Memorial Day Sales & Updates

Hello! I just wanted to give you the heads up that I will be constantly updating my Crafty News Page throughout the weekend. Lots of amazing deals!

Let’s support these amazing companies as they are all getting back to shipping, new designs, etc.

>>>>>>>>    CLICK HERE TO FIND THE UPDATED LIST.   <<<<<<<<

Also, MUCH more importantly, Memorial Day is about remembering those who lost their lives while serving our country… and praying for their families who have sacrificed so much. I know I am thankful and have great admiration for our country’s heroes.

Thank you! Have a blessed weekend.

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17 thoughts on “Memorial Day Sales & Updates”

  1. The problem I have is that almost every item I tried to order is out of stock. That means I have to wait and order those items as they become available and pay for multiple postage costs. Any suggestions? It would be nice if the postage was waived when that’s the case. I’m going to be placing several orders instead of just one per vender. This happened early this morning when I tried ordering several items from Simon Says Stamp and also AlteNew.

    1. I find I have the exact same issue. I would prefer to make one big order that comes in 1 box instead of lots of smaller orders.
      I understand that supply chains are stressed now and we may have to get used to it. Makes it hard when you’re a person who has to be pretty frugal and wants to cut down on packaging helping the environment. I usually hold off until there is free shipping or a sale.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the update and your inspiring card making videos.
    Appreciating all the heroes who has helped save mankind.
    God Bless All!!

  3. I have that same problem, every time I try to order something I have seen from your blog, they are always out of stock, by the time they get it in, I’d already forgotten what I was going to do with it.

  4. Thanks for the update and glad they are having sales, but right now I have so many outstanding orders from companies, along with that money, that I can’t see how these orders can be fulfilled in a timely manner. I know the virus has slowed things down, but 7 weeks out (and counting) is a bit much. I don’t think I’ll be buying much until I get what I have already ordered.

    That said, I wish to thank GinaK and her family for their very hard work in getting their orders out as quick as possible and keeping people updated.

  5. Thanks, Jennifer for always helping us with ideas that are classic and timeless.. I love how watching your tutorials inspires me to look through my stash with new eyes. Also, I really appreciate your comments about remembering what Memorial Day represents. Our veterans and their families cannot be thanked enough for their sacrifices. ❤️

  6. I agree with you Jennifer. The cook-outs and picnics and all are fun but the REAL celebration should be for those who gave it all and their families.

    Also just want to say how much I enjoy (and learn) from your videos. I love it when your daughter sticks a hand in or snatches something she wants to craft with out of the side of the video. She makes me smile whenever she “makes an appearance.” It’s so great that she can play and craft with Mom’s things.

    I truly appreciate you Kindness in all ways. Thank you, Judy

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