Dry Embossed Vellum

Welcome back! Today I am sharing a fun way to give unique looks to any stamp by dry embossing on vellum. This is easy today and gives great texture!

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.]

So… I did a survey recently, and a high majority of people no longer read blog posts if there is a video provided. And it is often difficult for me to describe my techniques in text! So in my blog posts, I will now share a video, photos of my cards, and the supply list. I am hoping this will allow me time to do MORE videos as the blog post writing is very time consuming and not very helpful. We will try this new format and see how it goes! Thank you. 🙂

Again, the full supply list is linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails at the end of this post.

So here are today’s cards… all showing different version of dry embossing on vellum…

HUGS TO YOU – Dry embossing colored stamp images on vellum.
Concord & 9th Uplifting Thoughts Stamp Set (SSS | C9 | EH)
My Favorite Things Tropic Flowers Stamp Set (SSS | MFT | EH)
The Stamp Market Lovely Labels Stamp Set (SSS | TSM | EH)
The Stamp Market Lovely Labels Dies (SSS | TSM | EH)

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

HELLO – Adding dry embossed details to stamping on vellum.
Concord & 9th Uplifting Thoughts Stamp Set (SSS | C9 | EH)
Paper Smooches Hallow Hello Dies (SSS | PS | EH)

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

HELLO PAPER HUG – Adding dry embossed details layered stamping.
My Favorite Things Tropic Flowers Stamp Set (SSS | MFT | EH)
The Stamp Market Skinny Upper Alphabet Dies (SSS | TSM | EH)
Simon Says Stamp Sentiment Strips (SSS)

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

THANKS A BUSHEL – Adding scored lines to vellum.
Concord & 9th Woven Plaid Stamp Set (SSS | C9 | EH)
Concord & 9th Friendship Farms Stamp Set (SSS | C9 | EH)
Concord & 9th Friendship Farms Dies (SSS | C9 | EH)

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

THANKS – Adding color to dry embossed vellum with markers.
Ink Blot Shop Leaf It To Me Stamp Set (SSS | TIB)
Concord & 9th Sew Seasonal Dies (SSS | C9 | EH)
Simon Says Stamp Script Thanks Dies (SSS)

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

Dry Embossed Vellum Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink


Looking for more inspiration? Try these videos:


I used many products from Concord & 9th in today’s video. I wanted to let you know of these deals they have going on…

  • Get the new Cake Layer Dies FREE with a $60+ purchase and Confetti Turnabout Stamp Set with a $120+ purchase. Shop HERE.
  • Save up to 50% off the Last Chance items. Price as marked – while supplies last. Shop HERE.
  • Find details and fine print at Concord & 9th.


Want to find the products I used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you for your support! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except the products with asterisks which were received from the company with no expectation. As always, this post was NOT paid for or sponsored.) Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

*Concord & 9th Uplifting Thoughts…
[ SSS | C&9 | ELH ]
*Concord & 9th Uplifting Thoughts Dies
[ SSS | C&9 | ELH ]
*My Favorite Things Tropic Flowers…
[ SSS | MFT | ELH ]
*My Favorite Things Tropic Flowers Dies
[ SSS | MFT | ELH ]
The Stamp Market Lovely Labels Stamp Set
[ SSS | THS | ELH ]
The Stamp Market Lovely Labels Dies
[ SSS | THS | ELH ]
The Stamp Market Lovely Labels Bundle
[ THS ]
*Paper Smooches Hallow Hello Dies
[ SSS | PPR | ELH ]
*Concord & 9th Woven Plaid Stamp Set
[ SSS | C&9 | ELH ]
*Concord & 9th Friendship Farms Stamp…
[ SSS | C&9 | ELH ]
*Concord & 9th Friendship Farms Dies
[ SSS | C&9 | ELH ]
Ink Blot Shop Leaf It To Me Stamp Set
[ SSS | INK ]
The Stamp Market Skinny Upper…
[ SSS | THS | ELH ]
*Concord & 9th Sew Seasonal Dies
[ SSS | C&9 | ELH ]
*Concord & 9th Sew Seasonal Bundle
[ C&9 ]
*Simon Says Stamp Script Thanks Dies
[ SSS ]
Heavyweight Vellum
[ SSS | ELH ]
Stylus Tools
[ SSS ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ SSS | ELH ]
Hero Arts Shadow Ink
[ SSS | HA ]
Gina K Designs Ink
[ SSS | GNK ]
Simon Says Stamp Fog Ink
[ SSS ]
Hero Arts Unicorn White Ink
[ SSS | HA | ELH ]
VersaMark Ink
[ SSS | HA | ELH ]
Hero Arts Silver Embossing Powder
[ SSS | HA | ELH ]
Anti Static Powder Bag
[ SSS | ELH ]
Simon Says Stamp Sentiment Strips
[ SSS ]
Simon Says Stamp Fog Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Hero Arts Heat Gun
[ SSS | HA | ELH ]
Royal Sovereign Laminator
Spellbinders Platinum 6 Die Cut Machine
[ SSS | SPL ]
Tim Holtz Trimmer
[ SSS ]
Concord & 9th Die Release Tool
[ C&9 ]
Microfiber Cloth
Lawn Fawn Double Sided Tape
[ SSS | LWN ]
Gina K Connect Glue
[ SSS | GNK ]
Therm O Web 1/2 Inch Purple Tape
[ SSS ]
Therm O Web Purple Tape
[ SSS | ELH ]
Carta Bella White Shimmer Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Neenah Classic Crest 110lb Cardstock
Jewel Picker
[ SSS ]
Lucy’s Cards Soft Snowball Pearls
[ SSS ]
[ SSS ]
[ SSS | ELH ]
Sketch Copic Markers
[ SSS ]

