Scratch-Off Valentines + FREE Downloads

Hello! Today I am sharing easy ways to add scratch-off features to your cards. I also have FREE Valentine downloads for you!

Scratch Off Valentine Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

[All supplies are linked in the text below and in the thumbnails at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.]

Every year I try to come up with something new and fun for Lila to give as Valentines. (You can see another fun idea HERE.) This year we decided to make simple, foil, scratch-off cards! And I have FREE downloads for you in case you want to make some too. (See below.)

My video shares two options for adding scratch-off features to your cards. My favorite way is to use Inky Antics Scratch Off Stickers. This is SO easy! I simply printed my download on a laser printer and then added Gina K Foil with my laminator. I then added an Inky Antics 2″ Circle Scratch Off Sticker and mated the piece with red cardstock. We also add a $1 coin to the back with a piece of Gold Glitter Washi Tape.

Scratch Off Valentine Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

I feel the red and silver foil add so much to the card, but you could also just print the download in color to save time.

Scratch Off Valentine Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

If you don’t have scratch-off stickers, you can create your own with packing tape, silver acrylic paint, and dish soap. This works well, too!

Scratch Off Valentine Video by Jennifer McGuire Ink

There are MANY fun ways you can add scratch-off features to cards. I will be sure to share others in the future!


I have two FREE downloads for you! I hired Liz Poest to create these. Liz owns Encourage Co and is my go-to for custom lettered pieces for my home! And I love what she designs for today.


Want to find the products I used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you for your support! Affiliate and product disclosure can be found here. All products were personally purchased except the products with asterisks which were received from the company with no expectation. As always, this post was NOT paid for or sponsored.) Click on the icons below each product picture to go to a favorite store.

FREE Black White Valentine Download
[ JNN ]
FREE Color Valentine Download
[ JNN ]
Inky Antics 2″ Circle Scratch Off…
[ SSS ]
Scratch Off Stickers
[ SSS ]
*Hero Arts Infinity Circle Dies
[ SSS ]
Simon Says Stamp Its No Secret Stamp Set
[ SSS ]
Gold Glitter Washi Tape
[ SSS ]
*Gina K Foil
[ SSS ]
Royal Sovereign Laminator
[ SSS ]
Thermoweb Parchment Paper
[ SSS ]
Laser Printer
Clear Packing Tape
*Dina Wakley Silver Acrylic Paint
[ SSS ]
Fiskars Reinforced Paper Trimmer
[ SSS ]
Gemini Junior Die Cut Machine
[ SSS ]
Tim Holtz Tonic Glass Media Mat
[ SSS | ELH ]

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43 thoughts on “Scratch-Off Valentines + FREE Downloads”

  1. What a great idea for kids Valentine’s day cards! As always, thanks fro the idea and the video 😊. Cheers, Dotty

  2. That is awesome; so cool! Thank you for sharing the “how to” with us, and your list of supplies! “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your household! xox

  3. These are so cool! I bet my kids would love them. Maybe I’ll just make a few for this year for them, and if they love them we can save them for next year’s class valentines!

  4. Hi Jennifer. I hope all is well with you and your family. Oh my goodness, these Valentines are SO amazing and I can not thank you enough for sharing the download with us. I get so excited when u share downloads! I use the teacher cards that you shared, quite often. They get a lot of use in this house😀 I have heart scratch off stickers in my stash and I think they would be perfect for this! I knew I would use them one day. I sure hope they fit over your amazing sentiments. I really love the idea of giving the dollar coins, it makes them extra special and fun. I hope I can get some at my bank. Thank you so very much for this. I am so excited to make these for my sons classmates! I definitely think these Valentines will make them happy. Yay 💕❤️

  5. Jennifer, thank you for the taking the time to really explain things…such as how to make your own scratch off’s. I love watching your videos and appreciate your time that you share with fellow crafters. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Amazing that you’ve shared the downloads. You just keep giving and inspiring others to share kindness. Thank you for your daily inspiration.

  7. Jennifer, these are really adorable for kids! Thank you for being so very generous and not only sharing your idea and your techniques, but also for sharing your free video download for these. I plan to make a bunch for my Grandkids.

