Happy Thanksgiving + Crafty Goodie Boxes + Sales

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a quick update video for you…

I pray you all have a blessed day! I know it will be a hard day for many. Know that you are not alone.


I am keeping my sales post HERE updated with the newest freebies, sales, exclusive codes, and more. Just check back HERE often! I hope pulling these together in one place is helpful to you. Thank you for supporting our industry and these small businesses.

Note that even more sales will be here tomorrow for Black Friday! So stay tuned.


I have many large boxes of crafting goodies for sale! 100% of the money will go to a good cause.

If you are interested, please read this entire post below.

I have put together medium and large flat rate shipping boxes filled to the rim with lots of crafty stuff. The contents are a surprise. Each box will have 60+ products! These products include loads of clear stamps (some with coordinating dies), dies, die sets, a few wood mounted stamps, and other stuff. A lot of the product has never been used… some has been used… includes new designs… old designs… a great mix of everything.

I currently have 10 boxes for sale for a $100.00 donation each – plus shipping. (All money goes to good causes.) Trust me – the goodies in these boxes add up to a lot more than this cost. The value of the product is hard to calculate, but it is well over $700.

As for shipping…

  • Those in the US will pay $15 more for shipping. ($115 total.)
  • Those in Canada will pay $50 more for shipping. ($150 total.)
  • Those in international will pay $70 more for shipping. ($170 total. Sorry this is high – this is what they charge.)

If you are interested in purchasing a box, please leave a comment here saying what country you live in. I will randomly pick people who will get to buy a box. I will contact you about payment. Once you have, I will ship the box to you. WHENEVER I HAVE BOXES AVAILABLE, I WILL COME HERE TO PICK A NAME. So if you leave a comment, you will have many chances!

100% of the money will go to various charities. I will let you know which charity when I contact you. (For the boxes for this Thanksgiving, we will donate to Feed the Children, and I will match you donation.)

I was going to just give these boxes away. However, I do a lot of giveaways and thought this was a good way to raise money for good causes. No money will be going to me.

Everything is in a USPS Medium or Large Priority Mail Flat Rate box.

Thank you!


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3,241 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving + Crafty Goodie Boxes + Sales”

  1. Oh Jennifer, you are such an amazing and generous person! I would love to get a goodie box sometimes. I know I am rather late, but I had to look after my mum and I am just starting to watch your videos again. I am in Perth, Western Australia.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  2. You are such an inspiration and I love the soothing sound of your voice on the videos.

    Yes please add me to your Goody Box list and I would be more than happy to support your charity.

    I live in Boynton Beach, Florida

    Have a blessed day!
    Cindi Schaab

  3. Happy Friday Jennifer! My name is April & I live in Roanoke, Va. I too am a bit late joining the post. My life story, better late than never…lol I have been watching your videos for as long as I can remember. I love crafting of all types from paper, airbrushing, painting, anything handmade & woodworking.
    I found you years ago on a google search & you have been a true inspiration!! I love your craft! I can sit & just watch for hours. I have always dreamed of having the perfect craft room like yours and not only for me, but for my family as well. I was very fortunate to finally make this happen last year. We started the renovation process last February at the beginning of the pandemic. What a compete nightmare it has been due to all the shortages & social distancing. Luckily I am pretty skilled & have been able to a lot of it myself. Unfortunately, it’s still incomplete but it’s okay, I am very blessed & have so much more to be thankful for. Also, I am all about paying it forward & I would love to make a $100 donation for a Goody Box. However, I plan to give it to my daughter in law who is a kindergarten teacher in Norfolk, Va. My Navy Son will be deploying again real soon & I thought it would make a great gift for her to help occupy her mind while he is away. She is always looking for creative things to do with her students. Thank you for always sharing the beautiful things that you do! Stay sweet & safe & many blessings to you & yours.

  4. What a great way way to give back to a charity you are amazing for doing this I’m interested in a box I live in the U.S.A in Texas

  5. Fantastic idea!!! I am very interested in donating to charity & would be thrilled for one of your goodie boxes!! I live in CT. :o)
    Thank you so much Jennifer!!

  6. This is a fantastic way to give back. I love that you are doing this. I would live to participate in such a good cause. You are a special person and always so generous and kind. The world is in need of more people like you.

  7. I am very interested.
    It’s a win win for anyone you choose and for the charity. Thank you for the opportunity

  8. I’m interested in purchasing a box what a great way to help out a charity in need and it is so kind of you to donate the money to help other people like this, I live in Texas, U.S.A

  9. ooh I would love to get one of your crafty boxes for $100 plus shipping – great to give to charity:)
    I live in Wisconsin 53045

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