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53 thoughts on “Dry Embossed Vellum”

  1. Thanks Jennifer!
    I would agree about the videos, your videos are so detailed that there is no need to read the text for details, they are all included- clearly and precisely!

  2. I’m actually the opposite. I can read fast but often don’t have time to watch a long video. That being said, I value your time and the content you share greatly, so what works best for you is the most important thing. Thanks so much for continuing to inspire us. I appreciate you more than you can know.

  3. Your videos are wonderful and explain everything beautifully so the additional text is not needed! If this means more videos and techniques, I’m all for it! I’m so excited about this technique you demonstrated today and can’t wait to try it. The resulting cards are beautiful and this looks like so much fun! 🙂 Thanks again for always inspiring!

  4. I LOVE watching your videos! SO MANY extra tips that may be a tip to me even though it may come naturally to you. As always, your designs are inspiring! Love the dry embossing and am looking forward to giving that a go.

    1. I always appreciate the time you take with the high quality videos you post. You’re right, when it comes to techniques, it’s better to see it them in action. Imagine a surgeon learning to operate looking at photos only? Please continue posting videos of your creative and amazing talent. The ones who don’t have the time to smell the roses, thanks for the photos. For the ones who learn following step-by-step instructions, your videos are just great for that!! Kudos Jennifer for your talent and your effort. 🙂

  5. There are two types of learners… tell me how to do it or show me how to do it. I am definitely one who needs to see how to do it. Not sure I could do the techniques without seeing them done in the video. I greatly appreciate your videos.

  6. Jennifer your cards are beautiful as always. I truly look forward to your videos. I learn so much from you!

  7. I love your cards and blog posts and must admit to being one of the weird ones who reads every post but rarely watches a video. But I suppose majority rules, plus your time is limited…

  8. Your videos are awesome. Inspiring. Educational. Entertaining. While I’ve also read the blogs I don’t really need all the detail in the blog as seeing the video is better. Today’s blog was still wonderful for finding products and a quick overview. If you can do more videos by changing this up that’s a huge bonus for us. If it provides you with more personal time that is huge bonus for you, and for us. A wise person told me that I can’t take care of others if I didn’t start taking care of myself. So you need to take care of you, and your family. Then I hope you have time for us. But we have to come after you and your family. Thank you for all you do.

  9. thank you so much! i can see the cards & the products used with each one, and i can watch the video to see you make the cards with the products! i really find it super helpful to me – i hope that it is helpful to you as well. you are very much appreciated!

  10. Wow your vellum cards are AMAZING! As always thank you for your wonderful video showing your process. I totally agree that if you already have a video owing you process it’s not necessary to write in detail the process. Sure it’s nice but it’s way too much work. It’s great that you list the products used and that’s plenty when you have a video. I love your blog and you are so talented. Thank you for sharing your creations with us.

  11. I for one will miss your blog posts, esp since I get them in my email! I enjoy reading them and it’s helpful to have the descriptions with the pics. I know they take a lot of time and you do a wonderful job of writing it out! I don’t have the time of day to watch videos, but the rare times I watch yours I’ve really enjoyed them! You can’t please everyone, and you don’t have the time to do everything either so I’m glad you are doing what’s right for you and do what you do best!

  12. I’m a visual learner, so I find video tutorials work much better for me. I rarely read written tutorials since they just don’t work for me. I find your videos very useful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  13. I love these cards! They are beautiful = ). I am one of your outliers, too: I love reading your blogs! They are so well written and I do not have time to watch the videos = ( . I am thrilled you will be keeping the detail photos of your cards. I love seeing the close ups after seeing technique; it helps me a lot. Thank you for always trying to do what is best for your followers! It is most appreciated by me!!!

  14. For me it is all about the amount of time I have, reading or watching makes a great difference. But most of the time I watch the video. Do what ever is good for you Jennifer, that’s the most important.

    Gorgeous cards, I think your technique is a combination from stamping and parchment craft , in this way you are stretching different hobby’s also. That’s what I love most about you, although you show often new products but what you do can we do with supplies we already have. Thank you much for that and for all the time and effort you put in your blog and videos.

  15. Love your cards. Your videos are fantastic. I love to watch them . I learn so much from you. Your are fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work.

  16. Jennifer, you amaze me and never fail to impress me! After watching your videos I cannot wait to be in my craft room creating. Thank you for your inspiration. You are a sweet lady!

