of stock. No exaggeration. Even items that you have just recommended. But I did catch the sale of 19% off today. Thank you!!! I had JUST placed a nearly $300 order on the 16th and hope they will give me an online credit to use in the store for that. Especially since I just went back and bought another $183 with the discount. It’s not easy as I am on disability from losing my leg in a car accident at just 45 years old and single mom. Now I’m 54 and alone, but disability is tough to have any hobbies with. So your notifications help alot! Thanks so much. You are wonderful to watch! I want to be you when I grow up someday! LOL
    Kindly, Denise

  6. I’m with Denise. I thought I’d seen you with a gizmo to help put pressure on the misti , but I haven’t seen what the actual it is? The most successsful thing I have found is an old sweatshirt or flannel nightgown sleeve -usually attached to the garmen- that makes it easiest to apply pressure without offending body parts…

  7. I am looking for the items that you showed in the video on 10 favorite items for crafting. Where can I purchase some of the items of interest? Example, the erasing pen and the Purple tape.

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