  8. Thank you for the valentine download. They are cute. My son and his wife may be 30 but I know they would still think it was fun to scratch off a funny valentine! Looking forward to other scratch off ideas.

  9. TFS another amazing idea, Jennifer!! These cuties are absolutely precious! The kids are gonna flip!! LOL Such sweetness…

  10. Hi Jennifer… thank you so much so sharing this idea and your downloads. Kids are going to love them! I have used so many of your ideas not only for cards but for organizing my craft room. I cannot thank you enough for sharing you time and talent… it is much appreciated. Blessings!

  11. That is so cool! I never heard of the scratch off stickers. I’m going to order some today!!Thank you Jennifer!! I think my granddaughter will get a big kick out of cards with this feature.

  12. Hi there Jennifer: I have that SSS It’s no secret stamp and forgot I had it. These are great valentines and I have two great grandchildren now who will be into this soon. No matter how old one gets, if we are card makers, we need something for all ages, hobbies, interests, and events that personalize a special card for their mailbox. These are adorable and I am going to copy them since you offered. Thank you so much. And yes, I try and never miss one of your videos, bookmarking them right where I can find them. Enjoy this fun stuff, your little Lila will be a grown up teen before you know it, she is growing so fast. I’ve had fun watching her grow up this much so far, more than I can say. Thanks for sharing your family with us. You certainly have a wonderful one!!! God Bless .

  13. Love this idea! We already have our valentines planned for this year, but I’m pinning this for next year! Thank you!

  14. What a super cute idea! Thank you so much for the downloads and for making our Valentine crafting days so easy and fun. You are such an inspiration for so many of us and I love your positive outlook.

  15. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing these and saying we could use them, I actually plan to hand these out to my wonderful team this year (coz aren’t we all kids at heart?!). I hope they enjoy them!

  16. What adorable cards! I have made some scratch off “lottery” tickets for crops in the past, but the recipe wasn’t this easy, I’ll do this one when I need them again. I actually have some scratch off sheets that I can use for this too. I’ve already made my Valentines cards, but maybe I’ll keep this in mind for another year. I love the idea of doing them for other occasions too. Thanks so much for all the great things you show us.

  17. Thank you for sharing this! I love making valentines with my kids for their classes! Right now my youngest is very much into jokes so these are perfect!

  18. These are wonderful – thank you so much! I’ve already made and mailed Valentine cards for this year but I’m getting all the supplies, printing the great downloads, and saving for next year. In addition to my grandchildren, I make seasonal cards & bookmarks for the children in the 2nd grade where I am a reading volunteer. They will all love these! Thank you so much for all you share on your blog!!! XOXO

  19. Thank you for this adorable Valentine idea! My daughter made hers already for this year, but I am definitely going to keep these in mind for next year (when my son is in school, too!) I really appreciate you sharing the DIY scratch off mixture, too. I want to give that a try soon!

  20. Those are fun. I’m going to give the video a closer look. I will also see if I can get my husband to help out. I think he would really like this. Thanks so much for all you do.

  21. These were so fun! Thank you so much for the downloads, I really appreciated those and the DIY scratch off tutorial! And my kids (and some of the family) loved the jokes!

  22. These are so fun! Who knew we could do our own scratch off cards!! Thanks so much for this post ~ can’t wait to give it a try. 🙂

  23. What a GREAT idea!!! I must do this for my granddaughter next year.
    Thanks again for another amazing & informative video!

  24. Hi! I was trying to figure out how to do a scratch off idea I had and I stumbled upon your video a few weeks ago- which has resulted in me becoming a follower of you, everywhere! This is such a cute idea! I was wondering, what are the dimensions of the cards? (I love the look of them and think the sizing would be perfect for the original project idea I was working on…) Thank you so much for inspiring this crafty girl, I appreciate it!

  25. I can’t tell you how many times your videos have saved me from throwing out materials I could not figure out how to use! Thank you!

  26. I have an older HP Laser printer. I bought Gina K red foil and couldn’t get a quality transfer. I was really disappointed. I don’t know if it was the printer or my laminator didn’t get hot enough. I would love to hear a few tips. I ended up printing the color version for my event.

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