  17. Great video, as usual. I’d rather watch than read instructions, and I’m glad you do that. Try some waxed paper rubbed over the velum before dry embossing. Or dip the stylus into a “Pergamano” jar of wax or rub the stylus on a wax block. It will slide easier.

  18. I watch the videos usually, but sometimes a still picture is helpful. Thanks for reminding me of an old technique I haven’t used in awhile. Don’t forget this can be done with stencils too. I have some lovely ones done by Plaid in my stash somewhere….

  19. I usually read your blog and copy some of the notes when needed. But, if it saves you time I will do as I do with some others and make my notes from your videos. Your verbal descriptions are very good and detailed.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Bye for now.

  20. I really enjoy getting your emails full of your wonderful cards. I am one of the readers to find out how the card was made. Most of the time I don’t want to spend the time to watch an entire video. I watch the videos to check out more detailed information because there is something I want to clarify. If things are better for you not writing then so be it to get the inspiration and joy of seeing what you create.

  21. That’s interesting about the video. I actually do the opposite. I prefer to read the blog post and skip the video because it’s so much faster to read than watch the video!


  22. WOW
    Your vellum embossing is WONDERFUL!
    PS – I enjoy learning from your videos and think that your new way is great, especially if it saves you time … I can pause, rewind and replay the bits that I need to double-check the details for … this video is especially timely, as I just pulled some vellum out of my stash, planning on using it to mat a sentiment, NOW I hope to emboss it too => THANK YOU, again 😉

  23. Yep, wouldn’t miss the blog posts, tho I do refer to them sometimes for supplies. Your videos are awesome, so if we get more of them, I call that a very good trade!

  24. I love the new format! I used to do a lot of dry embossing on vellum but have not used this technique lately. You take it to a new level…..love all the great cards. I always am inspired and learn so much from your Great video! Thanks for sharing so much with us! You are the best!

  25. Jennifer,
    I disagree about watching videos. I don’t have the time to watch a 23 minute video. If all the information I need is on the post, I can scan through it much more quickly, and go directly to a step in the process. Please rethink posting more details.

  26. Hi Jennifer, I love your videos and don’t mind less text. I usually go right to your videos. And if there is a likelihood of more videos all the better!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  27. I prefer watching the videos vs. reading about the process and especially loved seeing how you chain stitched the leaf veins. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I too go to the video rather than the text so the new format works for me. For those who are not able to watch through the whole video, perhaps you could add information on when the particular card appears in the video underneath the close-up photos. For example “to watch how this card was made skip to 10.25 on the video”). That way they could target their viewing based on the cards/techniques that interest them.

  29. Stunning cards… I love this technique and look forward to using it. I usually don’t read the blog but just watch your videos, sometimes more than once 🙂 You are an excellent teacher, clear and concise, slowing down when it is needed for added explanation and moving through quickly when it is not. They are a joy to watch. Thanks for sharing all you time and talent. Blessings!

  30. I totally agree with the survey and your decision 🙂

    Thanks for showing us another great technique to stretch our products. I’m definitely going to have to try this. Very pretty cards. Off to shop for vellum

  31. Love the new format with potential for more videos full of your amazing ideas by saving time on blog writing! For those who have less time to watch a full video, may I suggest watching the first 5-8 minutes to understand the technique, then use the blog pictures for ideas with the remaining examples.

  32. This technique seems vaguely familiar. I think I may have done something similar years ago, but I want to try it again soon. I will pin these to remind me to try them as soon as I can! Thank you!

  33. Jennifer, I love your videos and how clearly you explain how you make the cards. These dry emboss on vellum cards are so lovely. I went straight to my craft room and created my own version using this technique. I was very pleased with how it turned out and would love share it with you. I intend to make more cards using the technique.

  34. Jennifer,
    Would you kindly state what kind of thread you used to do the stitching on the larger leaf with the holes created by the die?
    Also, what colors of Copics did you use for the remainder of the leaves colored on the vellum card with the stitched leaf on top?
    Thank you for your time!

  35. I am one that no longer reads the blogs unless it’s to comment on a blog hop. I ADORE the videos and find you incredibly easy to follow on videos, so I really appreciate that you do them 🙂 Hope this new format frees up some time for you!! Thanks for all you do 🙂

  36. While I find it helpful to read blog posts, I know it takes a lot of time to write things out and your videos are so descriptive and clear that I’m sure I can get by just watching the videos. I don’t say that lightly as there are some videos I have trouble following because the person talks to fast and/or doesn’t speak clearly. That’s never a problem with your videos. Love this embossing technique. I’ll be looking at my stamps a bit differently from here on out. Neat tip about using a laminator to smooth out the vellum. Thanks as always for teaching me a new technique!

  37. I must have missed the survey as I would have said I love the detailed written instructions and really appreciated them (was wondering recently where they were then I found this post which I also must have missed). Like a few others have said, I also usually don’t have time to watch a long video (I do appreciate the time and effort that goes into making them). Would you please consider a compromise and writing a brief description of the technique? I learn so much from your endless creativity.

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