Update Video + Special Stamp Set

Hello! I just have a very quick (and hilarious) video for you today with a few updates.

[If the video is not visible, please head HERE to YouTube to watch. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my video work!]

Here is all the info I shared in the video:


This weekend, I will be sharing a lot of videos and pictures from the crafty Creativation show in two places:

Hope to see you there!


The Stamping Village is introducing a new collaborative stamp set today! It has a birthday images from each different company. A portion of the money made with this set will go to The Dreaming Zebras Foundation.

You can find the stamp set in these stores. (Some don’t have it loaded to their site yet at the time of this post, but the ones with asterisks do.)


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I will be back with another video soon. Have a great weekend!



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42 thoughts on “Update Video + Special Stamp Set”

  1. Oh my goodness, Lila is so adorable, I love all of her little faces!
    As always, thank you for sharing, and thank you to Lila for adding some silly to my day!

  2. Thanks for the lovely video, it made me smile and laugh so much and did me remind on when my daughter had the age Lila has. You both are so lovely.
    The new stamp is beautiful, I love the other stamp set from the Stamping Village also.
    Have a great weekend en I can’t wait to see what you will show us.

  3. I couldn’t take my eyes off that gorgeous child and the faces she pulls. What a hoot. You two are so alike in looks. Thank you for the occasional glimpses we get of Lila .

  4. I’m glad that you left the video the way it was. Lila is beautiful and fun and that did put a smile on my face. She should make a few more appearances in your videos (goodness knows that kids grow and change so fast that soon she likely won’t want to have any part of it so I suggest doing it while you can). Enjoy Creativation!

  5. Thank you for feeling comfortable enough with your viewers to let us enjoy this with you. Lila is as adorable as her mother! I smiled throughout and got the content too! Job well done gals!! I’m sure she will be videoing with you more and more; showing us her youthful techniques and cards! 👏

  6. Nothing better than the sweet,silly, energy of a child.This was so fun.Thanks Jennifer for all the great info.

  7. Too much cuteness, love it. I was smiling all along… Thanks for the updates, as always very appreciative of your work.
    Have fun at Creativation!!

  8. I’m glad you thought to include everything you talked about … because I took away NOTHING because I was entranced by your precocious daughter!

  9. Yes, this made me laugh! Lila is a comic! Welcome to Phx Jennifer, wish I was able to attend Creativation, but I’m a crafter, not in the business and I do live in the Phx area. I hope you have a wonderful time, I’m spending the weekend re-organizing and cleaning out my craft/office space. Yes, have already donated a ton of stuff to our church sewing group and have a stack to go to the local hospice donation center. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful kind peeps at the show and some of the new and innovative products.

  10. Great video. Such a fun time with Lila – she is wonderful, just like her Mom. So fun to get glimpses of children at this fun time of life. Brings back happy memories too. Thanks for all you do.

  11. Okay, you need to do more videos with Lila. Just like Simon and Rina. Yeah for small fry crafters. I used to do crafts with my daughter starting at two years old and some of the fondest memories that I have.

  12. How delightful to see a mother-daughter video. Lila is darling. I’m looking forward to seeing what Creativation has to offer. The new set from the Stamping Village looks great – I never have enough birthday sets. Thanks for all you do for the stamping world.

  13. I loved your video with Lila. You two seem to have such a nice relationship…I’m jealous.
    My mom, instead of relishing the fun moments, would have tanned my hide.
    Keep on having fun. Childhood is so short and before you know it she’ll be all grown up.

  14. So enjoyed your video, Jennifer. Lila was absolutely entertaining. Thanks for sharing the video and the special stamp set.

  15. Haha, Jennifer! Laughing right along with you at the antics of your sweet kiddo…Lila and my grandie, Reese, would become fast friends if they were together. I just love this age <3 Thank you for sharing real life with kids. These are priceless treasures and delights we certainly don't want to miss!

  16. Lila, you are a cutie and hilarious. Turn the camera on them and they will do all these faces. My daughter is like that. Thanks for the laughs. Love the new stamp set. I like that the crafting community comes together to help other organizations.

  17. I love when you show us you and Lila videos! Both of you are so lovely. Lila you so cute and funny! Jennifer bring us some great news and new items for 2020 from Creatavation!

  18. How sweet! Lila is really growing up and so funny! Thank you both for making me smile and laugh. You have a safe trip to Creativation and enjoy all the love/hugs and products!

  19. She is adorable and looks very much like her Momma. Not sure how much I heard about what you were talking about where Creativation was concerned but I saw Lila! 🤣 (I’ll probably have to go back and watch it again and listen to you next time…)

  20. Hope you enjoy Creatavation , is Lila going to keep everyone smiling & happy ? Such a cute & obviously very shy little lady, reminds me of my niece so much. Thank you both for the updates x

  21. OMG! Lila is adorable and I don’t think I have ever seen you more relaxed. So fun to watch!
    Enjoy Creativation!

  22. can’t resist that little face. she inspired me to take my same age kiddo into the craft room with me and use “real” tools, and I have created a (fun) monster!

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