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Hello! I recently did a video with two of my friends – Rina of Rina K Designs and Simon Hurley. We talk a lot about crafting and make a simple card that I hope you will like!

Be sure to follow Rina and Simon. They are young crafters who are bringing a wonderful energy to this industry. I am very thankful for them!!!

See you soon with another video. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Stamp With Us Video”

  1. While I appreciated the creative talent in the vid (always fun when folks play together), it was the message of cooperation and humanity that really touched me. And it’s very true of the crafting industry. I might only need one mechanic or one plumber, but I can and have supported MANY stamp companies. There is no need to have just one or two. I LOVE the variety of visions out there and it is so nice to see young people coming into the craft.
    With the closure of so many small local stores, I was worried that my favorite hobby would die out. Not worried anymore.
    Jennifer, always lovely to see you on camera and, I will say this until you get it, you’re a treasure. (smile) You have a unique gift for seeing outside the norm and yet keeping it simple and approachable for the average crafter. Love you. Bless you. Thank you.

  2. I am a Great-Grandma, and 82 years young. I love your videos and have learned so very much. I started making cards years ago, before there were stamps and dies like today. I first started making cards on the computer, then with punches, the Cricut and now stamps and dies. I really do enjoy the different crafter videos, and learn so much.
    Thank you for all your hard work, and may God Bless you.
    Bobbie Wilhite

  3. What a great video!
    Jennifer, you have been a major influence in my scrapbook/stamping life since your classes at the scrapbook store in Cincinnati. (We tore everything and inked with Van Dyke Brown). I also have great memories of the Hero Arts classes at Stamp-Away! I used those cards for inspiration for months afterwards. Now I am still learning from you, usually in my robe with a cup of coffee in front of my computer.
    It’s so refreshing to see you with two up-and-coming stampers. There is no one better to mentor them.

  4. I loved your video, I loved how as you stamped with Simon and Rina, you were teaching!! I love your passion for helping others in need! You always teach me something new and as you said, you like to teach techniques so viewers can use what they have. That is great, since I can’t afford every new stamp set, although I would love to! I enjoyed learning more about you and how you got started. I love watching your videos, no matter how long they are! I also love watching you and Lila, she is darling! Thank you as always for teaching. I am going to look into you and Kristina’s online classes as I am always eager to learn. Now if I just had more time to play in my craft room!

  5. Jennifer, I watched this video and left a message for Rina and Simon on their YouTube page, but I wanted to tell you thank you for being part of it. You bring so much light and attention to these young crafters. They really are amazing. Rina just cracks mu up, she is so funny. Simon and his Life Hacks are amazing. You’re so kind to share the knowledge you have with them and all of us.
    Thank you

  6. Hey Jennifer! Don’t down play it when someone compliments you. Just say thank you! Love all the talent on display.

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    It was a great video and so nice to SEE a younger generation interested in Stamping and such. I do glad that you are willing to share your knowledge with them.😀

    You have a great 😀 and personality.
    Blessings to y’all

  8. Thank you for another great video! Loved the project of course, but the collaboration and the important and heartfelt message was the best. It never hurts to have new (and young blood) come into an industry as they have a fresh perspective. And, just as important are the thoughts and strengths of the older members. I like a variety of the stamp companies as they all have something different to offer, even if it may not be a big difference, or even it is something I don’t like.

  9. A great video Jennifer, I love the stamp set!
    It’s great to see that young people craft with the same enthusiasm as we older ones, go for it Rina and Simon!
    Thank you all three for a great video, laughs and inspiration, have a wonderful day.

  10. So enjoyed this video…Creating a squared design with the wreath builder is a great idea for those cards for any and all occasions. Thanks for sharing this in such an entertaining way!

  11. Thank you so much for the video and your tips. Most of all, BIG thank you for sharing behind scenes info. I was so happy to hear that you also have to do things over and over and take breaks sometimes to make your creative juices flowing. All this time, I was thinking I’m the only one experiencing moments when I just sit there, stare at my supplies not knowing where to start. You always make it look so easy and flawless. I always thought that anytime you can just take a piece of paper, ink, stamps, etc… and create something amazing right away without any effort at all! I found it very encouraging and it helped me tremendously not to be so harsh on myself when I’m creating a card. Thank you for being not so perfect, thank you for being you!

  12. I watch your videos a lot and am in awe of your ability to craft without getting in a guddle! I have a large work surface in my craft room and currently it is covered end to end with no space left for crafting. I have these sessions when I am being very creative then I grind to a halt and it takes about three days to put everything away and wipe down my work surfaces and sweep the floor. I wish I had just one tidy bone in my body! Thank you for your inspirational videos, they really help me

  13. I LOVED this video. While I always enjoy your videos (the longer, the better as far as I’m concerned, so please don’t cringe when someone at the mention of an “episode”), it was wonderful to hear more of your story and how you found your way to card making. I know you’re uncomfortable on camera, but I’m sure all of your subscribers would agree that you have no reason to be.

    And, like others have mentioned, it was great to see your teacher instincts kick in and explain what was happening and why. Your experience giving classes is completely evident in how you can be mindful of the instructional aspect of the video while you chat. I hope Rina and Simon have you back as often as schedules allow.

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